The itching and painful foot of the athletes during pregnancy makes people sit hard. How to do it well?

Athletes during pregnancy are very painful. For pregnant women, they cannot take medicine casually.If the athletes have recurred, the painful and itchyness makes people sit hard, which will affect the mood during pregnancy, so that it is also very bad for the fetus and pregnant women themselves.The athlete problem makes expectant mothers distressing, how to improve this situation, and what should I do?There are different causes of athletes, and different types of treatment methods are different. Let ’s take a look at the symptomatic methods together!

1. erosion foot air

This is also more common, and the symptoms are also very distinguished.It is often on the third and fourth, fourth and fifth toe.It is soft and white.The skin falling will show bright red rotten noodles; in severe ones, it will feel itching between the toe seams.

Treatment method: We put some salt and a few ginger slices in the water, boil the fire until the boiling, and wait until the water is not hot.This can not only remove the foot odor and foot, but also have the effect of relaxing yourself.

2, foot sweat and foot odor foot air

This is part of the symptoms of some people who like sweating, which is caused by the vigorous secretion of the foot sweat glands.Sweat foot athletes are related to genetic, endocrine disorders, mental tension, and emotion.

Treatment method: The alum is developed into thinning, rubbing the palms of the feet ten minutes, three or four times, and will not sweat a lot after the feet, which can effectively relieve sweat odor.

3. Powardized foot air

Expressing the keratin, rough, and desquamation of the skin of the foot, feet, and heels, the scales are sliced or small, and repeatedly fall off.

Treatment method: Use soybeans to be 150 grams of soybean, about one kilogram of water, cook with low heat for about 20 minutes. When the water temperature can be washed, it can be used to soak their feet.Treatment of qi disease is excellent, the feet do not peel, and the skin is moisturized.It will usually be effective for a few days in a row.

4. Beltail foot air

This kind of beets, feet, feet, and soles of rice grains, evacuation or group distribution, the blisters are thicker, not easy to be good, and recurred.

Treatment method: We can pour about a pound of rice vinegar in the basin and soak it for a while. If we can soak it twice a day, it is best one hour at a time.This method is very simple and effective, which can eliminate inflammation and sterilization.

The athlete problems of pregnant women are mainly these types. They can be treated according to different types of correspondence, which can effectively soothe symptoms and reduce itching.These methods do not need to take medicine and injections, and have no side effects on the body. You can try it.You must pay attention to soaking your feet. When you soak your feet, you can put some vinegar or ginger in water. Vinegar can inhibit the growth of fungi and prevent the appearance of athletes.

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