The reason why I can’t sleep well during pregnancy is here.

Hello everyone, I am a girl parenting!

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers have more or less sleep quality problems, and more Baoma may not be able to sleep all night.Although we all know that staying up late not only does not have a bad development of the fetus, but also has a bad impact on our own health.But many times, the more you know, the more you ca n’t sleep. Such psychology is only known to be a pregnant mother!

If the pregnant mother can’t sleep at night, it may not be a big problem in a short time, but if you can’t sleep for a long time, then the impact on your baby’s development will be great!

I ca n’t sleep well during pregnancy, Baoma ’s psychological burden will increase, and emotions will be more abnormal and anxious.In addition, Baoma does not eat well, and her body will be tired and hypoglycemia, which will affect the absorption of fetal nutrients, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of the baby.

What should I do if I can’t sleep well during pregnancy?How to do it to help sleep?If you want to understand this problem, first of all, we need to know the reason why you can’t sleep well during pregnancy, so as to better apply the right medicine.

Five major reasons for sleeping well during pregnancy

1. Disoplaid reaction during pregnancy

After Bao Ma’s pregnancy, due to the changes in body hormones, it will cause pregnant mothers to have problems such as retching, nausea, and loss of appetite during pregnancy, which makes it difficult for pregnant mothers to fall asleep and sleep.

By the end of pregnancy, the pregnant mother may also increase the number of pregnant mothers due to the increase in nutritional demand for the fetus, which led to the increase in the number of pregnant mothers, which caused the pregnant mother to be hungry in the middle of the night.Pregnant mothers had poor sleep quality, and it was even more difficult to fall asleep after being awake.

2. The compression of the body’s organs

After pregnancy, as the pregnant mother is pregnant, it will be squeezed to other organs of the pregnant mother’s body, which will cause the pregnant mother to have difficulty breathing and accelerate her heartbeat, which will affect sleep and squeeze the bladder, which will cause pregnancy to pregnancy.Mom has frequent urination.

Because the hardness becomes larger, the pregnant mother may also be unable to find a comfortable sleeping position, and she is also worried that she is comfortable to sleep. It may be compressed to the baby’s healthy development.The activity makes the pregnant mother can’t sleep.

3. The effect of progesterone

After pregnancy, the body of the pregnant mother is affected by progesterone. Not only will the body hormone secretion of the pregnant mother change, but it will also affect the emotion of the pregnant mother and the emotional fluctuations of the pregnant mother, which will make the pregnant mother more sensitive.Tips, and imagination affects sleep.

4. Dream because of all kinds of concerns

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers will worry about whether the fetus is healthy and developed all the time. It will also increase the mental pressure of pregnant mothers because of the upcoming delivery and prenatal fear.Mom sleep quality.

5. Family neglect, affect sleep

During the pregnancy, the most angry that the pregnant mother was the most angry that after pregnancy, because they had to suffer from various pregnancy discomforts, they could not sleep, but the people around them were sleeping. This would also stimulate the pregnant mother.Lack of care, let pregnant mothers feel indignant, and further affect the sleep quality of pregnant mothers.

I will share with you my solution to deal with sleep problems during pregnancy

During my pregnancy, I was unable to sleep all night for various reasons.He also had a temper of her husband, couldn’t sleep, and made her husband who couldn’t sleep.Fortunately, in the later period, it was adjusted in time under the guidance of a doctor, and then slowly improved the quality of sleep and solved the problem of being unable to sleep.

1. Create a good sleep environment

With the joint efforts of my family, in order to make me better fall asleep, my family tried to create a good sleep environment for me as much as possible, and try to avoid noisy to me.

2. Prepare before bedtime food

After pregnancy, in order to cope with the problem of being hungry in the middle of the night, my husband prepared some small snacks such as biscuits, nuts, etc. I could eat it when I was hungry.

When I don’t want to eat snacks, I will get up to give me hot milk and make other delicious foods.These all made me feel my family’s concern for me, and my mood was more comfortable, which improved the quality of sleep.

3. Try to relax yourself before going to bed

2 to 3 hours before going to bed, I will reduce the amount of activity.I wo n’t watch TV anymore, but try to listen to some light music, talk to my family, talk and let myself relax, and adjust my body and mind.My husband will also make some massage for me, which will help me fall asleep better.

4. Pay attention to adjust the sleeping position

In order to better sleep, the sleeping position during pregnancy is very important. Although sleeping on the left side is more conducive to the healthy development of the baby, it is not necessary to sleep on the left side during pregnancy. At first, I just committed such a problem.It affected my sleep quality.

In the early pregnancy of 12 weeks of pregnancy, we can sleep at will, and we only need to avoid sleeping and sleeping.

In the middle of pregnancy from 12 to 28 weeks of pregnancy, the pregnancy belly starts to grow up day by day. At this time, do not lie down flat and sleep. Try to choose the left side and sleep on the right side.conduct.

In the third trimester of pregnancy from 29 to 40 weeks, in order not to affect the healthy development of the fetus, it is best to choose to sleep on the left.

In order to better adjust the sleeping position, pregnant mothers are best to choose a pregnant woman’s pillow that suits them, helping this to better help adjust the sleeping position and find a comfortable one, but only this can help sleep.

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