The safety precautions for decoration of pregnant women should consider the following matters

What precautions should I consider in the decoration of pregnant women during the decoration?We are all considering the decoration of pregnant women at home. The toilets in the family are considering the installation of non -slip tiles. The furniture and lighting of the bedroom are energy -saving and environmentally friendly. The safety precautions for decoration of pregnant women should be considered below.

1. Bathroom should be non -slip

After women are pregnant, avoid slipping while taking a bath, becoming a key prevention in the bathroom.Obstetrics and gynecology experts advocate pregnant women to take shower instead of pots.This is not only because the pots are prone to infection. Another important reason is that the pregnant woman’s body is bulky. It is inconvenient to enter and exit the bathtubs and bathtubs. The probability of slipping is increased.Slip, so it is best to put on anti -slip pads to ensure safety.

2. The kitchen should be ventilated

The kitchen should keep air circulation.After the gas or liquefied gas in the kitchen is burned, a variety of harmful gases to the human body will be produced in the air, which is higher than the concentration in outdoor air. In addition, the oil fume is generated when fried foods, and it cannot provide a large amount of fresh air required for pregnant women.Therefore, the air in the kitchen must be kept in circulation, open the window, and use the range hood.If you can’t ventilate well, pregnant women should try to move in the kitchen as little as possible.

3. The harm of preventing benzene prevention to pregnant women

In the decoration, try to use decoration materials that meet national standards and less pollution, which is the basis of reducing the benzene content in the indoor air.For example, the paint, glue and coatings produced by regular manufacturers are selected; hydrophilic materials without polluting or less pollution; special attention should be paid to the choice of adhesives, because there are no provisions of the use of adhesives in various regulations in the building decoration industry.

4. The bedroom should be cleaned

For expectant mothers, the bedroom is a place where there is a lot, and it is important to keep cleaning.It should be noted that although a large number of fresh agents can be eliminated by the pathogenic bacteria in the room, the toxic substances of the fresh agent itself will have the risk of fetal malformations.If you want to clean the bedroom, the correct way is to keep the air circulation in the room and change the sheets and bedding.

5. Do not let the electrical appliances be tied up in radiation protection

In theory, although radiation is everywhere, not all electromagnetic radiation will harm the human body. The key is how to control electromagnetic radiation within the scope of safety.Experts suggested that do not place the household appliances too concentrated or use it frequently; reduce the standby time; do not stay behind the computer, use the computer, wash your face and wash your hands in time.

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