The little boy asked the doctor seriously: Am I pregnant?The doctor patted the child’s little face: it’s okay

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Women must have a B -ultrasound after pregnancy, which is almost well known, of course, including some children.So that many people will have such a misunderstanding: as long as you do B -ultrasound, are you pregnant?Alternatively, it can be understood that only if you are pregnant, you can do a B -ultrasound.

On November 22, Weihai, Shandong, a little boy went to the hospital for examination with his mother because of his stomach pain.The doctor gave the B -ultrasound check.When the child holds the results of the test form and hand it to the doctor, he said to the doctor very seriously: Am I pregnant?

After listening, the doctor patted the little boy’s face gently and said softly: It’s okay!

After listening to the little boy, he was relieved.

I pondered, the little guy could happily tell my good friend: Great, I am not pregnant!After watching this video, netizens’ reply was even more joke.

Netizen: It must be kissed with the little girl.

Netizen: Hehe, children are too worried!

Netizen: I laughed without authentic!Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Netizen: What a coincidence!I doubted this when I was a kid, but I didn’t dare to ask.

Netizen: When doing B -ultrasound line up, there should be a lot of pregnant women.

Netizen: Before getting married, I also think that B -ultrasound can only be done when you are pregnant.

Netizen: My friend and child, four years old, asked her to grow up and want to do. She said that my career is to get married when he grows up.

Netizen: The doctor’s voice is so gentle and good!

Netizen: I am obedient, this kid is too funny!

Netizen: The doctor’s shot, so spoil!

After watching netizens’ reply, I really saw a fact that surprised us: not only children, but also a large wave of adults also think that only when I am pregnant can I be a B -ultrasound; some adults explain that I was young, and once once, they once once once said that they were young and once.Suspecting whether he is "pregnant".

It seems that asking the doctor if you are pregnant, you really can’t blame the little boy. Everyone has a similar "doubt".

Of course, there are some netizens who are not afraid of picking things, and reply directly: Children, doctors and sisters lie to you. In fact, you are pregnant!And it is still twins, the time is 3 months, the name is Nezha.

This … netizens, your imagination is really too rich.

In my opinion, this may not be a bad thing.

At least from this incident, we can see that children will encounter a variety of problems in adults during the growth process, because they do not know the deeper levels hidden behind them.The reason has caused a little confusion and anxiety.Especially after observing the elders around the elders in all aspects, they are even more confused. There are many small question marks in my heart, but they don’t know how to express it.

For example, take the mother’s pregnancy.Many children, especially in the 1980s when many children were young, have the concept of many people: as long as they kissed, they may be pregnant.

I remember last year, a diary wrote a primary school student wrote "pregnancy" very "fun".

The content of the diary is as follows: When I was young, my mother told the elementary school student to get pregnant.Once, when I was eating, my puppy came over to grab it, and accidentally got my mouth.After 3 months, my dog was cub. At that time, I vowed secretly in my heart that as long as I had a bite, I would not be hungry to "five mothers."

Although it is a small diary, the length is not long, but the handwriting and the font are beautiful, and it tastes like an imitation of adults.

But we do not discuss this issue today, but expressed some children "cognitive status" reflected in the content of this diary.They are still young and do not understand what is going on with "pregnancy"?I don’t understand, what’s going on with the dog’s cubs?In fact, at this moment, as a teacher or a parent, you can use the topic to play the enlightenment knowledge of children in this regard.

However, many parents are ashamed to express. Here, we recommend parents to do popular science with their children through picture books.

For example, like this "Mother’s pregnancy", it uses a very vivid "plant" story to explain the process of fertilizing eggs into the baby’s process very clearly.It can be said that a set of enlightenment three-dimensional picture books for pregnancy education is more than 0-3 years old.

In addition to guiding the child through the painting, you can also share with the child through the way of telling the stories of the night. Women are pregnant, and men cannot get pregnant physical differences.In short, when children face similar problems, parents cannot escape the problem, but communicate directly with their children.

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Finally, I hope that after reading my article, you can get a little correct childcare concept of parenting.

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