The news comes!He has a sister!

Remember the accidental injury to die

Return to society by donating the body and corneal

Continue "Hero Dream"

Is the veteran slaughter the building?

In January 2022, Shaoxing, Zhejiang

The 23 -year -old veteran Tu Lou Du died unfortunately

Donated your own organs and remains

Recently, new life has come to his family

Tu Lou Yu has a sister

Both of them look like

The family shouted: "As if my son is back!"

July 6, 2020

Tu Lou accidentally fell when riding a bike

Causes traumatic alaysia hyponogenic hemorrhage

After 8 surgery before and after surgery

Still not overwhelming

January 8, 2022

Tu Lou, who was only 23 years old, died

Family Memory of Tu Louyu

After the son is in trouble

Tell them through various ways such as writing

If you can’t get back

Donate your organs and remains

Before leaving, Tu Lou used the final strength

Do a caring gesture

That means he wants his family

Help him realize the desire to donate organs and remains

After the death of Tu Lou

First complete the donation of the cornea

Then, the family will bring his body

Donated to Hangzhou Normal University Medical College

This young man who is just 23 years old

Just use this action

Read your heroic dream

His story, touched countless people

On January 11, 2022, Tu Lou’s parents signed a confirmation form for the body donation under the witness of the staff of the Red Cross Society of Shaoxing City.

"After the building is gone

I always feel empty at home "

Tu Lou’s mother Tu Guohong said

when you are alone

She will always remember the child’s voice and smiley face

Later she discussed with her husband

Want to have another child

"We are not young

But still want to try, in case of hope?"

Fortunately, last June last year

Tu Guohong found that he was pregnant

"The company I work cares about us very much

I adjusted my position for me

Let me have a child with peace of mind "

Today, Tu Lou has a sister.

March 6th

Tu Guohong’s daughter was born smoothly

The couple are happy to be happy with their children

"When he was a child

It looks exactly the same "

Tu Guohong’s husband Lou Weijiang

Can’t laugh and laugh

For the future of her daughter, Lou Weijiang admits

If your daughter will be the same as my brother in the future

Military camp life

Then he will be unconditional support

He said, waiting for the daughter to be older

Will tell her the story of her brother

She will definitely do

There is such a hero brother and proud

Tu Lou’s photo.

These days, the couple are searching for

The contact information of the friend of Tu Lou in the army

Hope to share this good news with them

"During a period of time when the building was injured and hospitalized

Many kind people in society

With his previous teammates

We are concerned and help him, we are very grateful

Today, we also hope

Can share this joy with them "

Zhejiang News Comprehensive

Source: Hangzhou Transportation 918

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