The semen is not liquefied, and no matter how many sperm, what are the "culprits" of semen do not liquefy?

Among the many infertility couples, the woman did not find problems after a comprehensive inspection. The man did semen examination but found that "semen is not liquefied".What exactly is liquefaction?What does it cause liquefaction?What is the relationship between semen without liquefaction and male infertility?Let’s get to know it today.

Sperm quickly solidifies in a short period of time after excretion, and then gradually liquefy can protect sperm function and normal fertility.The purpose of semen solidification is to prevent semen from overflowing from the vagina after ejaculation.The liquefied effect of semen makes sperm from being liberated from the fetters, running towards the cervix, uterus, and fallopian tube to pursue eggs, which is conducive to the combination of sperm eggs.

Sperm in semen only accounts for about 5%, and the rest are sperm plasma, while seminal plasma includes seminal vesic gland fluid and prostate fluid.Sperm glands produce coagulation protein in the coagulation of semen. The protein decomposase and fibrobinase produced by the prostate to liquefy semen.Normally, the two are in a harmonious state, and when the balance between coagulant protein and liquefaction factors is broken, semen is manifested as liquefaction abnormalities.

Semen does not liquefy refers to semen still does not liquefy for more than 1 hour in women’s reproductive tract.That is, the semen is not liquefied within half an hour, and liquefaction occurs after half an hour to one hour.If one hour later, semen is still in a state of non -liquefaction, which can easily lead to slow sperm swimming speed and decreased vitality. It cannot smoothly enter the fallopian tube, causing a decrease in the probability of pregnancy.

One of the common causes of semen without liquefaction causes infertility.About 2.51%-42.65%of male infertility patients caused by semen non-liquefied, and there is a trend year by year.The semen does not liquefy involves multiple causes, multi -organ, and multi -system diseases. The following 3 points are common: prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis

When seminal vesic glands or prostate lesions, such as seminal vesiculitis, prostatitis, etc.Causes increased coagulation factors or reduced liquefaction factors, resulting in semen without liquefaction.Mycoplasma infection

Mycoplasma infection is a positive rate in the screening of couples in infertility and eugenics.The mycoplasma cytoplasm contains urea, which can break down urea to produce NH3 and H2O, which can cause cell damage, cause prostatitis, lack liquefied factors, and cause semen to not liquefy.

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When semen is not liquefied, there is no need to panic.Please go to a regular hospital for treatment, find the cause, and deal with symptomatic treatment. Most of them will improve and restore sperm activities.

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