The net red panda breeder sleeps powder, but the girl is pregnant but is relentlessly abandoned. Many chat records are exposed

These days, even panda breeders lasted for sleeping powder!The breeder of suspected net red panda Meng Lan burst out to sleep in the marriage and let the fans get pregnant.The man’s disappearance now does not respond, which shocked netizens!

It is reported that the parties in the incident were suspected to be Zhang Yue, the breeder of the Internet Red Panda Three Prince Meng Lan.Zhang Yue is a post -80s breeder in Chengdu Panda Base. In addition to Menglan, he also took care of other giant pandas such as "female star" Huahua.

Zhang Yue was married at the age of 34. In order to facilitate the feeding of pandas and not to cover his eyes, he was taking care of the panda all year round and wearing a headband.

There are a lot of praise for this cat -language tenth -level Internet celebrity breeder, but he is especially called him Meng Lan’s "daddy".Perhaps it is a professional filter. After all, the tenderness of love animals will automatically make the brain to make up his warmth and kindness, so everyone will be so surprised in the news of sleeping powder in private.

A netizen named "Beauty Meow" posted that he was pregnant, and the child’s father was the breeder "head hoop grandma".The two had secretly dated before, but after the girl was pregnant, the breeder changed greatly, and he did not answer the call directly without receiving the call. He became a turtle.

When the news was sent out, netizens blown up and couldn’t believe that the gentle and delicate breeders of the panda would sleep powder. In order to prove the truth of this matter, "Beautiful Poetry Meow" took the initiative to expose the screenshot of the chat with the grandmother.

It can be seen from the chat that the relationship between "Mei Show Meow" and "Daddy Daddy" have always been a netizen who has never seen each other. It was the first time to meet in Macau on May 19 this year.The two asked each other’s phone number and clothes to be worn, which is convenient to recognize each other.

"Mei Show" expresses his excitement and nervousness of seeing idols, and the dad also expresses it in a hurry to let the other party come to meet himself. From the chat, you can see that Mei Show knows that the other party is married, and the slightestDon’t mind "knowing three as three."

The two had a relationship. Afterwards, the daddy of the head hoop did not give the other person a sweet love. The woman began to ask whether the hairband milk dad had liked himself.Dad who hugged the milk wanted to get rid of the other party and didn’t want to contact.

With the continuous fermentation of the matter, some netizens jumped out and broke the news. The head hoop was not the first time to do such a thing, and it was not the first time to sleep.Even during my wife’s pregnancy, I went to Japan to date Japan and took people into the panda base illegally.

It is not as gentle and careful as the panda as in the camera, but kicking the panda down without a shot without the lens.Various performances of the camera before are more like a person standing out.Various confusions are surprising.

Now that the daddy of the hair hoop has not responded to the incident, the account is also canceled.

Introduction to the account of Meishi Meow’s account is also changed to regret.

The whole incident looked outrageous. Dad, the daddy of the head hoop, I didn’t know if she regretted it, and it was shameful to throw it to the giant panda.Can you think about the outrageous things that have happened in the past few years?After the Tibetan teenager Ding Zhen became popular, there were fans who liked Ding Zhen to run into Ding Zhencun and had a relationship with Ding Zhen’s uncle.

Said a thousand and 10,000 people, people are people, pandas are pandas.Don’t add panda filters to people.What do you think?

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