The more you can tolerate during pregnancy, the happier the postpartum life. Have you done it?

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October conceive, once gave birth.Pregnant mothers suffer and affected during pregnancy. Coupled with a series of pregnancy reactions, life during pregnancy can really be described in the words "suffering".Many pregnant mothers think that during pregnancy, they are thinking that they can be liberated after the baby is born.In fact, whether pregnant mothers can live happily after giving birth, and have a lot to do with the performance of pregnant mothers during pregnancy.

After the babies of some pregnant mothers are born, they can eat, drink, sleep, and have a particularly good constitution. There are few phenomena that do not sleep and always get sick in the middle of the night.Such a postpartum life will be particularly happy. When watching the baby grow up day and day, a flower can laugh on his face.There are also some pregnant mothers after the baby is born, and her appetite and constitution are particularly poor, and they will have the bad habit of staying up late. They are either staying up late or sick all day.Most of the postpartum life of pregnant mothers will not be too good. In the face of babies who love to get sick, they feel particularly uncomfortable every day.

Whether the postpartum life will be happy. The key depends on whether the pregnant mother can tolerate it during pregnancy. The more you can tolerate the pregnant mother during pregnancy, and the happiness of the postpartum life will live.Many pregnant mothers have their own small temperament during pregnancy, and they will start to lose their temper with a little unwillingness.Pregnant mothers will cause toxic substances when they lose their temper. These substances can be passed to the fetus through the placenta, which will not only affect the growth and development of the fetus, but also cause the fetus to crack and cleft cleft lip and palate.

If the pregnant mother has a unhealthy baby, let alone postpartum, I am afraid that this life will not be too happy.Therefore, in order to avoid damage to the fetus, pregnant mothers must hold back their storm during pregnancy, and when they want to lose their temper, they must divert their attention in time.You can go out and go shopping to buy something you like, and you can also watch some funny variety shows to make yourself happy.If you feel that your mood is more distressed, you can also talk to your girlfriend to chat together to relieve your mood.

Some pregnant mothers stay up late before pregnancy, and they still can’t help staying up late after pregnancy. Pregnant mothers often stay up late to make the fetus symptoms of blood deficiency, and their physique will become particularly weak.If the pregnant mother wants to give birth to a healthier baby, she must quit the addiction to stay up late. Even if she can’t sleep, she will lie on the bed and close her eyes.As long as the pregnant mother can endure the mobile phone and watch TV, it will be able to quit the bad habit of staying up late in a few days.

Do you hold back your temper and stay up late during pregnancy?


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