The miracle of life, the head is connected at the birth of the twins, the survival rate is only 2%

The serial twins from North Carolina survived during the separation surgery. Although the survival rate was only 2%after surgery, they had graduated from kindergarten.

In July 2016, 6 -year -old Aby Drapei and Irene Dlaii were born when their mother was 30 weeks pregnant. Because the early embryo was in the uterus, only one millionth was separated from one millionth.The development of their heads, the weight of their head is less than 6 catties.

In June 2017, the two girls underwent 11 hours of complex surgery at Chop Chop. Although the chance of success was low, they still separated their skulls.

The two girls are now slow, but their mother, Heather Delaney, said that as they are almost 7th birthday, they are thriving.

The 33 -year -old mother said."Looking at them graduation, we are dreaming. This is the kind of thing that makes you feel never coming."

The twins of the head connective are called "the twin of the skull connecting the twin."The doctor told the Dleeni family that the probability of bone twins in the head cover was 1.5 million.According to CHOP, this is the least common serial twin, accounting for about 2%of cases.

About 70%of these children are women, and for head cover bone twins, they always have the same genes and the same gender.

It is unclear what it has led to the serial twins, but there are two theories.

The first is fission. Early embryo was divided into two spheres, but it was not completely separated.These spheres are then developed independently into one -body twins.

The second is a fusion. One of the twin twins contains two early twin embryo spheres, which are merged and combined at a random point.

About 40%of these twins were dead tires, and 33%died shortly after birth, usually due to organ failure and other abnormalities.

Ms. Drape learned that she was pregnant with a pair of conjoined baby girls at 11 weeks of pregnancy.She was admitted to the hospital at 27 weeks, but showed signs of childbirth at 30 weeks.

She said: "When we first discovered this news, we were shocked first. We don’t know what to do. This kind of thing will only be seen on TV. I think this kind of thing will not really happen to people","

Abby and Irene were born at 1:02 am on July 24, 2016 through caesarean section.They share a skull, skin, and upper sagittal sinus (a important blood vessels that transport the blood from the brain).

Although only 2%of the survival rate, the parents were told that once their daughter was born, she may undergo separation surgery.Because the situation of these two girls is rare, this will be the first such operation of Chop.

This also has risks -from slight brain damage to death.This pair of twins performed several small operations several times before separation.

On June 6, 2017, Aby and Irene underwent 11 hours of separation surgery.Especially Edi, her blood capacity was reduced "10 to 15 times".

When the surgeon had to cut off her sagittarius to separate her from Erin, they changed her blood several times.

"In fact, the surgeon told us that they had never lost so much blood to the patient before, but this patient survived."

Five months later, the two children were finally discharged and returned to the home of Setzville, North Carolina.

But both girls have some intellectual defects.

Ms. Draney said that they are about to usher in their 7th birthday. At present, the brain development of the two little girls is about 15 months.

They don’t speak, but Irene has been walking since the age of five, and now Abby has begun to walk.

Earlier this month, Abby and Irene graduated from kindergarten. This was a big event that parents dreamed when their parents dreamed when they were young.

At the graduation ceremony, Irene won the "Dolphin Award" because of her "adventure" and her love for exploration.

Abby was awarded the "Deer Award" because she was a "friendly friend who treated everyone gentle and kind."

Ms. Draney said: "I am proud of them."

Although these two girls don’t remember their surgery, they saw photos of them when they were still in a conjoined at home.Draney said: "One day we will let them sit down and talk well -we hope they are proud of who they are and where they come from."

However, it is such a better situation, but it also allows the comments in the report to comment "different styles"

"This is not a good result for parents with two serious disabled children. They need high -level care for their rest of their lives. They are worried that if they die better than their daughters."

"So the dead child is better than a disabled child? Look at yourself."

"This is an insult to the parents of the disabled children. My disabled niece is now a beautiful and happy adult. She is a beam of light in our lives."

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