The husband was paralyzed by the husband’s drinking. The wife wanted to kill the fetus for 7 months, and the mother -in -law begged the daughter -in -law to leave the child.

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What if the husband is paralyzed suddenly, how should the pregnant wife choose?Do you give birth to a child or focus on taking care of your husband?

Hu Dequan and his wife He Juan have been married for many years, and finally hoped that his wife had a pregnancy. When the happiness came, Hu Dequan was drunk when he was drinking with a friend. Friends who sent him to the hospital accidentally strained him.In the cervical spine, the cervical spine fracture caused his whole body to paralyze and could not breathe autonomously.

After Hu Dequan was paralyzed, he couldn’t take care of himself. He could only take care of people. Due to the poor family conditions, he couldn’t afford the ventilator. He could only rely on his parents and his wife to take turns to pinch the ball for 24 hours to help him breathe.After 3 months, He Juan, who was 7 months pregnant, suddenly left.

After He Juan left, Hu Shenghan’s father, Hu Shenghan, for help reporters. He said that in order to cure his son, he had lost his family and owed more than 200,000 debts. Hundreds of thousands of debts were spent.Slowly recover, but now he still can’t breathe autonomously.

He Juan left, and only the two old people took turns taking care of it. It took 24 hours to pinch the ball uninterrupted, and it had to be pinched more than twenty times per hour. In this case, although they could understand He Juan’s difficulties, they still hope thatShe can come back.

Later, the reporter and Hu Shenghan went to He Juan’s mother’s house together, but after arriving, she didn’t see He Juan, only her parents were at home.

When He Juan’s father saw them arrived, he told reporters that his daughter was really hard to take care of people with a big belly. If the Hu family wants her daughter to continue to take care of Hu Dequan, let her break the child in the belly and concentrate onIf you don’t let the child be killed, let the daughter raise a fetus in her mother’s house until the child is born.

Hu Shenghan was very excited when he heard that he was going to kill the child. He said that the child was the hope of their family and could not be killed anyway.

He wanted to ask He Juan’s thoughts, but he couldn’t find her, and her phone could not be able to call. He had to go home temporarily.

Hu Dequan’s mother learned that He Juan might be able to kill her children and cry. She said that she wanted the child to die, and she could not let her kill it. After the two elderly people discussed, he found He Juan’s father again, hoping to be with He Juan.Talking, He Juan’s father couldn’t help but agreed to them.

Half an hour later, He Juan, who had a big belly, appeared. As soon as Hu Shenghan saw her, she wanted to let her go home, but He Juan was reluctant.

He Juan said that although she was reluctant to kill her children, she did have the idea of killing the child. In the past few months, she took care of her husband regardless of the day and night.good.

At this moment, Hu Dequan at home suddenly took a short breath. Hu Shenghan had to rush home quickly. It turned out that Hu Dequan had a lot of sputum in his throat, but he couldn’t bear the discomfort and did not say anything.After leaving, after emergency treatment, Hu Dequan was out of danger. Although the old man did not say clearly, Hu Dequan seemed to know his wife’s plan, and he cried sadly.

Hu Shenghan looked at the sad son. He intends to pick up He Juan to go home in any case and keep the child. He sold the only cow in the family and exchanged 4,500 yuan. He gave the money to his wife and asked her to hold the money.Bring He Juan back.

After selling carefully fed cows, Hu Shenghan seemed sad, but he still said that he would not give up his son or grandson anyway.

Early the next morning, Hu Dequan’s mother rushed to the hospital to find He Juan. When she saw He Juan, she kneeled out of control and hugged He Juan’s legs. She begged her not to kill her children. He Juan’s parentsI also helplessly pulled her. When the reporter saw this scene, I could only persuade everyone to calm down and talk about it.

Hu Dequan’s mother cried and said that the child was her life. When the child was born, she would definitely raise the child even if she went to ask for food.

He Juan’s parents advocated killing their children. They believe that in this case, the words of giving birth to a child are too burdensome, and they are unable to bear it at all.

Both sides are unwilling to conquer, and their disputes have also attracted everyone’s onlookers. After learning about the situation, everyone also persuaded He Juan to leave their children. Facing the persuasion of the crowd, He Juan burst into tears.discuss.

When Hu Dequan saw his wife, he shed tears in love. He cried and begged his wife not to kill his child. He wanted to see his biological biological and flesh, and He Juan also choked when he saw the thin -bone husband.

She burst into tears and said that she wanted to kill her children just to take good care of her husband, because her husband needs to keep waiting for 24 hours and a moment.After taking care of her husband, she wanted to kill her child, concentrate on taking care of her husband, and sat down to help her husband and pinch the ball.

Until the end, He Juan did not make it clear about the child’s stay, but the Hu family had decided to raise funds. They wanted to raise 20,000 yuan to buy a ventilator, so they didn’t need to keep Hu Dequan for 24 hours.

In fact, each of them has no mistakes, just blame the fate of fate, so that the loving couple will be caught in this calamity.

In the face of the intensive husband, He Juan never gives up. Even if she wants to kill her children, she is also a deep affectionate woman to concentrate on taking care of her husband.

Hu Dequan’s family can also understand the mood of leaving the child. After all, in this case, this child may be their last hope, but the reality is indeed difficult. I just hope that no matter what the choice He Juan does, they can understand that they can understandShe supports her, the family has made difficulties together.

In the end, I sincerely hope that they can raise funds successfully, and Hu Dequan’s condition will become better and better!

What do you think about this matter?What do you think He Juan should choose?Welcome to comment and exchange!

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