The old man said: Don’t say it in less than three months of pregnancy. This is not superstition, but a basis

For couples who are preparing for pregnancy, how happy this pregnancy is, especially some couples who have been pregnant for a long time.So I wanted to share this joy, but at this time the elderly at home would say that it is best not to say it in less than three months of pregnancy.I remember when I was just Huai Dabao, I was very happy, and I suddenly told my husband and the people at home.At this time, in addition to being happy, the elderly at home also ordered not to say it in less than three months.At that time, I thought it was a bit superstitious, but I thought the old man was also good for us. Besides, there was nothing to say, so after more than four months, the belly was slowly a bit, and the surroundings were around.Talents have asked if they are pregnant.

When I was pregnant with Erbao, it was more than three months, and the people around me knew that I was pregnant.In fact, this old man said: Don’t say it less than three months pregnant. This is not superstition, but a basis.Don’t believe it, let’s take a look at the following points.

1. We all know that when the first three months of pregnancy are the most unstable fetus, it may cause abortion for some reasons.Especially some pregnant mothers who are pregnant for the first time will look particularly careful.And at this time, some friends and relatives will come to congratulate some relatives and friends.And some of the fertile gadgets will let pregnant mothers pay more attention to this and which one is to pay attention to.The pregnant mother is more careless. This person’s spirit is nervous, and the meal can’t be eaten. It is easy to sleep, which will easily affect the childbirth of the body.In the first three months of pregnancy, this progesterone and progesterone are very large for fetal.If you are not careful, it is easy to affect the normal development of the fetus.

2. Nowadays, people’s life is fast and stressful. The quality of fertilized eggs may not be very good. At this time, it is easy to occur, and the situation of pioneering abortion and biochemical pregnancy.And if you talk about pregnancy early, and give people a bad news at the end, this will make some people who love you feel sad.

3. Most people detect whether they are pregnant by testing the pregnancy test, and this pregnancy test stick is not 100 % accurate.If it happens that it is just a delay in menstruation, but thinking that it is pregnant. At this time, when you say it, it may make people happy.Instead, some people will also settle in your stones.

Therefore, it is best not to say it in less than three months of pregnancy. After three months, the baby is basically stable. At this time, this good news is given to people.Moms, when do you think after pregnancy, when will you share this good news?

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