The little couple told her parents about pregnancy in an alternative way. The mother burst into tears and warmly crying netizens!

A young couple has been married for 6 years and has no children. Recently, she finally became pregnant after hard work.

The husband did not directly tell his parents and his wife to get pregnant, but made a pavement first.He first said that there were 7 words.

Immediately after starting the strokes and each word.

Husbands are more V -gesture, and they want to tell parents that you are grandpa. As a result, the parents guessed that Yeah Yeah ~

However, after some collective wisdom, parents still guessed and wanted to tell them that you were grandparents.Immediately after, the most exciting last question came.The husband raised his arms first, and compared with a powerful movement, he immediately did a minimum. It turned out that this was the wife’s name Liqi.

Immediately afterwards, her husband was compared with a gesture, just like pregnancy.

After the parents guessed, they didn’t believe it at first. After knowing that they were confirmed from the wife, the daughter -in -law and mother -in -law were excited to cry.

This kind of different way of husband and wife convey to everyone who sees the video. It is full of movement. Netizens said that they are really envious of such a mother -in -law relationship.

Waiting in 2,312 days, I finally became a mother. Such a warm and loving couple, the children in the future will be a little angel who grows up in love.

But what is even more enviable is that the relationship between the wife and mother -in -law, good dear like mothers and daughters. In a family, family members live in harmony. What are the little tricks?

1. Clarify the division of labor of family members

First of all, clarify the division of labor of family members, and distinguish which parents should do, and which are the elderly and children should do.Do your own things yourself, and do not interfere with others. For example, when parents educate their children, the elderly should try to intervene as little as possible.

2. Respect the privacy of the family

Parents can set up an independent space for their children, allowing children to have their own privacy. Remember not to turn the child’s personal items at will.Having both intimately and independence, even if the family needs to have the free space for personal.

3. Formulate home rules

Children need boundaries and require private space, not to say that parents do nothing to their children.Parents can develop some family rules to prevent their children from indulging themselves, let their children hold the boundaries of their behavior, and be responsible for their behavior.

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