The man said that the fiancee of the 2 months pregnant was deceived to Myanmar. The woman claimed to be "a four -story building that was guarded by someone." The police had intervened

Jimu Journalist Ding Wei

Mr. Ma from Lufeng, Yunnan reported that a few days ago, his 33 -year -old fiancee, Li Moujiao, was deceived to Myanmar, so far he couldn’t get out, and his fiancee had been pregnant for more than 2 months.On May 7, Li Moujiao told Jimu Journalists about the deceived and current situation. He said that he was currently locked in a four -story small building.There are iron railings, and there are eight or nine security guards outside. "

On the morning of May 8th, the staff of the police station where Li Moujiao’s hometown was located told Jimu Journalists that he has received a report from Li Moujiao’s family and is currently following up.On the afternoon of the 8th, the staff of the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar responded to Mr. Ma, and suggested that the help person or their relatives reported the police to the local police in Myanmar without the safety.Internal police urged the local police to handle the case according to law.

The fiancee for 2 months of pregnancy was deceived to Myanmar

Mr. Ma was from Lufeng, Yunnan. Four or five years ago, he and Li Moujiao, who lived in Lincang, Yunnan, met and fell in love when working in Suzhou, Jiangsu.

"We just had a pre -marital inspection not long ago, and we were ready to register for marriage." On May 7, Mr. Ma told Jimu Journalists that on April 30, fiancee Li Moujiao suddenly left from Lufeng, Yunnan, and then then left, and then he then left, and then he then left, and then he then left. ThenLost.The sudden change made Mr. Ma and his family regret.His fiancee is already pregnant, and the due date is November 19th, he is worried about the safety of fiancee and children.

Mr. Ma presented a check -up application form issued by the local hospital’s obstetrics and gynecology clinic.The application form shows that on April 19, 2023, Li Moujiao is 33 years old and has a clinical diagnosis of 8 weeks.Mr. Ma said that after Li Moujiao left home, the doctor kept calling him to urge Li Moujiao to go to the hospital for physical examination.

Application form for outpatient examination (Photo Conferring in the Interviewee)

On the evening of May 5th, Mr. Ma suddenly received WeChat news from Li Moujiao. Li Moujiao said that he was deceived by the other three of them to Myanmar. He was currently trapped and could not escape.Through intermittently chatting with the fiancee, Mr. Ma learned that the fiancee Li Moujiao is currently locked in a room.

During the chat, Li Moujiao also reminded Mr. Ma to tell his mother not to be deceived in Myanmar, so as not to worry about his mother.

Later, Mr. Ma told Li Moujiao’s brother Li Moubin that Li Moujiao was deceived by Myanmar.Location.

On the morning of May 8th, Li Moubin told Jimu Journalists that in recent years, her sister has been outside and rarely go home.

"Through WeChat, I contacted my sister, and she asked us to call her the police." Li Moubin said that through Myanmar’s friends, she had found the position where her sister Li Moujiao was, and confirmed with her sister.The photo, my sister looked at the photo and said, that’s the place, I asked my friend to ask, saying that if you get the money to protect the people, it will get 150,000 to 60,000 yuan. "

Li Moubin told Jimu Journalist that he had reported to his hometown police station.

The trapped woman tells the experience of being deceived

Li Moujiao’s situation is worrying. Mr. Ma and Li Moubin ran around and tried their best to rescue.

On May 7, Jimu Journalists added Li Moujiao’s WeChat through Mr. Ma, and Li Moujiao told him that he had been deceived and his current situation.

"They told me, come here to work, the salary here is high, you can earn 20,000 to 30,000 yuan a month, and they also promise to buy a ticket for us.After meeting, I found that the situation was wrong, but it was too late when I wanted to run. "Li Moujiao told Jimu Journey that after meeting, the other party took her ID card and then took her to Myanmar with several other people."Someone came to pick us up. Each of them had a knife. We want to run."

Chat record (screenshot of the dialogue)

Li Moujiao introduced that now she is locked in a four -story building. She even closed a total of 5 people in her room. Each window of the room is equipped with iron railing, and there are eight or nine security guards outside.Essence"I have two mobile phones, one has been collected by them, and the other I hid. They did not find it. Listening to the people outside said that we will send us to the park to work in the near future. There is no oil and water here.I became hungry in a while. I really didn’t want to be deceived again. I really shouldn’t have a dream of wealth at first. I should do things downhill. "Li Moujiao regretted it very much.

Who is Li Moujiao’s "them", and why did Li Moujiao go to Myanmar to "make money" when he was 8 weeks pregnant?Jimu Journalists asked Li Moujiao many times on the above questions, but did not get a response.

On the morning of the 8th, Jimu Journalists contacted the police station reported by Li Moubin. The wiring staff said that it had received an alarm from Li Moujiao’s family. It is currently following up the matter. Other situations are inconvenient to disclose.

On the afternoon of the 8th, Mr. Ma also received a response email from the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar. The staff suggested that the help person or his relatives reported the police to the local police in Myanmar under the condition of ensuring safety, and then fed up the alarm situation to the embassy.The personnel will urge the local police to handle the case in accordance with the law within the scope of power and responsibility.

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