The meaning of a woman’s work

My friend asked me: Why don’t you see you at home recently?I said that I responded to Dong Mingzhu’s suggestion and went to the factory to screw the screw [laughing and crying].My friend said: I don’t understand why I am so tired. I am a full -time wife at home, bring a baby, and occasionally go to play mahjong shopping, or want to work.It is not enough to be a cash register to be a boss. I have to start my own business and go to work.

I listened and smiled.Do not go to work with my husband. One is that everyone is facing sooner or later. The disadvantages of details are infinitely enlarged, and the relationship will not be good after a long time; the other is the companyIt’s not his own, the partner is there, his wife is also there, too many people pile together, and there will be contradictions if there are many people who are more mixed.EssenceMihjong is not going to face every day. It hurts the waist and neck for a few days, and I don’t even know what to buy for a few days …

As for why you work, the most important thing is not for whom, mainly for yourself.Women’s job is of great significance to personal growth and development.

1. The work is not disconnected

Before getting married, my husband told me: Don’t be a full -time mother after marriage, and it will be disconnected from society over a long time.Going out to work, no matter how much or less you make, at least there are jobs in the class.This is indeed what I recognize.

After pregnancy, when the child was born, because of the small and unattended reasons, I made a full -time mother for a year.In this year, it is not enough to take care of children and family care. It has not enough time. It has been alienated from relatives.Without hobbies, life is really boring.Two nights and nights, take care of the child’s physical and mental exhaustion, and because of the depression of various living habits and contradictions after marriage, the more you are at home, the more negative and depression at homeI also had postpartum depression.

When there was a job later, and after the sustenance, people would not think about it.In contact with the society, to look at the news and information in order to work, continue to enrich yourself, and improve your work ability and professional skills.Certain new colleagues and friends, meet with friends girlfriends, talk about the world, and people are happy.

Work can help women increase social circles and contact relationships, and know more people. This can provide more opportunities and resources for women’s occupation and life development in the future.

2. The meaning of the family rushing forward together

Many women feel that they are married. In addition to the heroine, the things are left to her husband.The competition in society is becoming more and more intense. To be honest, if it is not the man’s unique ability, it is a work, how difficult it is to maintain a family of several people.Of course, at the same time, it is a woman, and I also understand the hardships of taking care of the family.

Because everyone wants to make the family better and better. If the woman can take care of the family children, there is a job and one income. That isThe best is to share the economic burden on the husband!There is no one in the real family that you are yours, I am mine.Mom and father, the power of struggling for love is great.1+1 = 3, couples work together for the family and children, and rush forward to a better life!

Don’t fight when you are young?Does it really wait until you are old and go to work when you ca n’t do it … This is unrealistic, so studying the place where you should study, the age of the work, should be relaxed when you enjoy the blessing.

In addition, when you have a job, you don’t have to stay under a roof for a long time, and look up and look down. You see that I am not pleasing to the eye. I see that you are impatient. When you meet a small, you can naturally reduce family contradictions and mother -in -law disputes.

Feng Shui theory: The more noisy a family is!The good feng shui of the family depends on women!

In life, some families always laugh and laugh, warm and peaceful.Some families are either dead, or they are suffocating and noisy.The quality of the family atmosphere often depends on the woman at home.Women have work, know how to balance everything, and feel good!The inner atmosphere of the family is good, the family lives in harmony, the husband has no worries, and work with peace of mind. It is very beneficial to the family development, husband and wife’s feelings, children’s growth, mother -in -law’s relationship, etc.!

3. Don’t give yourself excuses for yourself

For a woman, getting married and having children will always be a watershed in life. It indicates that women should adapt to the transformation from girls to mothers, to adapt to the life from elegance to one place after marriage.Library of career.

Full -time mother or workplace mother?I don’t know how many women have been struggling to make this choice.Especially when the child is still young, he has to be prepared to leave him.When the child is young, we will take more time and energy to take care of it. After going to kindergarten, we can arrange our lives according to the situation.Essence

Like a friend around me, I said that I wanted to go to work, but I couldn’t act.In front of the kindergarten, I felt that the child was too small and could not be separated. When the child was old, and felt that he could not go to work, his husband could support himself, and he was used to continuing to rot. After going to elementary school, he said that he had to counsel homework, so he continued to be full -time at home!Every time I chat, I talk about life difficulties. I want to go out to work. I do n’t know what to do and what can I do. Every time I can find various excuses for myself to refuse to work!

People are always like this. If you have money, you are accustomed to eating mountains and seafood. Suddenly you call you the life of pickling pickles and porridge. You are not used to it; you are lazy for a long time. You can never mention your spirit.Sometimes lazy!People make excuses by themselves and think that if they do n’t do it, they will be negative, but do n’t try to force yourself. How do you know that you ca n’t?

I am also a mother -in -law without her in -laws. My husband is busy with the company all day long. I rarely care about us. I also take care of my children while going to work.Before I was one year old, I was a full -time mother. When I was bored, I often played mahjong shopping. Over time, I was tired.After I was one year old, I went to work. Later, I couldn’t take care of my family children because I often worked overtime. I resigned to start a business.Now I am uncomfortable, so I occasionally go back to the stall and take a look. I usually work part -time at home and send my children.I am also a college student, but in the reality of life, I am not also for family children, and I took off my decent "Kong Yiji gown" into the factory!I don’t want to make excuses for myself, and I don’t want to make bad examples in front of children!I also work hard to balance my life according to the actual situation!

You can learn how to manage time and energy through work to achieve the balance of work and life.This balance can better make women manage themselves, such as health, emotion and mental state, so that we have a more fulfilling and beautiful life!

4. Economic independence brings a sense of security to women

When a woman is full at home, she has no income, and she always reached out to ask her husband!And men, no matter how the money is not allowed, the family does not know that the rice oil is expensive, and the child’s milk powder diaper is used fast!Hydropower is paying, and kindergarten tuition will be paid … I only think that this prodigal woman wants money?Do thousands of pieces spend so fast?

After watching a lot of videos, in the expenses of his wife, all the courier packages are all needed for family life and children, and few pieces are bought for themselves!My expenses are also very large, but 80%are spent for family children.

I have also watched a lot of videos. The woman asked the man to be home for home.At the moment when we reached out and asked the money, our woman was sarcastic by my mother -in -law’s family clearly. If she didn’t work, she would only spend his son’s money; he was disliked and denied by the man.Full -time mothers who have given up work for the family husband after marriage and 24 hours a year of 24 hours.

Screenshot comes from Douyin Video

Life is reality, and reality is cruel. Can I guarantee that I have married a good man and a good in -laws?The sisters around us have too many bloodless lessons. Don’t wait until one day to wake up the dreams.In this world, no one will become their own asylum, and no one can become their lifelong reliance, and the greatest confidence and self -confidence in life originated from their own life independence, ideological independence and economic independence.

Every woman needs to adhere to self -growth and be economic independent people.In this way, we have the ability to choose love and choose life.Economic independent women, with their ability to create happiness, they do not need to please and rely on men.Marrying a rich person is better to become a rich person by themselves. Women can gain a real sense of security only when their ideological personality and economy are independent.

Enter the luggage and the factory to make screws

I have a job, I have income, and my voice is loud.Don’t ask people to ask people with a low voice for that life expenditure.With money, we can buy what we like to eat, buy what we want to buy, you can go out to travel to see the outside world, earn ourselvesThe pro -money, spending it freely, happy!If you do n’t depend on anyone, do n’t rely on anyone, we have a job, and we can support ourselves.

Through work, we can learn to live independently and manage finances, cultivate our independent economic ability, improve our self -confidence and self -esteem, and feel our own value and ability.

All in all, women must have a job.No matter what or less earning, bitterness or easy, it is good to provide yourself with value and growth!I want to work!I love work!I do n’t work for anyone, just for myself![come on]

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