The pregnant mother "had a dream again and again" at night, and after talking about the dream, the rigorous husband was laughed at

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Many pregnant mothers are estimated to have an incredible "fetal dream" during pregnancy. To many elderly people, this is the child telling you that his recent situation is telling you, and it can also be seen that it is a boy or a girl.This is a superstition, but many of them have been fulfilled.

The statement of fetal dreams has always existed, and folk traditions often give the animals and sustenance of the dreams in the dream.

For example:

The pregnant mother dreams that pig symbolizes the child’s symbol of wealth and blessing;

Dreaming that cows say that children will be very filial, there are countless claims …

The 24 -year -old Lailai has been pregnant for more than 2 months. As a novice mother, she pays great attention to all aspects of herself. She is even more excited and embarrassed in her heart. She is also a little overwhelmed.

But she didn’t know what happened recently. She had had a bunch of messy dreams for three consecutive days, and she had no clue.

She was afraid that she was too anxious and affected the growth of her child. She told her husband when she slept at night.

Lailai looked at her husband:

Let me tell you the dream I made last night. I dreamed that I gave birth to a pig, pink, very cute …

I was afraid that he was cold at night, so I paved him a lot of his previous clothes …

Just as he laughed with me, a little deer with wings was flying across the road …

I’m hungry with me, let me cook for him, I told him that you eat instant noodles?I do not know how to cook……

The original rigorous husband laughed after listening to Lailai’s unknown dream. After calmly, he said to Lailai, "If you don’t go to the hospital tomorrow, don’t it be a baby."

After coming to the hospital the next day, after inspection, Lai Lai was pregnant with twins, which made the family break down.

In real life, such examples are actually not a small number. The analysis of many fetal dreams has been successfully fulfilled. It has always been unable to give clear reasons and answers. It can only be explained by probability events.

Because of this, many pregnant mothers attach great importance to fetal dreams during pregnancy. They will think about the scenes and details of the fetal dream, and hope to get a trace of "signal transmission" of the fetus.

1. Hormone affects the brain

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers will secrete a large amount of dopamine. They will affect the normal operation of the brain at night, so that people feel very disturbed when they sleep at night. Between confusion, dreams appear.

2. Emotional pressure is too great

Due to lack of experience, novice mothers will care very much about their children’s health, and worry that one of them will bring harm to the child’s health without paying attention, and emotional anxiety.

In this case, the mood and mental stress of many pregnant mothers will grow greater. After the uneasy performance, it is easy to dream at night.

3. Invest too much attention

Most of the pregnant mothers learn that after pregnancy, they will stop the work at hand and join the ranks of nourishing tires. This has led to the rapid increase in the attention of the pregnant mother’s attention to the fetus, and there may be anxiety.Too much anxiety is the source of the dream of fetal dreams.

The causes of fetal dreams are mostly caused by too much thought and too much anxiety. Long -term this will affect the quality of sleep and the development of the fetus. Therefore, when pregnant mothers have frequent fetal dreams, pay more attention to conditioning their lifestyle, doing their own lifestyle, doing what they haveMake necessary changes.

1. Dietary

If the pregnant mother cannot sleep well while sleeping, you can start with your diet, such as drinking a cup of hot milk before going to bed, and at the same time, there are lotus seed porridge, millet porridge, sugar water, and apples that can help pregnant mothers sleep safely.

Xiaobian reminds: Do not use drugs to promote sleep, not only is addictive risk, but also may affect the development of the fetus.

In terms of mentality

Pregnant women should ensure that they have a good mentality during pregnancy. Even if they are out of work, they must have a circle of life, find spiritual sustenance, and can have their own fun.

Editor’s reminder: You must choose literary and high safety. You can use music or reading to cultivate interest and relieve your mentality.

Third, habits

Many young people’s routines are not normal now. When pregnant mothers are pregnant, they must change their original living habits, make regular diets, and get up early and get up early.

I suggest: It is recommended to fall asleep before 10 pm during pregnancy, so as to ensure that the brain has sufficient rest and improve the nutritional balance absorption.

In summary, pregnant mothers must sort out their mood during pregnancy, avoid the emergence of anxiety, and let themselves have a peaceful mentality.Worried, you can go to the hospital for examination.

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