The phenomenon of pregnancy of college students continues?The senior sisters said the reason, some behaviors need to be corrected

When students have experienced the destruction of 9 -year high school life, and finally entering the university, it must be infinite longing for the future. The university life is free and beautiful, which is the best time in the life of students.

However, with the advancement of the times, the way of college students’ thinking is becoming more and more advanced, and they often do things that make parents and teachers speechless.

The "fast food" love of college students is the most headache for parents. Many college students do not know how to love their bodies, especially female college students. In the past two years, the "pregnancy phenomenon" continues. Why?

In high school, students entering adolescence will have different psychology to the surrounding opposite sex, and they cannot devote themselves to learning. At that time, parents would always tell students not to fall in love early.

However, after going to college, students will go to school to go to school. Parents cannot control the students at all, and they are also adults. Due to love, they are free, and they are not qualified to stop.

There is no problem with college students in love, but their awareness of self -protection is very weak, especially those who have just entered the university and they will "get pregnant" by accident. They are still a student.What about children?

In response to this phenomenon, a senior sister said behind the reason and had a lot of relationships with family reasons. I hope that all the freshmen of the freshman can attract the precepts and correct some behaviors.

After entering college, the students’ thoughts will become unrestrained. They will always imagine the campus love scene appearing on the TV, and want to talk about a vigorous love, so most girls are moved by the pursuit of boys, andNot because of love.

Many boys also seized this.

The girls on the campus are very simple. Because of the careful care of some boys, the cold and warmly decided to make a promise, it was ridiculous.

Other female college students have "comparison psychology". When they see other girls in the same dormitory, they are falling in love. They can’t help but want to compare, and they want to fall in love. After all, the rest is always ugly.

So these girls are in love for falling in love, not because of the excellent love targets, they often regret it.

As a senior, as a person who came here, he said that this is a great relationship with family factors. As parents, they need to tell students what the correct view of love is, and do not let college students go astray.

Many college students have heard that college students encourage college students to get married. After all, the problem of aging of the population in my country is serious, so they decided to fall in love as soon as possible and get married, but they are often fainted by reality.

Because in fact, many universities do not support college students to get married and have children. As a student, the most important thing is to study. Although the university does not have much pressure, it is related to your employment problem after graduation, and you still need to pay much attention.If you don’t pay attention, it is not good for your graduation.

Development hobby

Every college student will definitely have their own hobbies, but it has not been discovered for the time being. After entering the university, there will be communities.The one you like.

Instead of lying in the bedroom every day, your limbs are almost degenerating. The skills you are studying at university will give you an advantage when you graduate.

Obtain a certificate

There is a lot of spare time during college. This is that every college student knows that there are fewer college courses, and you will have your own time to do what you like.

Are you interested in chasing dramas and playing games?But after you graduate, you can’t help you employment. Since you use your free time to do things, why don’t you get a certificate?

During the college period, there are four or six and the second -class exam. These certificates you must get hands. If you cannot get your hands, you will delay your employment.

There are also certificates related to your professionalism. These are a way to help you prove your ability during the interview. There are still many things that are waiting for you to do.

Finally want to say:

As a college student, you are an adult, you have your own thoughts, you need to have your own judgment in doing anything. Considering the final consequences, do not use your future to make a joke, let alone do things that hurt yourself.

For female college students, it is irreversible to hurt themselves. Do not let yourself do something irreversible. It is the most important thing to spend 4 years in college.

Today’s topic: What do you think of the "pregnancy" phenomenon of "pregnancy" during college students?

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