The pregnant mother always feels pain in the chest. After giving birth, she found that her baby’s feet are stuck in her ribs?

Bethay Love, who lives in the United States, gave birth to a cute daughter. Some time ago, she was pregnant again.

After two pregnancy, Bethay obviously felt that there were some different places this time:

In the last few months of pregnancy, she always felt painful on the ribs of her chest.

She shared her physical abnormalities with the people around her, but her relatives and friends told her that she just thought too much and nothing had a big deal.

In addition, the child is indeed coming to the due date immediately, and Bethay also decided to grit his teeth, even if you endure it.

For this reason, she also mocked herself, "I have a foot in my chest."

However, after the child was born, Bethay found that his joke seemed to become a reality.

Bethay shared a photo of a daughter not long after birth. The baby’s right foot appeared unusual shape, and then she said that there was really a foot stuck in my chest …

The baby’s feet seemed to have a horseshoe foot, but Bethay explained that this is not a horseshoe foot. The baby’s feet are "bent" by her ribs …

So she shared the story on TIKTOK, and also wrote "Tucao", saying,

"Everyone said that I was too exaggerated."

After the video was released, netizens were really frightened …

Unlock new fear.

My baby had just started kicking, and I started to panic.

Hmm … my right rib has always hurt, I’m panicked now …

In addition, some mothers have shared their similar experiences:

When I was born in the second child, I always said that she seemed to be in my ribs …

Later, I had a cesarean section, and they had to use her dumplings to get her out because she was really stuck in the ribs.

My baby has been 32 weeks, and his head has been on my belly, causing me to vomit.

My son is the same, although he is just too long for my belly.

He was fine after doing some physical therapy, and he didn’t even know about it until now.In fact, before he had him, I didn’t know that it would be like this after pregnancy.

You are so hard!IntersectionI have also had similar experiences, but I did not reach this level.The fourth of my 6 children broke my tail.

The same is true for me. When my younger son was discharged from the hospital, he had horseshoe feet.Fortunately, it is easy to correct it through physical methods.

After reading the experience shared by netizens, it is more and more difficult to feel how hard it is …

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