The pregnant wife was gang raped by 4 people for 8 hours, and her husband witnessed the whole process, and the details were shocking!

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The case was named "the worst" by the media, reminding readers with weak psychology to not read.

After understanding the experience and ending of this couple, they all fell into long silence and depression.

After the TV station broadcast this episode, the Internet was complained to the shelves, and the audience could not bear to hear the name of the case again.

So far, "Disappearing Couple" is still the shadow of many people.

How is this a terrible case?

Let us try back to 2013 to understand the front and back of the whole case.

On May 15, 2013, Aunt Li, who lived in the suburbs of Feixian, Shandong, made breakfast, and waited for her son and daughter -in -law to come to work after having breakfast.But waiting for the left and right, the young couple who had come to eat early did not appear.

"Is the young couple who had been sleeping soon after the wedding?" Mrs. Li couldn’t help but called her son and daughter -in -law, but the two people’s calls turned off. This abnormal situation made Mrs. Li start to worry.Not long ago, the rooms of the two were worse.

For this reason, the son Xiaohuo also installed monitoring at home and bought a dog tied to the courtyard.Last night, I heard the puppy vaguely called for a while.Aunt Li, who was afraid of something, came to the house of the son’s house tremblingly, but found that the door of the courtyard was not locked. She stood at the door and shouted a few times.Essence

Aunt Li hurriedly walked into the yard, and the scene that came into view made her scare her soul. I saw that the puppy who had just bought her son was killed in the yard, and the whole head was flattened.Unpleasant taste.

Auntie Li didn’t know where the power came from. He rushed into the room a few steps, but found that there were no son -in -law in a few rooms. Strangely, the bed was clean, and the sheets were covered.Where did the unveiled sheets were covered?

There was leftovers on the table, but Mrs. Li found that she was wrong at a glance, because her son never ate pork, and her daughter -in -law only ate a little, but a large plate of braised meat was placed on the table.

I ca n’t see my son and daughter -in -law, and the family is such a strange phenomenon. Auntie Liqiang held a call to the police.

After the police came to the scene, they investigated the scene, and soon found that the surveillance camera in the yard had been cut off, and then found that the computer in the room was also removed, and the chassis disappeared.Combined with the situation where the puppies in the yard were killed, the incident was gradually raised by the police. As the reinforcement came, more and more details were discovered.

The traces of someone climbing on the fence of the yard; the stainless steel guardrail was found to be pried open; the wardrobe drawer had rolled traces; the floor of the room was signs of cleaning, and the blood signs was detected on the ground through professional instruments.Found on the ground; blood stains found in pillows and quilts …

More and more signs point to a chilling phenomenon. The couple’s house has been invaded, and the two have signs of serious injuries. The bride may be sexually assaulted!

Soon, the police surrounding the exploration of the scene also came. Several abandoned plastic bags were found in the nearby small river.I found that these clothes were the clothes of Aunt Li and daughter -in -law, but why did the two of them put their clothes and throw them into the river?Where did the two go?

Just after the police further expanded the scope of search, an amazing discovery was produced in a small cave nearby.

The police found a hillside about 300 meters on the south side of the scene. There was a naturally generated hills on the hillside. Usually there were no people here.

Why is there straw in a tall cave?The investigator cooperated with each other and turned into the cave. However, as soon as he entered, he found that something was wrong. Under the straw, he touched a pair of legs.Turn over, it is Xiao Huo, the son of Mrs. Li.

Forensic doctors quickly arrived at the scene. However, after seeing the bride Xiao Zhang’s body, people were distressed and miserable. This beautiful and miserable woman encountered a hell phenomenon during her lifetime.

The whole body is signs of being tortured everywhere. From the perspective of the congestion of the sensitive part, she has suffered for several hours of violations during her lifetime. The delicate breasts and lower body are covered with toothpicks and steel needles.Traces can even see that the teeth are chewed.

The cause of the death of the two was also asphonal by mechanical. From the traces of the neck, mouth, and nose, they found that the two were successively locked by a thinner wire and thicker chain.Essence

This tragic scene made the police spontaneously stopped the painful Mrs. Li, and did not want to let him see the real death of his son and daughter -in -law.What followed was the high anger of the Shandong police, and it was necessary to seize the poor gangster as soon as possible.

From the perspective of the case, this case does not need to test the semen in the bride or the saliva DNA on the body.Just at the scene, the police seized a missing subsistence allowance, and soon locked to the minimum -guaranteed card owner -Fu Mou, who lived in Tai’an, Shandong.To Fu’s son Fu Gang.

According to the data found by the police, this Fu Gang was burly, but he was idle and was imprisoned due to robbery.Based on these experiences and the subsistence allowances at the scene, the police determined that Fu Gang had a high suspicion of committing crimes.

At the same time, the police verified that Fu Gang has always been inseparable from the three fox friends and dog friends, which also confirms the traces of being destroyed by the son -in -law’s son and daughter -in -law’s house.

At the same time, the police tracked the victim’s bank card in the early morning of May 15 with a record of withdrawal. Soon the police found the bank’s surveillance video and found that a man came with a mask and wearing a female victim’s jacket to come toBanks, which obtained more than 10,000 yuan in six times. It is angry that every time the money is withdrawn, the man will show a proud and wretched smile.

Although they were wearing a mask, the police found that the man was the three fox friends and dog friends of Fu Gang, Zhang Xuejun, Wang Jixian, and Zhao Wenfeng.The surveillance videos on the road of Feixian also showed that the four of Fu Gang were going to the direction of the victim’s house on the evening of May 14!

The evidence of multiple parties is conclusive. The police quickly conducted a joint search for the four people. In the surveillance videos of various cities, the traces of the four devils were constantly coming from the surveillance videos of various cities.In the afternoon, the four suspects were blocked on the long -distance car in Tai’an.

Four young youngsters who are less than 22 years old, facing the special policemen who are waiting to be arrested without resistance. The police couldn’t even believe that the four guys who captured them could do such a poor and bad thing.

In front of the police, who four people couldn’t afford to resist any sophistry.In the separate confession of the four people, the time that night was restored quickly, but the case was too miserable.

On the morning of June 22, 2016, in accordance with the execution of the death penalty of the Supreme People’s Court, the detention center delivered the death penalty of the death penalty for the death penalty, Zhang Xuejun, and Wang Jixian.The murderer Zhao Wenfeng was sentenced to life imprisonment because he was 18 years old.

In the confession of the four, the police learned that Fu Gang had entered the room to steal the victim’s house before, and for this reason, the victims installed monitoring at home and bought a dog. However, on May 14th, on May 14thOn this day, when the four murderers came to Feixian again to look at the object of the start, Zhang Xuejun recalled that when he came to steal the last time, he saw that the victim’s wedding photo was very beautiful, and the four of them became heartbroken and prepared to come to the door to violence again.The last time was while the victim was not at home, and this time, he came from the victim himself.

Soon, the murderer once again entered the victim’s house along the last way. After seeing the monitoring in the yard, the four cut the monitoring line and removed the computer with video.Then ambush in the victim’s house.

At 7 o’clock in the evening, after the victim’s husband and wife returned home, they were besieged by the murderer. Although the male host struggled to fight against the fight, he still lost to the other party. At the same time, he was worried that the wife who was pregnant was hurt and could only be obedient.

After uniforming the male and female owners, the murderer was beastly hair, and raped the hostess in the bedroom.

They use various means to coerce the female owner to use various postures and gameplay. In order to protect the lives of themselves and her husband, the female victim can only be wronged in the four people’s violations, and even in front of her husband, up and downAt the same time, we should deal with the adultery of the four murderers.

After watching the newly married, the wife who was regarded by his treasure was insulted and played by the murderer. The heart defense of the male victim completely collapsed. He was controlled by the murderer like the murderer. Even when the murderer was tired and hungry, he shouldThe other party’s request made two meals for the other party so that the murderer would restore his physical strength to continue his wife.

Throughout the process, the husband and wife have been looking at each other, but they have been talking to the murderer in their mouths: I will never report the case. If you are comfortable, you will go. I will give it to you how much money.

The husband and wife put down all their dignity. They just wanted to survive this difficult night and live together.

However, after the four murderers finally vented all the beasts, they began to kill a little bit.In front of their wives, they first tied her husband’s neck with a wire, but under the desperate struggle of her husband, the wire was broken.

Then, they brought an iron chain from the yard and re -tied to her husband’s neck, but it was the iron chain locking the neck in time.Willing to die, until the murderer was covered on his head with a plastic bag, blocking all the air, and gradually, the husband trembled his limbs weakly.

At the same time, the wife, who was struggling to roar in the whole process, also quietly looked down. She watched her husband who lost her life, and mobbed in the next behavior of the murdere.The murderer changed his towels and plastic bags to cover her mouth and nose, and finally took away her life, and did not send any more struggle.

Perhaps when the husband died, the woman was also dead.

In the confession of the murderer, we restored the last eight hours of the two couples’ life.We see how much psychological costs of the two young people pay for the survival.We also see the courage and perseverance of two young people to survive each other.No matter what kind of blow, life is the most important. Only when you live can there be all the possibilities of the follow -up.


However, the most heartbroken case is that the two young couples paid for everything. They abandoned chastity and abandoned their dignity, but they were still taken away by the four murderers.This may be the most difficult incident in reality in reality, and it is why the case was crowned the most tragically.

If there are reincarnation in the world, maybe these two bitter life have been reincarnated into a bamboo horse, and quietly wait for the next reunion and association in life.

The three murderers who were decided, and Zhao Wenfeng, who was beaten from the criminal policeman to the prison friend in prison, we only wished them the way of falling in the beast forever, and Bai Shi must not reincarnate.

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