The man finished sterilizing surgery, and his wife became pregnant after 4 months

A man in Chengdu, Sichuan had a ligation surgery for four months, his wife was pregnant.The hospital involved was complained and the regulatory authorities were involved.

The hospital involved responded that the affected party had not been informed that the patient had not achieved the effect of contraception by 100%, and the other party signed the consent.

Surgical outpatient bills cost more than 7,000 yuan. This picture is provided by the respondents

On November 14, Ms. Jiang, Chengdu, Sichuan, reported to reporters that four months ago, on July 6, her husband Liu spent more than 7,000 yuan for male ligation surgery at Shudu Hospital, Chongzhou City, Sichuan Province.Four months later, Ms. Jiang found that she was pregnant.

Recently, Ms. Jiang had a abortion surgery and is currently recuperating at home.

At 16 o’clock on the 14th, Liu Moumou, the attending doctor of Liu, told Surging News that the operation of the surgical consent has been stated that there is a failure of failure, and 100%success is guaranteed. The patient was informed in advance and the patient signed.

Ms. Jiang said that during the two months after the operation, her husband Liu went to Shifang Second Hospital for semen examination, and the result was "sperm occasional".

Does this mean that the ligation surgery has failed?

She said that the doctor could not finally judge three months after the operation and let it be.

On October 19, when Liu’s ligation surgery was about three and a half months, he went to Wenjiang People’s Hospital for inspection and was told that sperm was still detected.Some doctors said his ligation operation failed.

Hospital B ultrasound shows that Ms. Jiang is pregnant

Seven days later, Ms. Jiang found that she was pregnant during the inspection of Wenjiang Maternal and Child Health Hospital.

Lin Zhong, a gynecological expert of Liuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital, introduced to Peng Mei News that whether it is male or female, ligation surgery may not have the effect of 100%contraception.Essence

She said that judging whether doctors have lost their duty during surgery need to consider the doctor’s grasp of the patient’s indications and whether the surgical process is standardized.

On November 15, a staff member of the 12320 Health Hotline in Sichuan Province told reporters that after the thermal line department accepted the aforementioned complaint, it had been transferred to the local health regulatory department for processing. At present, the results need to be treated.

The dean of Sichuan Shudu Hospital in Sichuan responded at this time that the hospital was investigating the matter.The hospital learned from the doctor involved that the risk of surgery has been explained with the patient, and the patient has also signed an informed consent.

Source: Surging News

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