The impression of confinement tells everyone that it itching for pregnant women will affect the fetus?

Has pregnant mothers experienced it: morning, noon, late at night, under the public, within the office, a sudden itching suddenly struck, from the abdomen, thighs, arms, breasts, and gradually spreading … This is really too crashing.Is it right?! With the gradual increase of the pregnancy weeks, many pregnant mothers even have various sensitive parts such as belly, breasts, perineum, and other sensitive parts.

Here are reminding pregnant mothers that if there are uncomfortable symptoms such as vulvar itching during pregnancy, examination needs to be performed. If severe vaginitis, the fetus may adversely affect the fetus.

Vulvar itching during pregnancy is mostly caused by vaginitis. Common vaginitis includes bacterial vaginitis, mold vaginitis, mycoplasma vaginitis, oxygenal vaginitis, clinical manifestations of vulvar itching, leucorrhea odor, odor, odor, and odor, and odor, and odor.The leucorrhea is like tofu dregs, with heavy odor.Because the vaginal environment is not very good, it leads to uplifting infection, which will also cause premature breakthroughs in the fetal membrane, as well as the risk of infection in the palace.If there is vaginitis for a long time and not healing, it will also cause the vaginal mucosa to be congested and edema. During the process of childbirth, it will cause pussy laceration.

Bacterial vaginitis often causes problems in premature birth and abortion. Pregnant women need to be actively treated if they have inflammation. In more serious situations, they should go to the hospital in time to treat the disease caused by the doctor’s suggestion.Women must keep the vulva clean during pregnancy and pay attention to personal hygiene.

Suggestions from pregnant women’s measures:

1. After pregnancy, the metabolism in the body will become faster, which is the increase in endocrine of the vagina. Therefore, pregnant women should pay attention to personal hygiene in normal times, and must maintain the habit of regularly cleaning the vulva.

2. Try to choose loose, soft and comfortable underwear, and change the underwear. You must clean it in time.

3. In terms of diet, pregnant women should be careful not to eat too much spicy food.

The above is the impact of the itching of pregnant women on the fetus. I hope that the above content can help everyone, and then we will continue to update more about pregnancy, postpartum recovery, and female health care.Introduction, you can pay attention to us at any time, or if you have any questions, you can directly contact me.

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