The nurses are still resisting 9 months of pregnancy?Putian Weijian Commission responses

Recently, during the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia’s epidemic in Fujian Province, the news that the "Fujian nurse held a big belly on the first line of resistance" was reported.

According to a video, the woman was suspected to be a nurse in a private hospital in Putian City. "I took more than 9 months of pregnancy to rest at home." Seeing that the medical staff downstairs was very hard, actively became volunteers and participated in nucleic acid testing.

From September 15th, some bloggers and self -media published related videos. The text called "the most beautiful medical personnel" "" Like the angel of the big belly in white ", and the relevant statement immediately caused controversy."Pregnant women also need to be protected."After the comment area "turning the car", on the morning of the 18th, the blogger @评 评 评 set the authority for the relevant video, which could not be viewed for the time being.

On the 18th, a staff member of the Putian Ping’an Hospital (also known as Ping An Women’s Hospital), who was instructed by the woman on the 18th, called "she rests at home and took the initiative to go", and then changed her mouth to say that it was not clear.At the same time, the hospital did not provide nucleic acid testing services.

In addition, a staff member of the Putian City Health Commission said that it was unclear about the news of the Internet, and "(pregnancy) for 9 months to let her do a nucleic acid test? Although we say no one, we have not reached this extent."Another staff member said that volunteers could not be applied for registration directly, and the city Health and Health Commission did not call for pregnant women to participate in volunteer work.

The staff of the Putian Epidemic Prevention and Control Command said that they did not receive relevant reports.

On September 15th, a photo called "Fujian First Nurses holding a big belly on the front line of resistance" became popular on the short video platform. Related videos are called "Most Beautiful Medical Personnel".The number of likes exceeds 240,000.

In the photos on the Internet, a woman wearing a protective clothing was very obvious, and the clothes in the protective suit had been wet.

One of the videos with a praise of more than 2000 said that "Ms. Chen, a nurse of Ping An Women’s Hospital, was pregnant for more than 9 months to rest at home. It was very hard to see the medical staff downstairs.

Video screenshot

On the 16th, Quanzhou blogger @1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 released related videos.

However, under relevant videos, many netizens questioned, saying that "should not be advocated for such dedication", "she should not let pregnant women go to the line, she also needs to be protected."

Some netizens believe that the parties’ behavior is very "dedicated" and should be praised.

After being questioned, on the morning of the 18th,@set up permissions for the video and could not be viewed for the time being.On the other hand, the relevant video released by bloggers released by the short video platform can still be played normally.

On the morning of the 18th, the reporter interviewed the Putian Ping An Hospital (also known as Ping An Women’s Hospital), who was instructed by the woman.The news of the Internet needs to be verified, and it is said that the hospital has not provided nucleic acid testing services.

On the 18th, the staff of the Putian City Health Commission said in an interview that it was unclear about the news of the Internet.

At the same time, the staff of the Putian Municipal Health Commission of Health and Health Commission said that volunteers who participated in the emergency service work of the epidemic prevention and control need to go to the Putian Municipal Party Committee Civilization Office to apply for an application.Participate in voluntary work.

In addition, the staff of Putian City responding to the new type of coronary virus infection pneumonia’s epidemic work headquarters told reporters that she learned about this from a short video platform.The ministry did not receive relevant reports and could not be verified for the time being.

According to the Fujian Provincial Health and Health Commission, at 0-24 on September 17, Fujian Province reported 31 new local confirmed cases (8 cases in Xiamen, 2 cases in Zhangzhou, and 21 cases in Putian City).6 cases were confirmed (6 cases in Putian City).

Facing the sudden local epidemic, local volunteer service organizations and volunteers actively participate in anti -epidemic work, assist in the work of nucleic acid testing, supply of epidemic prevention materials, and investigating contact among the epidemic areas.

It is worth mentioning that the Putian Municipal Party Committee Civilization Office and the Putian Volunteer Association issued an initiative, proposing that the volunteer service organizations and volunteers of the city should take the lead in implementing safety protection measures under the premise of ensuring their own health and protection.Participate in epidemic prevention volunteer services.Never go to the high -risk areas blindly, and blindly carry out volunteer services.I hope that volunteers do their own protection and pay attention to the combination of work and rest.

Prior to this, the report of "Wuhan nurse still adhered to the front line of war and epidemic" after 10 days of miscarriage "reported by the war.

Fan Zhihong, an associate professor of the Department of Nutrition and Food Safety at the School of Food Safety, China University of Agricultural University, pointed out that the last 3 months of pregnancy (July-September) is the period when pregnant women have the heaviest burden, the fastest weight increase, and the least exercise.

Is it suitable for pregnant women in the late pregnancy to take on epidemic prevention?

Focusing on the topic of "What are the risks of the new crown virus to pregnant women", in February last year, Professor Zhang Yuanzhen of Wuhan University Central South Hospital, Professor Hou Wei, Institute of Medical Virus Research Institute of Basic Medical College of Wuhan University, and Professor Yang Huixia, the First Hospital of Peking University, were in "The papers "The clinical characteristics of the 9 cases of COVID-19 infection and the potential of vertical dissemination in the palace in the papers of Liuye Knife" published a case: Customs Review.According to the article, from the physical condition of the pregnant woman itself, due to immunosuppressive state, the group is particularly vulnerable to the influence of respiratory pathogens and severe pneumonia.Edema, etc.) also makes them unbearable to hypoxia.

Qiao Jie, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Dean of the Third Hospital of Peking University, agreed to this, saying that this may make pregnant women more likely to be infected with new crown virus than the general population, especially when they have chronic diseases or complications of maternal complications."Therefore, pregnant women and newborns should be regarded as key risks."

In February last year, the National Health and Health Commission issued the "Notice on Strengthening the Prevention and Control of Maternal Diseases and Safety and Materia Medication during the prevention and control of new coronary virus pneumonia." It proposes that pregnant women are the susceptible people of new coronary virus pneumonia.

In the severe test of fighting the epidemic, thanks to the volunteers who were against the rejuvenation, their high sense of responsibility and mission contributed their strength to the prevention and control of the epidemic.When the relevant parties organize anti -epidemic and propagate the so -called "warm heart", they should always put volunteers safely first.


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