The pregnant woman was hit, the child dropped from the belly, and the drunk man destroyed two happy families for a few seconds

A man drunk drunk driving to fly to a pregnant woman. The pregnant woman was hit by a blossom and died on the spot. The child fell directly from the stomach.Such a tragic scene occurred on the streets of Nanjing.

I saw such a tragic scene on the Internet today. I feel that my heart is painful. It is too pitiful. It is too miserable.Feeling the pregnant woman, distressed that child.

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This is what happened:

After a man asked a friend to drink, other friends asked for driving home, but the man insisted on driving back.After being drunk, he was very big, driving a Buick car in the crowd, and two happy families were destroyed in just a few minutes.

One of the victims were named Xiaohong. According to Xiao Hong: "I have been married to her husband for two years, and just gave birth to the crystallization of love half a year ago.Take a walk, and suddenly a Buick sedan rushed towards them crazy, so he couldn’t get to the ground before dodging.

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Some kind people quickly hit 120 after seeing the situation. After arriving at the hospital, they did not rescue it. In this way, her 25 -year -old husband closed her eyes forever.When the doctor told him the news, Xiaohong cried.

Xiaohong said: "Originally, I planned to work hard for a few years with her husband, and bought a house in Nanjing to provide the child with a better education and growth environment, but now I have no chance to realize the future of the future with her husband."

After hitting the little red couple, the man drunk drunk and rushed to another walking couple. The couple’s wife was pregnant for more than seven months. According to the witnesses at the time, "the police rushed to the scene, originally plannedThe pregnant woman who was knocked down was taken to the hospital, but when she wanted to pick her up, she saw that the pregnant woman’s belly had bumped away, and the children in the belly had been hit.Open your stomach, you can’t bear to look at it again. "I would tears distressed.

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This incident is like a thunderbolt for the pregnant woman’s family. The mother of the pregnant woman said: "Their daughter’s son -in -law has always been good, and the child is about to be born for two months. For this child, the daughter and the son -in -law are looking forward to it.Write a diary to record the changes of the child. The son -in -law is also in the rising period of career, and everything is developing in a good direction. This sudden scourge makes everything turn into a false. "

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A kind taxi driver witnessed all this, and the taxi driver accelerated to catch up and forcibly stopped the accident vehicle.After the police arrived, the perpetrators were taken away. After detecting the alcohol concentration in the body, the alcohol concentration was four times the standard of driving driving standards. Later, after investigation, the perpetrators invited friends to dinner on the same day.Drive, insist on driving by yourself.Only the tragedy of this series.It was also found that the perpetrator had nearly 80 records of illegal records before. It can be said that this tragedy was inseparable from his previous bad driving habits.

After the wine woke up, regretted it and left the tears of remorse, but all this has been recovered

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