The post -90s pregnant mother accidentally made the chest threatening, how much damage the X -breast tablet will cause the fetus

A young post -90s mother shone X -ray chest through the physical examination, and the HCG in the urine test was positive.Later, the B -ultrasound of the hospital was confirmed that she did be a mother and made her happy, but then there was a panic, and she came into contact with the rays during the physical examination. Will this baby be unhealthy.

No one wants to have an unhealthy child, just like this post -90s mother, the joy just now was wiped out by the head.We can see such a warm reminder in the image inspection area in the hospital and medical examination institutions:

Many of us have heard that if you are irradiated during pregnancy, it is easy to cause fetal malformation. Instead of giving birth to an unhealthy baby, the family is painful, it is better to end pregnancy early.

So after receiving X -ray examination during pregnancy, can children not ask?

In fact, X -ray is divided into harmful doses, therapeutic dosage, damage dosage and mortality dose.Most diagnostic X -ray examinations clinically do not cause fetal damage.Generally speaking, the maximum dose of the fetus received X-ray is 5,000 Holy RAD, and the radiation dose of the chest X-ray examination made by pregnant women is 0.02-0.07 RAD.Therefore, in this case of this post -90s mother, do not need to be too nervous to be too nervous to be affected by rays.

Overall, clinically, conventional dental X -ray examination, head X -ray examination, limb X -ray examination, chest X -ray examination, including breast molybdenum target examination, and head CT examination will not cause damage to the fetus.

Therefore, during pregnancy, some mothers must do an X -ray examination and have no better check -in to replace because of their own diseases. They do not need to worry too much about causing the fetus to resist the examination.Because your health is not only for yourself, but also very important to your children.

Let’s take a look at different X check (single), the dose value of the irradiation

but!There is a possibility to kill the embryo

If a woman accepts X -rays higher than 10rads within two weeks before pregnancy, there is a certain probability that it will kill the embryo.But this is the problem of 0 or 1, that is, if the embryo survives, there will be no problem.

Then we really have a pregnant woman who has accepted X -ray chest diarrhea and causes children to malformation. How do I explain?

First of all, we must make it clear that if you do not accept irradiation, there will also be 4%-6%of newborns with various types of deformities, such as tire mole, one more finger or toe.The baby’s deformity is not the result of diagnostic radioactivity.

Finally, I would like to wake all the mothers or are about to become mothers:

1. First of all, if you are pregnant, or suspect that you are pregnant, tell your doctor that this is not only X -ray examination, but also the types of choosing drugs, you must avoid taboos of pregnant women.

2. If you have to do an X -ray examination during your pregnancy, remember to tell your doctor whether you have done similar examinations recently. If you have done it, the doctor will judge whether the ray examination is necessary to do this time according to the actual situation.

3. If you are pregnant or doubt your pregnancy, you must check and take drugs under the guidance of a doctor, but you don’t have to worry too much, let alone an abortion.

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