The phenomenon of "pregnancy" of modern college students frequently appears?Parents should pay more attention to these points

University is a very important stage in life. In university, we must not only learn cultural knowledge, but also exercise our ability in all aspects.Because the preparation of college stages is linked to future employment.Although I went to college, parents and teachers did not have as strict discipline of our discipline in high school or junior high school, but we should also be self -disciplined to do something that helps our future development.

However, some people start to indulge themselves when they arrive in college. They do not even do business every day, and they are muddy all day.Coupled with no one around him, there are no people disciplined and urged.Do a lot of things that make people feel incredible.

The university’s class is not as high as high school. In three years of high school, almost all fixed teachers have class.Every day, the class teacher comes to the class inspection and inspection.The university is different, and the counselor can only see one month or even a semester.There are also university teachers who are not so strict for students’ management, but they will be named routinely before class.If the students are not here or late, the teacher will just record, and then reduce the usual results at the end of the period.

Parents are even more than that they are. Some children will stay away from home and go to work in other places or even other provinces.Parents cannot accompany them, they just call by accident and cannot truly discipline their children.After going to college, parents will not care too much about their children’s performance.Students can be described as sufficient autonomy.

Students who went to college were almost adults. Many people had no time to fall in love because of the tension of high school.After arriving in college, I started to talk about love, because they were already adults, and parents just asked occasionally and would not stop it.It’s just a reminder, don’t do too much things.

After the college entrance examination, after the students went to college, I believe that many people will feel that they have obtained more autonomous rights whether they are living and studying or making friends.However, because the minds of some students are not mature and are curious about things, some people will do something extraordinary. When they discover it, they have caused more serious consequences.

Now society is an era of well -developed information, and information is transmitted quickly.In recent years, similar news in the dormitory of many college students has become popular on the Internet, which has attracted the attention of many people.More people are surprised and surprised, because in the eyes of many people, college students are groups of higher education, and they should be representatives of high morality and high quality.

For births in dormitories or toilets, there is no place for medical staff or medical equipment at first, and there is no way to ensure the safety of children and adults.In addition, college students still have to rely on their parents to provide living expenses, and they are unable to raise their children at all.The task of his own school stage has not yet been completed.How can you have the ability to give birth and take care of your children?

The online comments are very enthusiastic about the phenomenon of university production.We can’t figure it out too, why do n’t today’s college students become like this?It is completely different from studying positive and positive appearance in the impression.A senior sister said the reason.

1. The reason for personal families

Some students are not very happy because of their native families, resulting in their lack of care.It feels very warm about the care of others, so in the face of the sweet words of some boys, it will basically fall quickly, but the other party may just want to play, and there is no responsible attitude.Finally, the consequences that are unbearable.

Second, my own vanity

The college classmates are from all over the world. Everyone’s family situation is different. Some students from big cities are superior in family conditions.Parents are also very generous for their living expenses.For some girls with ordinary family conditions, there will be a sense of gap.At this time, you will want to find the other half to provide yourself with money to satisfy your vanity.

3. Insufficient ideological development, insufficient self -protection

It may have just entered the university stage. Although he is an adult, his mind is not mature and insufficient self -protection.Some boys just seize the characteristics of girls, just say a few sweet words, or Yaman League’s oaths, girls will easily believe, and then they will be deceived.Wait until I find regrets that it is too late.

The above is the senior sisters, according to the phenomenon that I saw around and the three reasons summarized on the Internet.I hope the female classmates who see will be considered to be precepts.

Finally, it should be noted that although college students are adults, their main tasks are still learning. Only when they become excellent, they can choose a better partner in the future.There is also to love yourself and protect yourself.

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