The stomach of the belly during pregnancy is tight. What is going on, will it affect the healthy development of the fetus?

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During pregnancy, the stomach is tight, don’t think that the fetus is stretching the waist, or it may be a signal for the fetus for help.

Maybe pregnant mothers will find a phenomenon, that is, the phenomenon of tightness will appear in the stomach. Maybe experienced pregnant mothers will think that this is a baby who is lazy.Indeed, the fetus stretching her waist is possible to support her mother’s belly with her hands, making the pregnant mother feel that her belly is tight.However, not all pregnant mothers, the phenomenon of stiff belly is that the fetus is stretching the waist, or it may be the fetal for help. Do you know?

01 Why does the stomach cause tightness during pregnancy?

Pregnant mothers have the phenomenon of stiff belly. Generally, in the middle and late pregnancy, the pregnant mother will occasionally feel the phenomenon of stiffness and tightness.This is because as the fetus grows grows, the belly is getting bigger and bigger, the uterine wall becomes thinner, and the pregnant mother will become sensitive, which will stimulate the uterine contraction, and the stomach is tight.

If it only happens occasionally, if the time is not long, there is nothing, it is normal.Most pregnant mothers have such experience.But what we need to pay attention to is that if the phenomenon of Baoma’s stomach tightened, the duration lasts for more than 15 minutes, and it is accompanied by pain and bleeding, then the pregnant mother needs to be paid attention.Hyoxy for help in the stomach for help signal.

02 If the normal belly has a hard hair, how to relieve it?

If the pregnant mother is just a normal belly, the pregnant mother can try the following ways to relieve it.

Take a deep breath.Pregnant mothers have a stiff belly. The pregnant mother can relieve the discomfort by slowly breathing and deeply breathe, and let the stomach relieve.

Relax.In the middle and late pregnancy, it is common for pregnant mothers to have a hard stomach. Therefore, we need to regulate our emotions and relax ourselves.Phenomenon is frequent.

Pay attention to rest.Pregnancy is not a relaxed thing. Many pregnancy discomforts make the pregnant mother exhausted physically and mentally, and may not be able to sleep well. At this time, we not only need to pay attention to adjusting and controlling our mood, but also to let ourselves rest well. Do not make ourselves too too muchIf you are tired, you must know that the appropriate exercise during pregnancy and doing housework are completely two concepts. The effect is also different.

03 What should I do if my pathological belly is tight?

If the pregnant mother has a stiffness and tight phenomenon, and it is accompanied by contraction pain, then the pregnant mother needs to pay great attention. This may be a sign of a threatened abortion.,do you know?

04 to say:

Pregnant mothers only need to have a greater chance of giving birth to children at the most suitable age. The fetal mother is more healthy. The pregnant mother is good. It only needs a healthy diet, regularly scheduled, and goes to the check -up on time. Generally, the chance of abortion and premature birth will be reduced.

Under normal circumstances, Baoma has a hard -haired problem, and there is no need to worry too much. It is normal. Moms should not have a psychological burden because of this. The baby will be born healthy. I wish you a good pregnancy!

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