The pregnant girl accused the neighbors of sexual assault. In one sentence, he sentenced him to 5 years. As a result, the child is not a neighbor.

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A few days ago, the owner of Wuxi cake shop in Jiangsu was full of rumors of sexual assault on 3 -year -old girls.

When many netizens condemned the owner of the cake shop, the Wuxi police quickly notified.

It is reported that after the doctor was checked, they did not find that proved to prove that there was a men’s semen in the girl’s body. In this way, many netizens also started to turn the gun head and condemned the girls of the girl.

In fact, in many cases, since blindly believes that women are vulnerable groups and need people to sympathize and protect them. Therefore, people with ulterior motives will also use the kindness of netizens to create public opinion.

In 2001, a Heilongjiang girl had lied directly after being found to be pregnant by her family that her uncle neighbor was the child’s biological father.

Fortunately, after a year of investigation and visit, the results of DNA parent -child identification show that the man is not the father of a girl and child. One of the other truths in this case gradually surfaceThe man who sentenced to 5 years cried because of his innocence.

Nowadays, the country is increasingly cracking down on unjust and false cases, but no one thinks that because I believe too much about children’s words, it eventually led a man to be sentenced to 5 years.

The girl is only 11 years old. According to common sense, she should have been in the fourth grade in the local elementary school, and is still a disturbed little girl.

However, after a winter vacation, many neighbors and family members also felt that the little girl named Xiaomei seemed to get a lot of weight. Even if she was wearing heavy down jackets, many people felt that she was very bulky, and walking began to change.It must be like a duck.

As the hot summer is coming, because it is really unable to hide it. In addition, it is too hot, and the little girl has to wear thin clothes, but at this time, the girl’s family is surprised to find that the girl’s belly has been dragged, and it seems that all of them have already been.It’s about to be full.

It is hard to imagine that 11 -year -old girls will get pregnant!Therefore, they thought the little girl must be raped or sexually assaulted by others for the first time. Considering that 11 -year -old children can express it normally or remember.

As a result, the family members kept asking who had sex with her and made her pregnant, but the girl did not tell the truth.

In fact, as early as a year ago, because she was too insecure, she talked to a man on the Internet. The other party was a man from the depths of Dashan, Guizhou. He was 28 years old.

In the case of the family’s unknown, the girl lied many times that she was going to a friend’s house to spend the night. In this way, she met her boyfriend many times in this way, and even presented her first in a cheap hotel.Second-rate.

After the pleasure of stealing the forbidden fruit faded, the girl was also panicked.Under the guidance of her boyfriend, ignorant, she took the first contraceptive in her life, but strangely, after that, the girl found that her menstruation was not late.

At that time, because the first menstrual tide came, she mistakenly thought that it was irregular menstruation, so she did not take it seriously, but after two or three months, her belly gradually became bigger, so she knew that she was pregnant.

At that time, she also thought about miscarriage, but there was a lot of money for miscarriage. She now spent only 10 yuan per week.At that time, she told her boyfriend to her boyfriend, but her boyfriend directly rejected her with no money at hand.

Xiaomei spent a long winter in uneasiness. She originally wanted to confess to her parents, but when she thought of her parents, she was afraid of being scolded by her parents, so she was dragging.

But the so -called paper bag couldn’t hold the fire. On the day when the East Window had happened, Xiaomei cried helplessly.

However, at this time, her boyfriend sent her a text message, "You said it was a neighbor raped, otherwise, I would go to jail, would you be willing to let me go to jail?"

The words of her boyfriend made Xiaomei have the desire to protect. In this case, seeing her parents reported the police, Xiaomei directly told another version of the "truth" when she saw the police.The person is the neighbor Shi Shi.

When he heard the person’s name, Xiaomei’s parents felt incredible and were buzzing.Because in their opinion, Shi Mou took care of their family, as good as relatives.

It turned out that because his parents had been working in a foreign time for a long time, Xiaomei and Grandpa were dependent on each other. Considering that Xiaomei’s grandparents were old, Shi, who was already a grandson, would take the lead in picking up Xiaomei when he took the grandson to school.

In addition to leisure, Shi Mou will often take Xiaomei and his granddaughter to play in the amusement park.

In the opinion of the kindness, he did this just to make the child have a companion. In addition, Xiao Mei’s parents are more honest and

At this time, Xiaomei did go closer to him.Looking at Xiaomei’s real appearance, her parents chose to believe in her daughter, and soon reported to the police.

Due to the evidence and confession, the police also immediately implemented the arrest of Shi Mou. On the day of the arrest, Shi Mou leisurely drinking small wine at home. Seeing a large number of police officers coming, he hadn’t waited for him to ask.He was handcuffed and then was twisted into the detention center.

At this time, he didn’t know what happened, and he really couldn’t touch his mind in the second monk.After listening to the police’s narrative, Shi Mou collapsed, and he claimed that he had never done such a thing at all.

But after seeing Xiaomei’s company, he roared again and said, "I didn’t do it, I didn’t do it. How do you trial me, I didn’t do it, I don’t admit it!"

At that time, Shi Mou’s son, daughter -in -law, and wife believed that he was innocent, because for so many years, they naturally knew what Shimou had a temper, and he had never had intimate contact with Xiaomei.

When he rushed outside his family, Shi Mou also proved his innocence in a hunger strike in the detention center.Even so, he was sentenced to 5 years in prison in accordance with the law.

Fortunately, he has been a substitute teacher for several years. There is also a little legal knowledge. Under the situation of hundreds of words, he has already thought that he can do parent -child identification to wash his grievances, so he provided the police with thisSuggestions, in the end, the police adopted his suggestion.

Outside the prison, Xiaomei’s belly was too large, obviously not suitable for abortion surgery. She and her family decided to give birth to the child.

After Xiaomei gave birth to a child, the police immediately arranged a parent -child appraisal for Shi Mou and the child, and the identification results showed that the child was not him, and he had no blood relationship with him.

Seeing this scene, Komiko knew that she couldn’t hide it anymore, and she cried out, so she told all the truth.

All this was what her boyfriend taught her, but after that, her boyfriend was like evaporation on earth.

At this time, Xiaomei knew that she had performed a perjury, and let a man who hurt him escaped, and made an uncle who had been graceful to his family.Intersection

Because Xiaomei was only 11 years old when he had sex with a man, he was a minor.

Therefore, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Protection Law of the Minor, the police quickly arrested the man who was almost 30 years old in suspicion of having sexual relationships with minors, and after being identified by parent -child, they discovered that the baby girlThe biological father was him.

As a result, Shi Mou does not have to eat rice anymore.For a year or so, he left tears at the moment he breathed free air …

During the trial of this case, a number of judges also realized that the suspects could not be guilty of guilty only by words. From the perspective of unmanned evidence, no evidence, and no crime time, these cases were also suspicious.

Fortunately, because Shi Mou and his family have been insisting on finding the truth and appealing, this avoids the emergence of another case of unjust, false and false.

What do you think about the issue of unjust and false cases?Welcome to discuss the comment area together!

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