The pregnant mother loses her temper, the baby in the stomach will be angry, and the pregnant mother should pay attention

Women who are pregnant are sometimes terrible, and they are not enough to describe it.In fact, the baby in the stomach can feel the mother’s temper. This "congenital memory" will follow the baby to this world and let him remember his life.

Last time I chatted with a pregnant friend, she touched her belly lovingly and said, "Be sure to control my temper, otherwise my baby will learn." I was curious, or a fetus, how can I learn?IntersectionFriends said that her relationship with her mother has always been bad because her mother almost killed her. From her childhood, this kind of feeling has been around her.My mother knew this in her mouth, so she knew where her disgust came from.

The mother and son are connected, and this is not just talking.Your emotions will influence your child through blood.Don’t think that the fetus has no emotions, she will accept the mood of the mother.If he feels joy and joy from his mother, he will come with this mood.On the contrary, if Bao Ma’s mood has always been bad, his mood will be bad, and he will even resist to this world.

Of course, this statement is scientific.There is a strange signal between the mother and the baby, which will be passed through the umbilical cord.When pregnancy is one and a half months, the fetus can receive this signal and respond to it.When the fetus is relatively mature, he will express his emotions through some movements, happy or unhappy, and stretch his arms or something, and his mother can know immediately.

Therefore, family members generally allow pregnant women to prevent pregnant women from moving emotional fluctuations. It is not unreasonable.Bad qi and anger will cause a large amount of adrenaline secretion, thereby rising blood pressure. The fetus will perceive the mothers’ emotional changes and be angry with him for the first time. This is not conducive to his physical and mental health.And your emotions, the fetus will be brought out of the stomach, which is not conducive to the development of the child’s good personality.

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