The last one of the radish, the last one is the "ceiling" in the radish. Have you ever eaten it?


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As the saying goes: "Eat radish in winter and eat ginger in summer, do not work doctors to prescribe medicine", eating more radish is very beneficial to the body.There are many types of radish in my country, there are many ways to eat, and it has thousands of years of cultivation history.

What kinds of radish we eat every day?Let’s talk about radish today.

Green radish is a unique radish in the north, a family of cross flowers, and a crisp green. It is mainly produced in Tianjin and Shandong in China.Because of storage and long -distance transportation, it has always been an important variety of fresh vegetable products in my country.It is mainly sold to Hong Kong, Australia and Southeast Asia, and has also exported to Japan and South Korea in recent years.

"Weixian radish", also known as Weifang radish, is produced in Weifang; "Tianjin Green Radish", also known as sandwest radish, is produced in Tianjin.These two kinds of green radish are the most famous radish varieties in China.The skin is green and green, the radish is sweet and juicy, and the entrance is crispy.Especially Weixian radishes are full of water and sweet taste.In 2006, the State Inspection and Quarantine Administration approved the protection of geographical logo products to the Weixian radish.

How to eat green radish: Direct food, shredded radish stew, fried radish balls, radish steamed salted fish, radish stewed meat, dried radish, etc.

White radish, as the name suggests, is white radish, and the whole body is white. Most areas in my country have a large area of ​​planting. In China, it has more than 2,000 years of cultivation history. There are more white radish in the south.The more common large varieties are: Changchun Big Gen, Baiyu Big Root, Guanyun Radish, and Japanese Chun White Radish.

White radish is worse than the green radish, and it is worse, so it is generally used for cooked food, and rarely eats raw.Used to cook soup, or for pickled vegetables.The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that radish tastes sweet, cold, and enters the lungs and stomach meridians.Therefore, white radish often appears in the medicated soup with an auxiliary materials.

How to eat white radish: radish ribs soup, radish stewed lamb chop, hot and sour radish strips, radish kimchi, dried radish, etc.

The beautiful radish in my heart is also called "red carrot".The outer skin is green, the bright rose red inside, the color is very beautiful, so it is named.The taste is crispy, the taste is sweet, the skin is thin and juicy.Because of the bright and beautiful radish, it is often used by chefs to engrave into exquisite decorations.

And because of its rose red color, when making kimchi in Sichuan, Chongqing and other places, it will add beautiful radish in the heart. On the one hand, kimchi water can be rosy and beautiful.Rosy and aroma.In our country, the northern region is the main producing area of carrots in the heart.

How to eat beautiful radish in my heart: Sweet and sour carrot shreds, beautiful radish kimchi in the heart, and beautiful radish carving in the heart.

Carrots, also known as carrots or Ganjun, have a history of cultivation more than 2000.Native to western Asia, Afghanistan.About the 13th century AD, carrots were introduced into China from Iran, developed into Chinese ecological types. In the 15th century, they were seen in the UK. They were developed into Europe. They were introduced to the United States in the 16th century and introduced from China in the 16th century to Japan.

Carrots can be eaten raw and cooked. It contains a large amount of carotene and multiple vitamins. It has the effects of sputum, eliminating diet, swelling, and qi.According to a 14-year follow-up survey of researchers at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the higher the alpha-carotene in blood, the higher the content of the people has a longer life.

How to eat carrots: Direct food, cut into shredded cold dishes, carrots stew beef, carrot stewed mutton, carrot beef dumplings, etc.

Water radish, also known as red leather radish, is known as "villain ginseng".Native to China, there are cultivation in various places.The root skin is red, the root meat is white, and the sweet and juicy is a very delicious vegetable. The north is the main producing area of ​​my country’s water carrots.In Sichuan, Chongqing and other places, water radish is also one of the main ingredients for making kimchi.

Water radishes have more water than green, white, and beautiful radish in their hearts, and the taste is softer. Especially in the northern region, water radish in the season is very popular.vegetable.Because it is a relatively seasonal vegetable, it can only be eaten in one or two months in a year.

How to eat water radish: Direct food, dipped in sauce, sugar -mixed water radish shreds, water radish noodles stewed meat, water radish kimchi, pickled radish and pickles, etc.

Cherry radish is the smallest radish of all kinds of radish.Most domestic cultivation varieties are introduced from Japan, Germany and other countries.Cherry radish is small and exquisite, tender and beautiful, with red skin and white meat.The radish skin is very thin, and the taste is very crispy, tender and juicy., Known as the "ceiling" in radish.

Cherry radish is a very seasonal vegetable. In the year, only spring in the north can be eaten. It is up to one month before and after.People who have eaten cherry radish will compare it as fruit, because it does not have the slightest spicy taste, only sweet, and even the leaves are sweet and can be eaten together.

How to eat cherry radish: Direct food, dipped in sauce, and sweet and sourly mixed with sweet and sourly.

Compared with the south in the north of our country, there are more radish varieties and ways to eat. Eating more radish is good for the body.Have you ever eaten these radish?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area.

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