The performance of the cat’s physical and behavioral during pregnancy

In the previous part, we explained the cat’s estrus performance and the choice of mating timing. In this article, we will continue to talk about the precautions and maintenance of the cat’s body during pregnancy.

The female cat’s pregnancy is between 56-71 days and an average of about 65 days.The average number of tires for each pregnancy is about 3.88 (data from the United States), and the larger the number of female cats with a larger body will be relatively more.If the kitten is produced within 58 days of pregnancy, it usually gives birth to a dead child or a very weak kitten.If you give birth to more than 71 days of pregnancy, the labeling kitten will usually be larger than ordinary, and it may cause dystocia.Therefore, if the mother cat has been pregnant for more than 70 days and does not have any signs of childbirth, you must find a doctor for help.

Generally speaking, the number of pregnancy will be less in pregnancy when the female cat is old. It is best not to breed more cats over the age of five.The world record records that the maximum number of tires produced by cats are 14 tires, and the most appropriate number of tires is 3-4, so that female cats can fully take care of each kitten.If you have too much at a time, you will exhaust all your strength during the production process, and then you must secrete enough milk to feed the kitten. Female cats are likely to have low blood calcium or lack of milk.At this time, if there is no proper care for shovel officers, it is easy to cause the death of new kittens, and even the death of female cats!

What we discuss here is only general principles, not absolute criteria, so the confirmation of pregnancy still requires a doctor’s diagnosis.

1. About about the third week of pregnancy, the nipples of the female cat will become red;

2. With the development of pregnancy, the weight of the female cat will gradually increase by about 1-2 kg;

3. The abdomen of the female cat is gradually swollen. At this time, do not have a cardiopathic abdominal, which may cause serious damage to the fetus.Of course, doctors who have been trained can be checked like this;

4. Change of behavior changes, female cats will become more motherly.

Cats can be checked with pregnancy test strips like humans, so it is almost impossible for early pregnancy confirmation.21-28 days after the female cat is breeded, a cat should be taken to the pet hospital for abdominal cardiopathic and ultrasound scanning. At this time, you can confirm whether you are pregnant and estimate the number of tires.After more than 46 days, X -ray shadows can be performed to confirm the number of tires, and a ultrasonic scan every two weeks to confirm the condition of the fetus, and the approximate due date can be estimated.

Fake pregnancy means that the female cat is not pregnant, but her behavior and body have similar symptoms to pregnancy, mainly caused by the hormone effects of ovarian.Although the abdomen becomes larger or the nipple becomes red, because it has no actual mating or conceived, after the cat’s pregnancy (60 days), these representations will stop naturally.

1. In about 30 days, the abdomen of the female cat will become significantly larger, the nipples will become larger or even have milk secretion, and appetite will increase;

2. Looking for the place where production is everywhere, you will choose a quiet and safe place to be used as the nest of production;

3. During the three weeks of pregnancy, you will find that the appetite and physical condition of the female cat will be worse and accompanied by vomiting symptoms.

In the first half of pregnancy, the calories should be increased in a small amount, so that the weight of the female cat can increase stably, and its calorie demand is about 100kcal/kg/day.In order to balance the proportion of female cat nutritional components, the food of the kitten can be provided to the pregnant female cat. In addition, minerals and vitamins must also be provided additional, and they should try to minimize any environment that will cause the mother cat, such as going out, taking a bath, bathing, bathing, bathing, bathing, bathing, bathingwait.

After taking care of the cats to go through the pregnancy, we can start looking forward to the arrival of new life!

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