The ovary almost can’t hold it at 18 weeks of pregnancy, and it is urgent to save the ovarian gold for 6 hours.

"The ovarian color has become red!" Director Han Fang told everyone excitedly that the intense surgery room was full of joy, and the assistant, anesthesiologist and nurse were relieved.

A prospective mother who was 18 weeks after a sudden abdominal pain went to the Chancheng Central Hospital of Foshan City for 4 hours. She found that her right ovary had been reversed for 3 laps, and the ischemia almost couldn’t hold it.

When Director Hou Xiaolan, the outpatient clinic of Chancheng Central Hospital of Foshan City, he found that the patient had abdominal pain and had no surgical symptoms such as gastroenteritis and appendicitis. Considering that the possibility of the ovarian cysts had a high possibility, he would contact the ultrasound physician for examination.Deputy Director Zou Yandan was inspected by the ultrasound. Considering the patient’s ovarian reversal, and carefully asked Director Wang Yan of the ultrasound department to consult. Director Wang was further concluded as the right ovary to twist 3 laps according to the blood flow signal.Increased, but there are still weak blood flow, there is hope to save.

Considering the urgent situation of the patient, Director Wang Yan of the B -ultrasound immediately contacted Director Han Fang, the Department of Gynecology, and informed that in order to save the ovaries of the pregnant mother, the situation was urgent!Director Han Fang received a call and immediately contacted Director Hou Hou to open an emergency department for the patient to apply for admission to the hospital. According to the patient’s symptoms, physical examination and B -ultrasound, the diagnosis of pregnancy and ovarian reversal.The ovarian cysts are reversed into gynecological acute abdomen, and the golden 6 hours of saving the ovaries are unsatisfactory. Especially the special cases of pregnant mothers, such as delay time, ovarian necrosis, abdominal pain, or even risk of miscarriage. For the safety of mother and baby, Director Han Fang decisively decisivelyIt was decided to start the emergency surgery process of the pregnant mother immediately, improve all the examinations within half an hour in the patient, and contact the operating room to personally escort the patient to enter the operating room emergency cable detection.

Under the close cooperation of the gynecological ward nurse, anesthesiologist, and operating room nurse, anesthesia, disinfection, and towels were quickly completed, and emergency surgery was performed.Open the abdominal cavity to see the right ovarian tubal twisting three times, and the right ovaries increase significantly. Due to twisting ischemia, the surface stasis is dark.Director Han Fang considers the patient’s abdominal pain for a long time. After observing the ovarian fallopian tube reset, the ovaries are rosy. The silk thread seams fix the ovary, and they wrap the right ovaries for pregnant mothers.

It is reported that ovarian function during pregnancy increases, and due to the increase in ovarian activity during pregnancy, the incidence of reversing is 2-3 times higher than that of non-pregnancy, up to 11%-50%.Once reversal, it is mostly manifested as sudden abdominal pain. Among the patients in this case, three laps are reversed and cannot be recovered naturally. The time to surpass the gold treatment time is usually urgently removed by the necrotic ovarian nest.If the patient continues to wait, the risk of ovarian necrosis and abortion will increase greatly.The ovaries are feminine glands. If there is a lesion, reversing or necrotic, it will seriously affect female endocrine and reproductive function after resection.Doctors remind women that women, especially women during pregnancy, are vigilant about sudden abdominal pain and seek medical treatment in time.

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