The man took advantage of his girlfriend to be ambiguous during pregnancy!Girlfriend exposes the chat history, after watching the breath!

Recently, some netizens broke the news that Dou Dou, a male college student at the Central South University University, was unwilling to be lonely during his girlfriend, and he derailed more than ten people.It is reported that Dou and his girlfriend are classmates of the same school and the same department, and the relationship between the two has always been very good.During the National Day last year, when the two traveled to Beijing and Qinhuangdao, they were pregnant.Due to academic pressure and study abroad plan, Dou persuaded his girlfriend to kill her children, and was unwilling to return to Wuhan to deal with abortion.He also assured his girlfriend that he loved her very much, wanted to marry her, and planned to study with her in the future.

However, during her girlfriend’s pregnancy, Dou was carrying her, chatting with a number of girls on the Internet, and had a relationship with them.Because of his excellent conditions in all aspects, many girls were confused by his rhetoric.In this way, in just a few months, Dou was derailed nearly 10 girls.

Unexpectedly, the paper couldn’t hold the fire, and Dou’s girlfriend accidentally found these unbearable chat records on his mobile phone.This shocked her, and her body couldn’t restrain her tremor and her emotions collapsed.However, what made her even more difficult to accept is that this is the end. Dou also lied to her that she was just playing with these girls. What he really loved was her.This made her very disgusting, and she felt that such a scumbag should be punished.Therefore, she published these chat records to the Internet and asked the school to deal with the person seriously.

After the incident was exposed, it attracted the attention and discussion of many netizens.Some people expressed their sympathy of their girlfriends, some expressed their despise Dou’s behavior, and some people expressed their questioning of the school’s management.Soon, things were spread to school.According to a notification issued by the official WeChat public account of the Central South University for Nationalities:

> At 4 pm on March 1, 2023, after seeing an article entitled "A man in Wuhan, Hubei Wuhan with his girlfriend more than ten times" on the online platform, our hospital immediately organized relevant personnel to investigate and verify.


> Director: Dou Moumou, a 2019 undergraduate student at our college, had an unfair relationship with a number of girls during pregnancy, which seriously damaged the student image and violated the relevant regulations of the school.According to Article 18 (1) of the "Implementation Measures for Student Students of the Central and South University for Students", our college decided to give Dou Moumou a serious warning.


> Our hospital attaches great importance to this matter, asking Dou Moumou to seriously reflect on his wrong behavior and attract as a warning and change it.At the same time, our college will further strengthen the ideological education and management of students, guide students to establish correct values and moral outlook on morality, and improve their own quality and cultivation.

Netizens have different responses to the school’s notification.Some people think that the school’s punishment is too light and does not play a role in warning and education.They believe that Dou’s behavior not only hurt his girlfriend and other girls, but also destroyed the social atmosphere and moral bottom line. He should be punished more severe punishment, such as expels from a student or a legal responsibility.Some people believe that the school’s punishment is reasonable. After all, Dou and his girlfriend have not married, and the emotional problems between them are not in the scope of school jurisdiction.They believe that although Dou Mou was corrupted, he did not violate the law. As long as he could apologize and correct the mistakes, he also had the opportunity to restore his girlfriend’s trust and feelings.

In any case, this incident raised us a serious topic: how should we treat ourselves and each other in love?In this era of material desires and seductiveness, how should we adhere to our moral bottom line and values?In this era of fast -food, casual, and fragmented, how should we cherish every relationship and operate and maintain with care?These issues are worthy of considering each of us.

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