The man eats persimmons every day and eats stones … The doctor let the cola drink for a week, okay, okay

There is such a paragraph circulating:


A bottle of "Fat House Happy Water" sells 3 yuan

Then its first bite

At least two pieces

Cola’s first bite

It can really make people memorable

What makes many people can’t think of is

It can also be used to cure the disease!

what happened?


Some time ago

Mr. Li from Yulin, Guangxi

I feel bloating, stomach pain for a few days in a row

Uncomfortable, I ca n’t even eat rice

He took the stomach and eliminating medicine for two days

I didn’t see better

So I came to the hospital to make a gastroscopy

The doctor is in Mr. Li’s stomach

Found green

A cluster -like object with a diameter of about 5cm

Preliminary judgment, this is a stomach of the stomach

After asking

Mr. Li likes to eat persimmons very much

Eat almost every day

The culprit that causes stomach stones is persimmon

Fortunately discovered early

The stones in the stomach are not friction due to repeated friction

Cause gastric ulcers, bleeding, perforation, etc.

Serious consequences

Doctor uses equipment through gastroscopy

Try the hardness of the stones

Discovering stones is relatively loose

So I gave Mr. Li a doctor’s order


When you hear the doctor’s order

Mr. Li is still a little puzzled

But he still did it according to it

While using acidic suppression agents and gastric mucosa protective agents

Mr. Li drinks 100 ml of cola every day

Last week

When he goes to review the gastroscopy again

surprisingly discover

The stones in the stomach have been dissolved and disappeared

The two buckets of colas that doctors have prepared for him

Nothing in handy

This makes Mr. Li very happy

"Drink cola and cure this

It is also exempted from the pain of endoscopic surgery, so happy!"

Some people may ask

Can I cure stomachs when drinking Cola?

Doctor introduce

In these years, there have been cases of treating gastric stones in Coca -Cola


The doctor also reminds everyone

Although cola can "treat" stomach stones

But not every patient with stomach stones

You can use this method

Because cola belongs to carbonated drinks

The gas, acidity and other effective ingredients contained in

Soluble plant stones

Have a certain effect

But also consider the side effects of cola stimulating the stomach

A large amount of ulcer drinking may cause perforation

Please note!

Not all patients with gastric stones

Can be treated with cola

It is not that cola treatment can apply all diseases!

If you feel uncomfortable

The most effective way

Just go to the hospital immediately

Find a doctor for help

No more drag, the more serious the problem Comprehensive New Evening News, Yulin Evening News, Guangdong Public DV scene


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