The poor acid scholar marries the little lady who can kill pigs (above)

When Gu Wensheng knew that he wanted to marry a butcher as a daughter -in -law, he refused directly. He now only wants to study for his reputation, and he does not want to become a family at all.And he started from his heart, and he wanted to find a gentle and gentle girl, but he heard that the girl had learned to kill pigs since she was a child. She was a full female man.

In the end, Gu Wensheng’s parents threatened him directly with reading, so in order to continue reading, he could only obediently respond to this family affairs.

Gu’s mother just valued Liu Shuangshuangneng to support her family, so she asked the matchmaker to talk about this family relationship.

When Liu Shuangshuang started to hear Gu Wensheng’s good poems, she refused directly.Because she has seen and heard too many such poor scholars in order to obtain the fame, I read hard for ten years.

Until that day, she accidentally saw Gu Wensheng once. Although he was shabby, he looked extremely Peugeot and had a calm temperament. At that moment, she believed that he was her man.

Since the meeting, she has admitted this family affairs.After half a year, they became kissed.

On the new wedding night, Gu Wensheng thought that she would be very sturdy. She didn’t think she was very petite, and she looked very beautiful. This made Gu Wensheng a trace of surprise.

After two people drank a glass of wine, Gu Wensheng looked at her and said, "Lady, can you like to chant poems?"

Liu Shuangshuang frowned and said, "Yin … Yin Shi? Which silver? Who do it?"

Gu Wensheng’s face darkened and said, "Not silver, it is chanting, or the meaning of reading poetry.

Liu Shuangshuang pursed the corner of his mouth and said, "I don’t understand and don’t like these essays, I know that killing pigs to sell meat and earning silver."

Gu Wensheng smiled at a contempt: "Since ancient times, there are Yan Ruyu in the book, and the book has its own golden house. As long as you work hard, there will be a day when you are flat."

Liu Shuangliang said coldly, "There is Yan Ruyu in the book, and the book has its own golden house. I haven’t read the book much, but I have heard a word, making it a word to say dreams."

Gu Wensheng looked at her with a black face and said, "Why do you say that I am a foolish dream, and at my level, I must be in high school in the future."

Liu Shuangshuang laughed and said, "Go to bed quickly, there is everything in my dreams."

Gu Wensheng said coldly, "Sleep, I’ll go to the study to sleep."

Liu Shuangshuang stared at him and said, "You stand for me!" Gu Wensheng looked back at her and said, "You actually talk to your husband like this? Don’t you understand women?"

Liu Shuangshuang frowned and said, "I have been stubborn since I was a child, and I have never learned anything from three virtues. I only know when I have to do what."

She walked in front of him, and then grabbed his belt and said, "The cave house flower night, you want me to keep the room alone, I tell you that there is no door, and give me a bed."

Gu Wensheng blushed her wrist and said, "You are a girl, why don’t you be ashamed at all?"

Liu Shuang drew his belt directly and said, "My mother said, the cave room flower night, the two of us must take off your clothes to sleep, only in this way can you give birth to a baby." After that, she dragged his neck and pressed him to the bed.

Although Gu Wensheng was very angry, when she hugged him, he still did not overcome the physiological impulse.In this way, Gu Wensheng and Liu Shuangshuang’s round house.

On the third day of marriage, Liu Shuangshuang started Zhang Luoying. She went to the market to buy a few pigs and then circled a pigpen in the yard.

The pig had to feed for a few months, so Liu Shuangshuang found Gu’s mother and asked her to take out all the silver two. She was going to collect the big pigs in the house. Although Gu mother was reluctant, she still took out her teeth.

Liu Shuangshuang tied his silver to his waist, and then took two bundles of straw ropes to Gu Wensheng: "You go with me to collect pigs." Gu Wensheng frowned and said, "I still want to study!"

Liu Shuangshu was thrown to him with a bundle of straw rope and said, "Reading, but you can’t just read it. If you do it, you can read it casually. You have become a family, and you may be a parent in the future.And give me all the heavy responsibilities of the family. I am not a miscellaneous man in Gu’s family. My husband can’t be a nerd who only knows to read. "

This thing said Gu Wensheng’s red ears and red ears, and he said angrily, "What if my high school?"

Liu Shuangshu sneered and said, "I must be looking forward to your high school. At that time, as long as you give the silver enough, I promise to give you the face of Yan Ruyu, but now you do n’t have a high school, so you have to work for me to work.","

Gu Wensheng also wanted to quibble, but when he saw Liu Shuangshuang picked up the pig killing knife, he immediately obediently tied the straw rope on his waist.

The two went to three villages together, collected three pigs, and now killed a pig. It was a large family, so she earned three or two silver.

Gu Wensheng witnessed Liu Shuangshuang’s killing a pig. At that time, he was shaking, his hands and feet were cold, and he kept talking in his mouth, "Amitabha … Amitabha."

The two rushed back to the house, and Liu Shuangshuang bought some food with money.

When her mother -in -law smiled, she couldn’t meet her mouth, and she boasted that Liu Shuang could do the ability.

Gu Wensheng always felt that he was full of economy, but in front of Liu Shuangshuang, he felt frustrated for the first time.

This woman is indeed smart and capable, making him feel ashamed, and let him be deeply skeptical.

In the evening, Liu Shuangsheng played two or two silvers. She looked at him and said, "Xianggong, come to smell the silver fragrance?"

Gu Wensheng talked lightly and said, "No wonder the merchants have copper odor."

Liu Shuangshuang said at a glance: "Although I don’t understand what it means, I know it is definitely not a good thing. Okay, if you eat it today, don’t eat it, you will eat bran and swallow dishes."

Gu Wensheng said coldly and said, "Just, anyway, I never care about the superficial things. I only care about spiritual satisfaction."

Liu Shuangli said coldly and said, "Look at you elegant, the stomach is not full, and talk about those false ones. I see, you are confusing."

Gu Wensheng said unpleasantly, "Okay, you will sleep with the silver tonight!" Then he walked out, and Liu Shuang knocked directly at the table and said, "Stand!"

Gu Wensheng frowned and said, "You don’t need to keep me. I have lost a lot of homework today. I am going to make up my homework now."

Liu Shuangshuang said at a glance: "Whoever has love, who stayed with you, I asked you to hang my knife on the wall of the south house."

Gu Wensheng felt that he was insulted, so he held his fist hard, and finally helped her hang the knife on the wall.

The next day, Liu Shuangshuang killed a pig, and then took Gu Wensheng to sell meat with her.

There are a lot of people in the market. Liu Shuangshuang can say that cutting pork is also a accurate, so her pork is very popular.

At the time of lunch, Liu Shuangshuang asked him to watch the stall, and she went to buy a few buns.

When Liu Shuangri handed the hot air buns to him, he couldn’t help swallowing.

Liu Shuang laughed and said, "Eat, eat and work well." Gu Wensheng took the bun and said, "I haven’t done much!"

Liu Shuangshuang looked at him and said, "Aren’t you collecting money? You count the accounts faster than me, and you have a lot of heart in our province!"

Gu Wensheng then aroused the corner of his mouth and said, "It’s not easy to listen to you to praise me."

Liu Shuang laughed and said, "Eat it, it’s not enough for me to buy two."

Gu Wensheng took a bite, then nodded immediately, "Enough."

After a while, Liu Shuangshuang suddenly stood up and said, "I’m going to walk around, are you looking at it here?"

Gu Wensheng frowned and said, "You can’t rest for a while?" Liu Shuang laughed at him, and then got up and left.

After a while, Liu Shuangshuang returned. At the same time, she also took a puppet in her hand.

Gu Wensheng froze and said, "Don’t you like me dancing to make ink?"

Liu Shuangshuang said unnaturally: "I look good, so I bought it."

Gu Wensheng carefully touched the platform, and their family had always been poor, so he had no decent platform.

After returning home in the evening, Gu Wensheng took the ink in Mo in Xinyatai, and then wrote a poem.

Liu Shuang looked at the remote words above, and couldn’t help but say, "Your word is pretty good."

Gu Wensheng looked at her and said, "Then how do you look at the poem?" Liu Shuangshuang said embarrassingly: "Do you ask me? You can know the words above, there should be no more than five."

Gu Wensheng said with a glance: "You have time to learn to recognize words with me, which is good for you."

Liu Shuangshuang stretched his waist and said, "I recognize that the word is enough for me to sell meat, and I don’t like to chant poetry."

Gu Wensheng sighed and said, "I may have to write for a while, or you go to sleep first!"

Liu Shuangshuang raised his eyebrows, then held his hand and said, "I earned three or two silver today, shouldn’t it be celebrated?"

Gu Wensheng glanced at her, and then he was pulled to the bed by her.

Three months later, Gu Wensheng met a friend who was quite poetic. At first sight, the two became more and more speculative. After the stall was closed, he went directly to the tea building with that person.

At 10 o’clock in the evening, he returned home drunk.

Liu Shuangshuang said, "Say, do you drink flowers?"

Gu Wensheng said drunkly: "What do you know? Do you understand the feeling of finding a conscience? You don’t understand, because you have no soul."

Liu Shuangshu kicked directly on his stomach, and then stared at him and said, "You have a soul, don’t you know that your mother is worried about you? I think you are reading stupid."

Gu Wensheng murmured: "You don’t understand anything, you only know that killing pigs, you never understand my happiness."

Liu Shuangshuang said for a while and said, "I really don’t understand you. If you really have the ability, then prove it to me."

Gu Wensheng stared at her and said, "I will prove it to you. I want you to know that Gu Wensheng is definitely not a nerd. I will never accompany you to sell pork for a lifetime."

Liu Shuangshuang looked at him with a dignified look. After a while, she suddenly pierced him to the ground, and then got up and returned to the room.

Gu Wensheng scolded loudly: "You are a vixen, one day in the morning and evening, I want to rest you."

In the next few days, Liu Shuangsheng has always ignored Gu Wensheng. Gu Wensheng was not as comfortable as imagined, but his heart was particularly awkward.

During the day, Liu Shuangshuang still killed pigs, but she no longer set up stalls, but provided pork with those meat shops so that she would save the wind and sun.

That night, Gu Wensheng’s words sounded the alarm for her. She was blowing and dried up, and then she made a wedding dress for others.

She made money during this time, bought a carriage, and the carriage did not have a ceiling, and she could help her pull the goods.

After having a carriage, she has more business projects. In addition to pork and beef and mutton, some villagers will also sell her livestock to her. In this way, she will come to the door.Essence

Her yard is large and close to the road, so only one month after a month, her family’s buying and selling became famous.

In addition, Gu Wensheng began to prepare to go to Beijing to rush to take a exam. Because of the long distance, he needed to set off a month in advance.

One night before leaving, Gu Wensheng pulled her hand and said, "Double double, rest assured, if I really want, I will definitely not abandon you."

Liu Shuangli said coldly and said, "I’m now in my family, I’m afraid you to abandon?"

Gu Wensheng said unnaturally: "I know you can do it, but I am a man, and I hope that I can support this home."

Liu Shuangshi said at a glance: "It seems you are still not afraid."

Gu Wensheng cleared his throat and said, "I have no other meaning, I just hope you can sit at home to enjoy the blessing."

Liu Shuangshi glanced at him, then took out a pack of silver from his sleeves, and then handed him to him, "This way is far away, you must take care of your body, and pay more attention on the road."

Gu Wensheng said moved: "It doesn’t matter. The last time the dear and me were accompanied by me, we would take care of each other."

Liu Shuang nodded and said, "That’s good." Gu Wensheng looked at her with a smile and said, "I’m not angry!" He kissed her after saying.

After a month of walking, Liu Shuang found that he was pregnant.

When Gu Wensheng returned, her stomach was already big, and Gu Wensheng hugged her ecstatically.

After a period of time, Gu Wensheng was waiting for good news every day, and he was confident in himself.

A few months later, he finally believed that he had no high school. After he depressed for a while, he began to prepare for the next year’s imperial examination.

He has gone into the magic, so that his son is born, he is still studying.He had a tone of the head of the head, so he ate all the bitterness.

Liu Shuangshuang didn’t want him to do so, so the two often made a big noise for this. She felt that their family was already well -worried about food and clothing.Essence

The contradiction between the two of them also buried the hidden danger from this. When the scientific examination was scientific, Gu Wensheng didn’t say anything, so he was tangled on the road directly.

In the past few months, Gu Wensheng has been faithful, and his mother cried so much that she had spent every day.

Three months later, Gu Wensheng finally returned home. Liu Shuangshu stared at him and said, "I didn’t expect you to live?" Gu Wensheng heard this sentence, and his face pulled down instantly. He said coldly, "I amBlessing, I can die if you curse me. "I can die."

Liu Shuanglu raised his hand and slapped him with a slap and said, "You are blessed? You really want to put gold on your face."

Gu Wensheng covered her face and stared at her and said, "You is a village, do you know that in the whole village, only you will hit a man."

Liu Shuangshuang raised his legs and said to him again, "Do you know? In the whole village, I can do it best. You have no one in your family, including you, starved to death."

Gu Wensheng stared at her and said, "Liu Shuangshuang, you are a vixen, am I forcing you to make money? You wait for me to go to high school, and I will rest you as soon as possible."

Liu Shuangshui laughed and said, "You dreamed, I have been tolered you for a long time this year. If this time is not in, you will give me a god again, be careful that I will hit you with a urine flow."

Gu Wensheng blushed and said, "Liu Shuangshuang, you have a crow’s mouth, do you try again?"

Liu Shuangli said coldly, "Try it, and try, the mother has a leg, and my mother’s early want to export." Just like this, Liu Shuangshuang folded Gu Wensheng under his breath.

Gu Wensheng moved to the miscellaneous room, while he was wounded, waiting for his good news.

Suddenly one day, when he was basking in the sun in the yard, a group of people suddenly knocked on gongs and drums outside.

The heads of their clan, the patriarch said ecstatically, "Wensheng, you are in the middle."

When Gu Wensheng heard the news, he froze first, and then he knelt on the ground.

The officials who reported the presence directly read the imperial decree. The emperor asked him to enter the sanctuary in Beijing within a few days.

Gu Wensheng took the imperial decree, then turned to Liu Shuangshuang and said: "Liu Shuangshuang, I am in high school, and you should be rest."

Beauty to be continued … Praise plus attention … Continue to update tomorrow night …

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