The sideline of short -acting contraceptives turned out to be anti -cancer. Come and understand

Ovarian cancer is not like cervical cancer and endometrial cancer. Cervical cancer and endometrial cancer are always characterized and can be diagnosed as soon as possible.Ovarian cancer has no effective early screening method. The most mortality rate and the most difficult diagnosis are the most vicious disease in gynecological tumors.

The bad character has made about 70%of patients discover it as soon as possible; and most of the patients have no more than 5 years; even if there are 70%to 80%of the recurrence, after many recurrence, they will lead to resistance to resistance.Increased sexuality is really difficult to entangle.

How can the ovarian cancer known as the "king of women cancer" be prevented?At present, it is confirmed that there are only short -acting contraceptives with preventive effects!

Of course, speaking of short -acting contraceptives, the first thing everyone knows is the contraceptive effect greater than 99%. After all, this is its main business. While understanding its contraceptive effect, I hope everyone can face the short -acting contraceptive pills under the short -acting contraceptive pills.In terms of reducing the incidence of gynecological cancer, do not reject it thousands of miles away because of carcinogenic rumors, you must know that surveys and research around the world almost confirm that long -term short -acting contraceptives can reduce ovarian cancer and endometrium endometriumThe risk of gynecological cancer such as cancer.

Short -acting contraceptives drop the risk of ovarian cancer by 40%

The occurrence of ovarian cancer may be related to the mature follicles every month, and then ovation and lift eggs.When ovulation, the ovarian surface is formed, and the hyperplasia healing is healed. The local cell hyperplasia is relatively active. If it is not allowed to cause disorder in which hyperplasia, cancer may occur.

When taking short -acting contraceptives, there is no need to ovulate ovulation, and there will be no mature follicle formation without the process of ovulation breaking, thereby reducing the risk of ovarian cancer.

Women who have used short -acting contraceptives have decreased by 33%of the risk of ovarian cancer; data from the "American Medical Society Magazine" on the "American Medical Society Magazine" also confirmed that the risk of ovarian cancer’s incidence has decreased by 40%.

Short -acting contraceptives drop the risk of endometrial cancer by 34%

Let’s talk about endometrial cancer, why does it replace cervical cancer, rank first in gynecological high incidence of malignant tumors?With the gradual westernization of lifestyles, people often cannot resist the temptation of high -fat foods, and the excessive intake of high -fat foods can cause large amounts of estrogen to gather, stimulating the endometrium hyperplasia to cause cancer. This is the reason.

How does short -acting contraceptives reduce endometrial cancer?

The so -called women’s menstrual cycle is the process of repeated hyperplasia and conversion of endometrial endometrial. In each cycle, estrogen has two peaks of yield, which stimulates endometrium hyperplasia.After taking short -acting contraceptives, the peak of the estrogen production in the body has disappeared, maintaining a low level, and the stimulation of endometrial hyperplasia is significantly weakened. At the same timeEssence

Taking short -acting contraceptives for more than 10 years can reduce the risk of endometrial cancer by 34%, especially for smokers (decreased 53%), obese people (64%), and people who are too lazy to exercise (decrease 60%).

As for other cancers …

In 2017, the "American Obstetrics and Gynecology Magazine" confirmed that the risk of colorectal cancer who had taken short -acting contraceptives decreased by 19%and the risk of tumor of the lymphatic hematopoietic system decreased by 26%.The specific mechanism is unclear, this is the result of observation.

There are also reports that taking short -acting contraceptives will cause cervical cancer, but in fact, this pot should not be thrown to short -acting contraceptives.Because some human beings … are a bit more, and after taking short -acting contraceptives, the use of condoms will be reduced, thereby increasing the risk of HPV infection. This is why.

Other cancers are not related to short -acting contraceptives, and there is not enough research on research evidence.

It is actually better than what you think

Almost all surveys and research on the world have confirmed that long -term short -acting contraceptives can reduce the risk of endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer.

What is more important is that the first thing we think of is its contraceptive effect, which can prevent complications caused by preventing abortion and the impact on future fertility from the source.

The effectiveness of contraceptives taken by short -acting contraceptives is as high as 99%. During taking short -acting contraceptives, the ovaries temporarily rest and stop ovulation, which also prevents the combination of eggs and sperm.This is a recognized and safe and reliable conventional contraceptive method recognized by the World Health Organization.

The amount of short -acting contraceptives is low, the drug metabolism is rapid, and it will not accumulate in the body.It is a reversible contraceptive method. After the drug is discontinued, ovaries will return to ovulation, and the menstruation can be prepared for pregnancy once.

Women who have taken short -acting contraceptives are similar to the chance of pregnancy that have not been taken, and they have not found a bad impact on the baby, and will not increase the teratogenic rate.

Short -acting contraceptives, who are now 60 years old, are constantly being renewed. At present, the latest generation of short -acting contraceptives, which contains progesterone, is very close to the natural secretion of progesterone in the human body.In addition to anti -cancer and contraception, it can also remove acne and make the skin brighter and delicate.

It is hoped that the short -acting contraceptives that have been updated and upgraded in 60 years will no longer be misunderstood. At the same time, female compatriots can pay attention to their reproductive health, regular gynecological examinations, early treatment and early treatment, and will not be troubled by gynecological cancer.

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