The most comprehensive cat in history is pregnant ~ It is strongly recommended to collect it to prepare from time to time

The shoveling officer has heard the saying of "Three Dogs and Four", just like human beings in October, which literally means that the cat gave birth to a little Mimi after three months of pregnancy, and the dog gave birth to Xiao Wang after four months of pregnancy.However, from the egg, the kitten from the birth to birth, in fact, can’t stay in the cat’s belly for so long.

How many months of cats to produce?

The shovel officer can calculate the expected period of the cat based on the first day of the cat mating.Generally speaking, the pregnancy period of female cats is 61-67 days, with an average of 65 days.

After the male and female cats "applauded for love", if the conception was successful, the natural delivery time of the female cat was within 58-67 days.If this cycle exceeds this cycle, the survival rate of the kitten will be affected.

The shoveling officer can observe the cat’s breasts about 20 days after the cat mating to see if it has become larger, and whether the hair around the surrounding circle is dropped to determine whether the cat is pregnant.

During pregnancy, the amount of female cats will increase to a certain extent, so during this period, shoveling officers must remember to appropriately supplement the cat’s nutrition!For example, in addition to ordinary diets, you also need to give canned cats as a diet, but control the amount of intake, and do not eat too much for cats.Especially the young and small cats, if the fetus is too large, it is difficult for cats to produce!

What are the symptoms of cats before production?

Before production, most of the female cats will find nests, irritability, and yelling.If the cat is not satisfied with the delivery room you prepared for you, it will re -find a new delivery room.When a cat’s vaginal mouth flows out of pus yellow discharge, cats will produce within 1-2 hours.

Many shoveling officers want to help do something when cats produce. In fact, cats do not need.What you can do is to prepare sufficient water and cans when the cat is produced, help the cat replenish physical strength, and patiently observe whether the cat is difficult to give birth.In addition, if the female cat gave birth to a kitten, she did not bite the umbilical cord by themselves, and the shoveling officer would need to help the kitten cut off the umbilical cord as soon as possible.

How does the newborn kitten emergency?

The newborn kitten may fall into a coma after being born because of amniotic fluid.At this time, the shoveling officer must accurately judge whether the kitten is born with no breath or just coma.Generally speaking, when the kitten is completely dead, the body will be cold, no heartbeat, and liquid will flow out when the mouth is closed; the temperature of the kitten in the coma will slowly decrease. At this time, there is still a way to save the kitten.

It is recommended that the shoveling officer put the kitten in the coma in 40-45 degrees in warm water for the first time, keep rubbing the kitten’s body, and hold the cat’s head and body.The amniotic fluid in the cat’s mouth was thrown out, and the part of the kitten’s heart was gently pressed to help the kitten recover.If the kitten starts to move at this time, it means that there is a rescue; but if the action is still not moved for 2-3 minutes, then it is basically not saved.

Female Cat’s postpartum care

1. Maintain the quiet and warmth of the living environment

The shoveling officer must ensure the quietness and warmth in the cat’s delivery room, and try not to disturb the female cat.Because after the female cat has just gave birth to a cub, if it feels that the surrounding environment is not safe, the kitten will be moved to a hidden place. Some cats even eat the kitten because of the pressure of the outside environment.

2. Supplement nutrition for female cats

Generally, female cats start eating within 24 hours after production, and cat food can be used for cat food for pregnant female cats or kittens. Do not limit drinking water.In the first week after production, the female cat will be in the box most of the time, and even if it is left, it is very short.Therefore, cats, foods, and water basins should be placed not far from the production box, so that the female cat can eat more assured to eat water.

3. About artificial feeding

If the female cat does not want to take care of the kitten, or the milk is not enough, the owner will take care of the kitten by manual feeding.It is recommended that the shoveling officer mixes goat milk powder in warm water, puts it in a bottle, and feeds it to the kitten.Never drink milk for kittens!There are many cats who lack enzymes that digest and absorb milk in the stomach. Drinking milk can cause indigestion and diarrhea!

The above is all dry goods about cats from pregnancy to postpartum. Have you experienced cat production?If you have any supplement, please leave a message enthusiastically ~

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