The ovulation period and the same room are not successful in the same room, just because you did not master these points

Sometimes it ’s so unfair. Some people do n’t want children, but when you hit it, some people ask for children how to get pregnant.

The ovulation period is a well -known period of pregnancy. Ovulation days are the lucky days for the pregnancy of pregnancy couples. If you can not conceive your baby during the same room during your dysfunction and fortune on your pregnancy, many people feel that there is a problem with the body.In this life, it is missed.

In fact, it is not necessarily pregnant in the same room during ovulation. This is scientifically proven.

1. The probability of pregnancy

There are many factors that lead to successful conception, such as smoking, drinking, and certain chronic diseases.And with age, the quality of eggs gradually decreases, and it may be more difficult to get pregnant.

Among the husbands and wives who have normal sexual life and do not take contraceptive measures, 20%to 25%of women will become pregnant within January, 75%~ 80%of women will become pregnant within 6 months, 80%~ 90%Women will become pregnant within 1 year.

Therefore, even in the ovulation period and even several times in the same room, it is normal.

However, if the childcare couple lives together, the sexual life is normal, the woman who does not conceive for more than a year without contraception can be judged as infertility, and they will go to the hospital for examination.

2. The cause of no conception during ovulation during ovulation

1) Sperm and eggs are not successfully combined: men and women discharge 200 million to 500 million sperm each time. Some sperm are discharged from the vagina with the sperm, and other sperm relies on the tail to move forward.Then, the cervical canal, uterine cavity, and finally reached the belly of the tubal pot, waiting for the combination with the egg.

However, in this process, most sperm is blocked. If these sperm have a strong and healthy, then they will break the siege and sperm encounter, otherwise the fertilization will fail.

2) Psychological factors: As the rhythm of life accelerates, the human lifestyle and the concept of breeding have changed a lot.It’s hard to get pregnant.

3) Lifetime: Smoking couples have decreased fertility, alcoholism causes the quality of semen to reduce the quality of semen, and dietary structure defects can cause infertility. For example, lack of vitamin A deficiency can cause poor sperm cells to develop, and vitamin C helps to prevent sperm condensation. Vitamin B can be condensed. Vitamin B can be condensed. Vitamin B. Vitamin B can.Lack can reduce mature sperm …

4) Age: Age is an important factor that independently affects women’s fertility.The peak age of fertility is 20 to 24 years old, 30 to 32 years old began to decrease mild, then decreased, and 40 -year -old decreased rapidly.

Of course, in addition to that, some drug factors will also affect infertility.

Therefore, no matter what, mentality and good lifestyle are more important. Go and reassure for pregnancy in these foundations!

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