The stone pier that is exposed to back, exposes your feet, exposes your hands, and sits on the sun … Will you take the initiative to ask for the sun this summer?

In the sun, the back of the sun is exposed, and the sun is exposed for half an hour; the hands and feet are spread out to allow the palms and feet to accept the moxibustion; there are also people to seize the hot stone pier after being exposed to the sun … Recently, the sun -like sun has made some people dare not go out,However, it has become a good health tool that others prefer: qi and blood, calcium supplementation, treating sleep, dysmenorrhea … the same active exposure, but the purpose is different.Chinese medicine professionals remind that the sun is indeed good for the human body. It can play a role in regulating the qi and blood of the viscera, and can be used as one of the daily health care movements.However, what time is the sun, how long, and after the sun, you still have to pay attention to what you have to listen to.

"Back" heat on the Internet

Taking the back of the sun and the heart, expose the feet and want to expose it if you want to expose it.

After a storm of storms on the evening of June 26, it brought transparent weather.On June 27, the sky was clear and the air was fresh.At about 9:30, the reporter encountered many citizens who came out of the sun to "nourish the yang" when they imagined that the International Sports Park.

Citizen Zhang Xiuli (pseudonym) wears a sun hat, sunglasses, wears sunscreen, and covers her upper body tightly. She is wearing shorts in the lower half, sitting on the park leisure chair, stretching her legs, spreading hands with both hands, and sunbathing.She told reporters that she usually has a "problem" of cold hands and feet. When I heard her friends introduced that in the summer, my hands and feet can promote blood circulation, so I often come out and expose it. I hope that in winter"" ".

Ms. Zhang said that it is best to take off the socks and socks, and even the feet are exposed to the sun. "I heard that the sun must let the sun be exposed on the exposed skin, and there is no effect across the clothes.Unfortunately, people in the park come and go, and it is not convenient to take off shoes and socks. "She said a little bit.


The reporter sat next to her, spread out with both hands, and soon felt warm from the palm.

Coincidentally, Ms. Li next to her was also bathing in the sun, but she rolled up the tainet of the T -shirt.She told reporters that because she had poor sleep, she had the back of her friends’ suggestions. After more than half a month, she felt that the quality of sleep was improved.She also enthusiastically invited the reporter to try it. After a while, she could sleep with a lunch break.Ms. Li suggested that the exposed skin is exposed to the sun. "Clothing will block ultraviolet rays and naked sun -drying effects." She suggested to buy an outer -worn sports vest, and the back can be used in a larger area.

Bend the back

Mr. Geng, a citizen, chose to stroll in the sun in the sun. He felt that he took the sun while walking.

In addition to direct sun exposure, the heat after the sun is also fully used.Mr. Zhang stepped on the hot cobblestone barefoot. He said that he didn’t know what the treatment effect was, he felt very comfortable.The young Ms. Zheng was wrapped strictly and sat on the stone pier grilled by the sun. She saw it from the Internet. If she did so, she could treat dysmenorrhea and try it.

During the visit, the public found that citizens generally believed that the sun was good for the body, but where is good, everyone has a variety of views.Some people frankly said: "It is said that everything grows depends on the sun.


The length and frequency of the sun cannot be excessive

There are many benefits to sun exposure, but it is easy to occur if you don’t have to be sunny.

Mr. Zhang, 52, had been exposed to the sun because of "excessive", but lost three days of liquid.At 14:00 on June 27, on the top floor of a building, Mr. Zhang was lying on the yoga mat, and his back was exposed to enjoy the sunbathing.There is a coat and a water cup on the ground.He told reporters that he has persisted for many years in summer."I have a bad waist in the early years, and I don’t care if I take medicine and injections. Some people say that the back can cure back pain." Mr. Zhang likes to bask in the sun, and he chose to go to the top of the building at one or two in the afternoon.By an hour. But once I fell asleep, I felt a heavy head after waking up, and I was unstable when I walked. "He felt that the situation was not good. I asked my colleagues to send him to a nearby hospital.It was lost for three days.The experience of exposure to the sun has made Mr. Zhang feel that the sun can indeed enhance his physique.However, he reminded everyone in good faith that the sun cannot be excessive, otherwise he will sunburn or exposure.

The reporter searched for keywords such as "drying back" and "Sanfu Sky Sun" in Douyin or Xiaohongshu. There are as many as tens of thousands of videos or articles. Netizens from all over the country are sharing summer backs, tanning, sunbathingThe experience of the feet seems to be cured by the sun, and there are countless followers.Although most of them say, "It’s very comfortable to bask in the sun", some people also left a message: "After ten days after ten days, sleep is not bad. What is going on?" "Itching. "" I took my back a few days ago, but I went to the nosebleeds for two days. "… For this reason, some netizens left a message, and the sun varies from person to person, and we had to protect it.

Sanfu Tian Sunback can enhance the body’s yang

Danish or dry limbs in the heat of the summer?Is there a scientific basis for this method of exposure?Do you have to expose your skin when you are drying your back, can you apply sunscreen?Who can’t want to expose them?Can female friends sitting on the hot stone pier can cure dysmenorrhea or palace cold?In response to these issues, on June 28, a reporter interviewed the deputy director of the Department of Acupuncture of Hebei Province, the head of the Department of Acupuncture and Rehabilitation of the West Hospital District, the "Three -Three Three Three Talent Projects" talents in Hebei Province, and the seventh batch of old Chinese medicine experience heirs in the countryZhang Suzhao, he explained in detail.

He said that Cao Tingdong’s health monograph "Old Everbright Words" in the Qing Dynasty said: "Sitting on the back of the sun, the so -called" negative day of the sun is also ‘, the backbone is warm, which can make the body and smooth., Its strong yang qi, extremely replenishment, "also" back is yang, belly is yin ", and the back is the largest channel for the human yang to follow, unifying the yang.Modern medicine also confirms that a large number of immune cells are under the skin of a person’s back. By sunbathing, these immune cells can activate these immune cells to achieve the purpose of clearing the meridians, smooth qi and blood, reconciling the internal organs, and eliminating cold pain.It can be seen that the back is an important part of the human body. It is often sunken in summer, which can fill the yang and the righteousness.

"Nei Jing" Yun: "The limbs, the basis of Zhuyang".Without the limbs, the yang of the human body can only be limited to the subcutaneous, reducing the pathway of the rotation.Therefore, Sanfu Sky and limbs can enhance the yang in the human body and enhance their righteousness.

So, do Sanfu Tian Dan Sunnem must be exposed to the skin?Zhang Suzhao explained that the sun is directly contacted with the sunlight. Men can take off their tops. Women can choose a backless dress, can sit on or lying on the yoga mat.good.Remember not to wear black clothes. You cannot directly expose your head. The head is yang. After a long time, you will dizzy, heat stroke, and chest tightness.It is recommended to use an umbrella or cover it with eaves and hats.


The right time is different from people, and the right time must be selected

Is there a seasonal requirements?Do you want to expose it?Zhang Suzhao said that traditional Chinese medicine said that year -old Yangyang looked at spring and summer, and nourishing the sun in spring and summer.Sanfu Tian, the human body’s yang rises, the meridians are full, the blood is abundant, the belly is yin, the back is yang, the back of the human back is the governor and bladder meridian, and the yang of the main body is the yang of the human body.The cold and dampness of the gruel pulse and bladder meridian is most likely to be kicked out.Therefore, the use of Sanfu Tian to condition the body can maximize the cold and dampness in the body, adjust the balance of yin and yang of the human body, and reserve yang qi for the human body.

He said that the right time to choose the right time, it is best to choose 9-10 am, or 3-5 pm, adults should be in 20 minutes to 1 hour each time;The ability is reduced, time can be extended appropriately, but it cannot be exposed for too long.Generally, it is better to sweat slightly, and it is better to have a sense of sleep.Once the pain is exposed, it is recommended to wipe a little aloe vera gel, purple grass paste, and sesame oil to relieve pain and swelling.

In addition, the sun varies from person to person.Those with ultraviolet allergies cannot be exposed; patients with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, and crown hearts cannot be exposed; people with two deficiency of qi or yin or yang Sheng constitution are forbidden;Wine cannot be exposed.Broken air or directly enter the air -conditioned room during sweating.After the sun, it is best to avoid the wind in a cool place. Be sure to wait for the sweat to collect it. Put on a thin coat and enter the air -conditioned house.

Women don’t blindly sit on the hot stone pier cure dysmenorrhea

In response to the saying that female friends who are very hot on the Internet sitting on the hot stone pier cure dysmenorrhea, he does not recommend everyone to follow the trend blindly.

He said that the hot stone pier sitting in the sun is to speed up the blood circulation with calories, and the blood circulation will be metabolized for the excess prostaglandin.This is a principle with "drinking more hot water" and "warm baby" and "holding hot water bag".Similar to the therapy of the Chinese Medicine External Treatment Law, high temperature can promote local blood circulation, which has a certain effect on patients with dysmenorrhea in the cold, but it is not recommended that everyone blindly follow the trend.Because the temperature in summer is high, the surface of the stone pier may be as high as sixty or seventy degrees Celsius. It is thin in summer, and it may cause burns such as burns.Secondly, women are mixed together in the physiological cycle, hair, sweat, secretions, and menstrual blood. The sanitary napkin is poorly breathable. As soon as the hot stone pier is covered, the high temperature will speed up the breeding of bacteria and increase the probability of vulvar or vaginal inflammation infection.It will stimulate the urethra, cause the urethra to be congested, and causes the situation of "urine but not urinating", and even cause more serious consequences.

Modern medicine divides dysmenorrhea into primary dysmenorrhea and secondary dysmenorrhea. Primary dysmenorrhea can be diagnosed and treated in staging according to different cold and heat deficiency syndrome. One is the symptoms of traditional Chinese medicine decoction agents, and the other is acupuncture. In addition, moxibustion therapy can be selected.Secondary dysmenorrhea is caused by diseases, such as common endometriosis and uterine adenomy muscle disease. The treatment is mainly for its primary onset.

Text/Figure Yan Zhao Evening News Reporter Fang Xiaobei

Source: Yan Zhao Evening News

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