The irregular ovulation will affect women’s conception, and find out 4 reasons in time

In general, women with normal menstrual cycle also have regular ovulation. In the same room during ovulation, it can increase the power of conception.Irregular ovulation can affect women’s normal conception. What causes irregular ovulation.

1. Excessive weight loss

Many women want to have a slim figure, and can achieve weight loss by excessive diet and weight loss, but this will disturb women’s normal endocrine and affect ovulation.Do not lose weight by diet, you can lose weight by rationally controlling diet and aerobic exercise.

2. Affected by disease

When women suffer from certain diseases, they cause irregular ovulation, such as polycystic ovary syndrome, endocrine disorders or lack of luteal function.Only by finding a primary disease can the problem of irregular ovulation can be completely cured and women have successfully conceived.

3. Emotional is too tense

Irregular ovulation cannot master the correct ovulation period, affecting the effect of contraception.Many women affect menstruation due to excessive mental tension or excessive pressure, causing irregular ovulation.Need to adjust your mentality, avoid excessive tension, and face everything with a peaceful mindset.

4. Bad living habits

Nowadays, women’s work and life pressure are also very high. Irregular diet structure, always staying up late, smoking and drinking, etc. will also affect the ovulation mechanism, leading to irregular ovulation.If you want to improve this situation, you need to develop good living habits to ensure sufficient sleep.

1. Find the reason

There are many factors that cause irregular ovulation. It must be found to be able to apply the right medicine.Do not use medicine blindly to avoid reverse effects to the body.

2. Keep moderate exercise

Spring is a good time for exercise. You may wish to participate in outdoor activities to enhance your own resistance and immunity.It is recommended to practice yoga, walking, jogging, and skipping rope, which can improve its own functions and control weight.

3. Reasonable matching diet

Balanced is the body’s nutrition, avoid picking and partial eclipse, and cannot completely reject lipid food because of fear of obesity.Do a good job in combining vegetarian and thickness, you cannot abuse health products or drugs containing estrogen.

4. Monitor ovulation

Because the time of judgment cannot be accurately grasped, the chance of pregnancy is also reduced.Women can buy ovulation test strips by themselves to monitor the ovulation period.You can also go to the hospital to do yin super to detect follicles.

Kind tips

When ovulation is irregular, you cannot use the medicine, and choose a regular hospital for a comprehensive examination.During this period, adjust your mood to avoid too much mental stress.Reduce the number of staying up late, reduce sitting for a long time, and exercise more.Actively controlling weight and not allowing your body to be too fat or too thin.

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