The size of the depression and pregnancy has not changed during the pregnancy, can it be feeded after giving birth?

Knowing that breastfeeding is very good, but I suspect that I have some situations, such as: nipple depression, and the breasts during pregnancy are not upgraded. Can I breastfeed?What is the condition that my mother can’t feed?Can a cesarean section be exposed to parent -child skin immediately?To solve you, please be confident in yourself, as long as you step by step, it is not difficult to feed smoothly!

Q1. Can nipple depression feed?

Can.Correct milk does not only suck the nipples, but contains breast tissue around the nipples and areola. Therefore, the depressed nipples can also be fed. However, the baby must spend more time and strength to learn how to contain and effectively suck.

Because the baby is less likely to be correct at the beginning, it may need to temporarily squeeze milk with hands, or cooperate with the auxiliary tool pure breastfeeding. As long as you let your baby try moreZhang De is relatively large, and then gradually transformed into full pure breast feeding.

Encourage mothers to give themselves enough time to adapt to their baby. After all, breastfeeding is a long way to get started immediately in the first few days of birth, which will cause unnecessary pressure.

Q2. During pregnancy, the breasts have not changed much. Does it affect the breastfeeding in the future?

There is no direct relationship between the two.In order to welcome newborns during pregnancy, staged changes will occur. Some pregnant women feel the pain before the breasts of the breast in the early stage; in the middle of the period, some pregnant women’s breasts will change; in the later period, some pregnant women will secrete secretionChulin milk, but the degree of change varies from person to person. Therefore, even if the appearance size does not change significantly, the inner breasts still change.The most important concept is whether the abundant breastfeeding milk after giving birth mainly depends on whether the baby will fully suck the breast after the baby is born and give the breast sufficient stimulation.

Therefore, how much milk is milk, and it is not directly related to the size, shape, and areola color of the mother’s breasts. Please ask the mother to worry about unnecessary worry beforehand. As long as you let your baby suck the breasts more, you can naturally stimulate milk secretion.

Q3. I found that there are secretions in the nipple during pregnancy. Do I need to clean it?

There is no need to wash it too much. When bathing daily, it can be rinsed naturally. Natural oils on the colostrum can protect the nipples and do not need to remove it. Unless the milk dirt plugged in uncomfortable, you can use a wet towel and water to gently clean it during bathing.Wipe, try a few more times. Do not scrub hard to avoid nipple injuries, especially the nipples after pregnancy will be more sensitive.

Q4. What are the cases that are not suitable for breastfeeding?

Most people do not have breastfeeding taboos, unless there are very few special circumstances, such as: mother has AIDS, human beings Human T-Lymphotropic Virus (HTLV), or cancer chemistry, or newborns have a newborn.Betsenal lesions, etc., medical staff will take the initiative to inform the mother that they should not breastfeed.

Clinically, the most common thing is that maternal childbirth has postpartum bleeding, even coma or shock. Due to a large amount of blood / body fluid loss, it affects lactation, and it is temporarily unable to breastfeed.

If the mother is healthy and the baby’s health is not good, you need to take care of it closely. For example, Nicu, the mother can temporarily squeeze breast milk with hands, maintain milk secretion, provide the baby’s temporary breast milk supplement, wait for the mother and baby to be healthy and stable, and then start trying purelyBreastfeeding.

Q5. Can a cesarean section also be exposed to immediately parent -child skin?

Can.Encourage the implementation of the parent -child skin contact immediately after caesarean section, because the cesarean section is anesthesia, and the mother is in a sober state, and does not affect breastfeeding. It is only because of anesthesia relationship. It is temporarily unable to move. Nurses and family members need to assist mothers to adjust their posture.Because the baby is the most sober within half an hour after giving birth, it is the best time to build an interaction with the mother. Early skin contact can help the baby stabilize the body temperature, breathing, and heartbeat as soon as possible.It can also help babies to improve their immunity to the environment.

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