The second marriage man is always retreating for herself, and the remarried woman can’t afford to hurt

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There is a classic saying on the Internet: After the man is 30 years old, he only needs and has no feelings!

There is also the truth about marriage: the second marriage man is looking for his wife. He pays most practical value and has love for women, but not much!

Damei did not believe this before, and now he is convinced that his second marriage husband, Damei is not calm instantly, scolding the other party’s bastard, deceiving his feelings!

Damei and her husband Zhang Lei were both married. Although the man painted himself perfectly before marriage, through the side of his friend, Damei knew that the reason for his divorce was derailment in marriage and divorced by his wife.

Damei’s marriage is a man’s cold violence. The two people have no hope of communication, and they have been separated for a long time.

Both of them have children in the first marriage. Damei was given a daughter to the ex -predecessor. Because there was not much property in the marriage, Damei gave up the division and did not give the support fee.

Zhang Lei’s situation is slightly different. His first marriage was a boy. His parents insisted on leaving the child. The ex -wife can come to see it at any time. Zhang Lei has two houses before marriage.

When I knew the reason for Zhang Lei, Damei had hesitated, knowing that this was important to men and was afraid of men.But turn around and think that he is seven or eight years younger than this man. He is okay. He should be able to live in the heart of the man. After marriage, a child may be very happy.This silly woman even thought that men can derail, indicating that the demand is relatively normal and will not let themselves be empty.

It can also be understood that Damei was married at the age of 23, divorced at the age of 28. The couple gathered less and less, and Damei rarely felt the joy of being a woman with her ex -husband!Everyone has a need, and it is no exception to be a woman!

After the two people got married, the days were still very warm. Zhang Lei was more Gu’s family and helped to do housework. Although it was not very sweet, it was still more reliable to be a person and worked very hard at work.Responsible.Only the same makes Damei very unhappy. The buddy’s salary card herself is rarely used for Qian Damei.

This made Damei a little anxious. She was 30 years old. The regeneration child also belonged to the older mother. The husband was 38 years old. After the year, it was 40. It was difficult to raise the child in the future.There is also a reason why it is difficult to say. Because of the steps, her husband is often connected with his predecessor. Damei protested twice. The man converged a little bit, only for the children, let her think about it.But I will continue to contact the next time, but I just do a bit more hidden!

Say a bad thing, this is a bit like a secret!The approach of the two people made Damei very disturbed. Their close interaction made the stepz’s attitude towards Damei worse and worse. At first, he was called aunt.This child turned a blind eye.

Damei told her girlfriend. The girlfriend gave a trick to let Damei quickly get pregnant. After having a child, Zhang Lei gave Zhang Lei to the ex -predecessor. Anyway, the other party was not married.Can increase the emotional link between the couple.

Strangely, Damei did not have contraception, but he could not be pregnant.Dami was worried about her husband. When her husband was in a good mood, the steps were not at home. They made a large table of meals, opened a bottle of red wine, wore a set of very tempting pajamas, and cheered the wine with men., I put forward my own demands, let Zhang Lei follow himself to check, and then prepare for pregnant children.

Originally, this man looked at Damei his eyes and looked at him, and he looked like a voice of Damei. He suddenly bounced up and rejected it, indicating that he was currently under financial pressure and could not bear the task of raising two children.There is no such demand for the time being because I have a son.

Zhang Lei’s words completely angered Damei. She felt that the man had no sincerity about herself. You had children. In the future, you have no worries about the elderly. He also keeps in touch with his former elderly. Your pension and retreat have all.What day can my relationship with you?Angry in her heart, Damei began to blame Zhang Lei, saying that he was a liar, played with his feelings, and said that he was going to divorce. He could find another good man to marry with his own conditions.

Originally, I thought that the man would begging himself, saying he was wrong, and then changed his thoughts.

Who knows that Zhang Lei suddenly became particularly serious and told Damei in a very formal language: if Damei has a suitable candidate, you can really consider that he can also return to his former family, which is not a delay.

After Zhang Lei said, he fell away, leaving the door and crying to dawn. Damei didn’t know where the other party went?I didn’t ask, because one day in the future, this "dream" will eventually become a reality!

What is the feeling of the second marriage life?

I observed many people around me and had a lot of trouble. The predecessor and the predecessor’s children could not bypass, especially those men and women who were impulsive divorced, or women who resolutely asked for divorce. It was difficult for men to enter the marriage again.Forgot to forget the predecessor, and you can’t give up the child, you will eventually choose to return again.

On the second marriage, everyone is ready to leave at any time, regardless of men and women, they are paying cautiously.

Zhang Lei’s predecessor was a teacher, because Zhang Lei made a conventional mistake that men in the world made. The two were pulled for more than a year. In the end, the predecessor could not stand this humiliation and resolutely divorced.Take away a car and a house, and leave Zhang Lei a small house, which is Zhang Lei and Dami’s house.After divorce, his ex -wife did not remarry. He started his side career. He lived and lived.

So many times, Zhang Lei is licking on the pole. There are not many actively the other party. The most traveling and going is because of the child. Every weekend, the predecessor came to pick up the child, standing on the nearby street. Zhang Lei sent the child over to the past.After receiving it, they will go to the dinner together after receiving it.Damei has an illusion. She is an intervening in their lives. She feels that she is a boring existence, which is obstructive!

Although she hates her husband’s predecessor, in fact, Damei also knows that the man was kneeling and licked, and he had nothing to do with that woman. Her husband thought to embrace his ex -party.Dami suddenly felt sorrow for herself, and felt like she was a tattered basket. After receiving such a thing, she still disliked herself. Damei now can’t see sincerity and initiative in the eyes of the other person!Damei has a clear cognition. If the other party gave a clear commitment, the man ran away, and his marriage would completely disintegrate.

It’s almost half a month. Da Mei is insomnia at night, crying without tears, and a big hair drop. I don’t know how to go in the future?The ghost was so bad. She called her predecessor and asked the child’s recent situation. Since the divorce, in order to live a good life, Damei does not have much time to contact with before.

Damei’s predecessor was very sincere on the phone. He asked many beautiful status quo. The in -laws hugged the child to answer the video call. Everyone was very enthusiastic about Damei, making Damei super surprise, and the tears moved instantly.

Hanging the video with the child, the man went out to continue answering the phone, and he was always asking a question.In this case, Damei has been hesitating and pause.Men quickly understood, saying that if the life can’t live, you will come back. I and your children need it. As long as we come back, we are still a complete family!

The conditions of Damei have gradually improved now. They are in the second suite, but they are more than ten years older than Damei. It is embarrassing to find a wife.Let the two contact again.

After hanging up the phone, Damei was insomnia. Nowadays, people have not returned. The predecessor was beckoning. Following the current day I wanted, but the life was worried, there was no future!I don’t know if the predecessor can be changed, but there are their own youth and a visible future!

That night, Damei didn’t sleep well all night. She got up in the morning and her eyes were red and swollen. She cried because there were two villains in her head.Children only choose, both adults want!

As soon as I was in the mood, Damei got up and carefully turned into a makeup. She was dull in an instant. She put on a newly bought jersey and turned a few laps in front of the mirror without any flaws.Damei decided to meet with the former at noon. You go and go, don’t suffer!

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