The man drunk to fly to a pregnant woman, and the belly blossomed the child to fly out of the body. Witnesses: too miserable

Children have fallen, and the child has fallen. It is the worst scene I have ever seen.

The man drunk and flew into a pregnant woman. The belly blossomed directly, the child hit out, and the scene was terrible. The people around him yelled at beasts. So what happened that day?

A Buick car was driving on the avenue. Suddenly, he rushed to the young couple who was walking on the side of the road. Due to the fast speed, the man had no consciousness on the spot.

The crowd hadn’t responded yet. This Buick hit the couple waiting for the pelvis again. The husband was hit directly and fell in the trunk of the car stopped on the roadside. The wife was pregnant with a 9 -month -old baby.His back was strongly impacted, his stomach blossomed on the spot, the child flew out directly, and the intestines were exposed.

Even if it caused such serious consequences, the driver still did not stop, and continued to drive forward.Police the Biek car.

Then get out of the car quickly, ready to control the driver. When the taxi driver opens the door, a pungent wine flavor comes, and the airbags in the car are all opened.After the driver got out of the car, the whole person was shaking, standing completely.

Because the incident was quite serious, they could only handle it to the police. When the police rushed to the scene, even the old police officers who had been working for many years took a breath, and the police with a shallow qualifications needed to say, and they almost screamed.

The police directly took away the driver and conducted a blood test on him.

You see, two couples, when you come out and buy something, leave, come out, die one, leave one, you say, God’s will, you say how people live in this day.

The man drunk and drove into a pregnant woman. The stomach blossomed on the spot and the child flew directly. The scene was terrible. So what happened at the time?

The police brought the driver back to the police on the spot, but the witnesses on the road were still shocked. According to their memories, Xiaohong and their small couples held hands on the road, and the two regulated a better future.At this moment, her husband found that a Buick car was driving towards them, so she hurriedly ran Xiao Hong to run together, but because the speed was too fast, she couldn’t avoid it.

In the end, her husband was seriously injured and died on the spot, and Xiaohong still had consciousness. Her difficult climbing husband kept calling the husband’s name, but no one responded.

Subsequently, the driver turned to the steering wheel again, waiting for the couple who were waiting for the child.Because the wife is about to produce, in order to make the wife be less guilty during production, after dinner, the husband will take his wife to take a walk and exercise as much as possible.

The two also planned to sell the house’s house after a while, and then buy a larger house here to pick up both parents.

My wife was always taking care of her mother -in -law during pregnancy, but two days ago, her mother -in -law’s house had something to do, so she went home. I didn’t expect her mother -in -law to just leave.

Because the speed was too fast at the time, the man was hit directly, and then fell in the back box of the car to stop the car, and the pregnant wife, due to the huge impact of the back, the belly was cracked directly, the baby in the belly also flewcome out.

According to witnesses, the child is very beautiful, with high nose bridge and big eyes, and his hair is still curled.

The two couples only survived, and others were unfortunately sacrificed. They had a good future, but they were ruined in the hands of the driver.And their parents have to experience the pain of white -haired people with black hair, which is cruel to them.

Children have fallen, and the child has fallen. It is the worst scene I have ever seen.

The man drunk and drove to a pregnant woman. The stomach blossomed on the spot and the child flew directly. So what happened to him?

Soon, the police’s test results came out. The alcohol content in the driver’s body was four times more alcohol. Not only that, he had more than 80 traffic violations in just a few years.Every time he uses someone else’s driver’s license to help him withdraw points.It is because he has been like this for a long time, making him more and more unparalleled.

After the driver woke up, the police asked him what happened at the time. He had no impression at the same time. Then the police showed him the surveillance video.

He cried out, saying that it was his fault, and he would make up for the victim’s family.But these external things don’t care at all, they want their children’s life.

Subsequently, the family members of the driver of the accident changed all the companies, housing and cars under his name to compensate the victim’s family members. At that time, because the drunk driving was not included in the criminal law, it was widely concerned by the society. ThereforeIn the end, the driver was sentenced to a life imprisonment because of a good attitude of admitting his mistakes.Everyone has such judgment discussions.

Two years later, drunk driving was included in the criminal law and could be sentenced to a maximum of death. If the driver was changed to now, the death penalty was definitely.

This matter warns us that our momentary passage not only hurts ourselves, but also harms others, so we must keep in mind that drinking without driving, driving without drinking, this is responsible for ourselves, but also responsible for others.

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