The results of early pregnancy test strips are inaccurate?Experts teach you to know in this small method to know

Regarding the results of our early pregnancy, we can generally understand it like this. After the early pregnancy discontinuation, we use early pregnancy test strips to detect the urine. After pregnancy, we can detect it.Out.

But there is a common situation that when you are early pregnancy or when the level of hormone levels in our body is relatively low, the result that will get it seems to be the gray area between it.The so -called weak -positive situation, we can understand that the velvet gonad hormone in our body, the level of HCG is relatively low.

If it is a normal pregnancy, this hormone will grow rapidly in the body. Generally, the growth is doubled. This double is 48 to 72 hours.When concluding conclusions, one day, let’s test it again, generally, it will become positive.When we get, the positive result of the early pregnancy test paper is that in the next step, we should go to the hospital to find a doctor to further confirm the situation of pregnancy. Before entering the hospitalIt is said how many days we have menopause, because generally, doctors need to provide us first.

The second is our test strip.When did this time test the test strip was positive? Also reminding everyone to pay attention to say that when you go to the hospital, if you go to the hospital for a medical examination, the doctor may give us some other tests, such as the test of blood drawing.It means to be a B -ultrasound. I often do not ask me if we need to urinate when we go to the hospital for examination. Do you need an empty stomach?

In fact, this is the case when we detect this hormone level in the blood.This blood can adopt random blood, so our expectant mothers do not need to go to the hospital for examination. Second, for the problem of whether to urinate, we usually take urineBy the time of pregnancy, after the vaginal B -ultrasound, the situation of the uterine cavity is often found, so expectant mothers may not need to urinate, so everyone can go to the hospital easily and relax.examine.

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