The real estate has denied pregnancy. Is the swimming really pregnant?

The real experience of the doctor of the night shift last night:

In the early morning, a woman came to the gynecological emergency due to abdominal pain. Gynecologist looked at it. The woman was wearing a loose skirt and bent over.Say stomach pain, don’t say anything else, and don’t answer.

Holding my stomach, it seems that it is painful. Hurry up and check the body first. In case of ectopic pregnancy, luteal rupture and other abdominal bleeding, you have to surgery quickly, which cannot be delayed.

I do n’t know if I do n’t check it. I ’m at a scary, guess what she saw?

The woman took off her panties and lay on the women’s examination. She saw the fetal head exposed, and a new life was coming to this world!

Therefore, those reports that girls have children in the dormitory, and a child who dropped out of the road and gave birth to a child in the toilet is really not exaggerated, but that there is indeed something in real life.

Seeing this situation, the night class was contacted and immediately transferred the patient to the delivery room for delivery.

It is funny that on the way to the obstetrics, the woman is still trying to deny the fact that she is pregnant, saying that it is never possible.

Shouldn’t this go swimming or soaked in hot springs?Anyway, I have handed people to the obstetrics, and we don’t know, we dare not ask.

However, according to our common sense, swimming or hot springs lead to pregnancy is definitely nonsense!I believe you a ghost!Even if there are shameless men who are so big to release semen in the swimming pool, they are still across the swimming trunks; even if someone really takes off her pants and sperm, women will also swim in swimming trunks; Moreover, Sperm is extremely diluted, and a single sperm happens to enter women and cause pregnancy. This probability is lower than that of Mars hit the earth.

Today is a special day. According to our Chinese homonym, love you, love you, I love you.I woke up early in the morning to see this stuffy news, and I couldn’t simply enjoy this festival full of love.

The fact is that when we are all talking about love, many people don’t know what sex is.

From small to large, our textbooks have taught us, what is love.

Roman Roland said love is the flame of life.

Tagore said that love is a fulfilling life, just like a wine glass full of wine.

Duras said that love is the heroic dream of tired life.

Zhou Guoping said that love is a kind of stupid ability.

What Zhou Guoping said, I ca n’t agree anyway, then I saw those young girls who were pregnant in gynecology.

If love is four seasons, love is spring rain and moisturizing, love is the spleen of the summer, love is the quietness of autumn, love is the cold of the warm sun in winter.

Yes, we know what love is, so in love, "sex" that is often compared with "love", what’s the matter?

Because it is implicitly as us, sex cannot be talked about, and maybe some people still think that they are dirty, shameful, low, and low.

In "Unbearable Light", Milan Kundera said that mixing sex and love is the worst invention of God.At this moment, Luo Zhixiang may agree with this sentence.

I don’t want to explore the relationship between love and sex today. As a obstetrician and gynecologist, I want to talk to girls to talk about sex.

In the era of girls ‘hymen is still regarded as a symbol of chastity, many girls’ descriptions of the first time seemed to be unrelated to "beautiful".Fear".Many girls know nothing about this before their first sexual behavior.

The most common sexual behavior mode refers to the male Yin stems inserting the female Yin road in a erection state to perform frictional movements (piston movements), which makes the two sides thrill.More widely are jiao and anal Jiao.Sexual behavior itself belongs to animal instincts and physiological reactions, and there is no shame or shame in itself.As long as the girl comes from her own needs, it is impossible to indicate without harming others.(This paragraph is written to the little white girl, please skip the old driver)

What is the explanation of sex, and what may happen after sexual behavior.

Everyone must be familiar with the words "sexually transmitted diseases". At the beginning of the literacy, they saw a variety of Guangxiao advertisements about sexually transmitted diseases on the electric pole (exposed age) or public advertising area.STD is a by -product after unsafe behavior. It is more common in syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia infection, genital herpes, genital warts, and AIDS that is not currently cured.

Here is an explanation of unsafe behavior. Before it is impossible to determine whether the other party is completely healthy, the sexual behavior that happens is unsafe.

So, the monthly throw is very exciting, because the consequences may be serious.

Compared with the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, the risk of accidental pregnancy still cannot be underestimated.Even if you avoid ovulation and in vitro ejaculation, you may like to be a mother.Because women’s ovulation period may be advanced or delayed due to changes in mood or environment, and the reason why in vitro radon is not reliable because the sperm has a strong ability to move, and the in vitro may also climb to the body, which is combined with the egg.

Today 520, I hope you have love. Of course, adults must also have a great sex. You must add a knowledge list and condom to love. Don’t make it look stupid and endless.

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