The Shanghai people are raining in the early peak!A response to Matsumi … Reminder: There are more extreme weather this summer

Are you awakened today?

Yesterday (July 4) at 11:30 noon

Shanghai Center Meteorological Observatory

Release the first high -temperature orange warning this summer

37 ℃!Shanghai released the first high -temperature orange warning this summer, netizens’ soul torture …

Netizens have said:

There are many more …

Some netizens issued soul torture

Is it out of plum?

Shanghai Meteorological Department response

Shencheng has no signs of plums

Recently, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai are high -temperature "free shipping areas". It is the most concentrated area of high temperatures across the country except Xinjiang. Most of the basic high temperatures in southern Jiangsu, Shanghai, and Zhejiang have become the hottest areas in the central and eastern regions. Don’t look at the temperature.Only 37 ° C or 38 ° C. Due to the relatively large humidity, the heat here is the most difficult sultry sauna, and the body sensation temperature can generally exceed 40 ° C!

Fortunately, this rain last night

Bring a bit of coolness ~

The Shanghai Central Meteorological Observatory issued a lightning yellow warning signal at 21:00 on July 04, 2023: At present, there will be strong convection development east and south pressure in central and southern Jiangsu, and will begin to affect the northern part of the city within 1-2 hours in the next 1-2 hours.

The rain last night will continue until noon today, and then Shanghai turns to cloudy to cloudy, and there are still some residual rain in the south.Today’s work hours will be affected by precipitation. Everyone travels with umbrellas and pay attention to road traffic safety.

It is not convenient to go out when it rains, but it can rescue us from high temperatures. Today, the lowest is 27 ° C and the highest is 33 ° C.West winds are 4 ~ 5, and gusts are 7-9 during thunderstorms, and the wind direction is north.The relative humidity is 95%-60%, the humidity is not small, and the feeling of sultry is still there. Although it cannot be expected to be clear and comfortable, it is more comfortable than yesterday.

Weather trend

In the next few days, the subtropical high pressure has fallen south, and Shanghai is at the edge of the rain belt. There are many showers or thunderstorms. Among them, it is affected by the rain belt on 7-8, and the precipitation is more obvious.

From the weekend to the beginning of the week, the rainwater is frequent, the temperature is not low, the body sensation is stuffy, and the temperature and dehumidification will be insisted.

What is the national weather nationwide this year?

On July 4th, the China Meteorological Administration held a press release to introduce the national weather and climate characteristics in June and the prediction of climate trend in July.Experts said that in June this year, my country’s warm -drying climate characteristics are outstanding. The average temperature of the country is 21.1 ° C, which is 0.7 ° C higher than the same period of the same year. It is the second highest in history since 1961, which is only lower than June last year.Influenced by warmth and rain, the drought in northern meteorology has developed rapidly.

In June, the high temperature process in my country is very polarized and significant

According to Jia Xiaolong, deputy director of the National Climate Center, in June this year, a total of 4 regional high temperature process occurred in my country. Among them, May 28th to June 5th was the first regional high temperature process this year, which is 16 days earlier than usual. 70 stations including Shanghai, Yunnan, Sichuan, Anhui, and Guangdong, and Yunnan Qiaojia and other 70 stations broke through the historical extreme value.

From June 21st to 30th, the strongest high temperature process since this year. North China (Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Luyu) has high temperature extremes, and 22 stations such as Beijing Tanghekou and Tianjin Dagang have reached or broke through the historical pole value.

Influenced by Wen, high rain and raining, in the southeast of Inner Mongolia, the central and western northeast, northeast, northern China and other places, the meteorological droughts appeared and developed rapidly.

In addition, Yunnan’s precipitation in winter and spring is significantly less, and the strongest drought in the same period since 1961.Since June 9, the precipitation in Yunnan has been significantly more than that, and the drought of meteorological relieving can be relieved.

The stage high temperature in Huanghuai, North China in July, is still obvious

It is expected that on July 5-7, high temperature weather of 35-38 ° C in eastern North China, Fen Weiping and northern Henan, and northern Shandong will be 39-41 ° C in some areas.The new round of 40 degrees high temperature will attack Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei again.On 8-9, there will be significant high temperature weather in southern North China, Fenwei Plain, and northern Henan.In addition, from 6-7 and 11-13, there will be high temperatures of 35-37 ° C in southern Jiangnan and South China.

The National Climate Center predicts that throughout July, the temperature in most areas across the country is close to the same period of the same year, and the stage high temperature in Huanghuai, North China is obvious.Among them, the central and western Inner Mongolia, western Liaoning, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, central Gansu, northern Gansu, southern Fujian, Taiwan, Guangdong, Guangxi, southwest of Sichuan, southern Guizhou, Yunnan, eastern Tibet, etc.The ground will be 1 to 2 ° C.

Meteorological experts reminded that in July, the risk of phased high -temperature heat waves in the central and western parts of Inner Mongolia, North China, northern China, northern China, eastern southwestern China, Xinjiang and other places was high.In particular, pay attention to protecting the health of outdoor workers and weak people and prevent high temperature hazards.From July, the demand for public outdoor travel has increased. It is recommended to pay attention to children’s wading safety education and beware of drowning incidents.

Comprehensive: China Weather Network, Shanghai Meteorological Bureau,, etc.

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