The symptoms, reactions and recipe recommendations of pregnant mothers from pregnancy, be a healthy mother

Prompt during pregnancy

At this time, the seeds of life have begun to take root in the mother’s body, and expectant mothers have begun to bred life.The process of conceived in October is hard and embarrassed, but it is more wonderful and sweet.The expectations for new life, the expectations for future life, the longing for happiness will accompany you through the entire pregnancy.

Fetal Baby Development

The fertilized eggs are constantly split to become a spherical cell group, that is, embryo, it swims into the uterine cavity, contacts the endometrium with the endometrium and buried in the endometrium. This process is "bed".It is generally completed from 6-7 days after fertilization and completed within 11-12 days.The embryo after bed slowly grew up. At this time, the development of the brain has begun, fertilized eggs are constantly divided, and some of them form the brain, and the other part of the nerve tissue is formed.

Mommoma must know

1. Pay attention to the symptoms of pregnancy: During this period, because the embryo is too small, the level of maternal progesterone is low, so most expectant mothers cannot notice it.When the prospective mother is planning to be pregnant, or does not take contraceptive measures, it is necessary to think that the baby is born at any time.

2. Avoid all harmful factors: Since most expectant mothers do not know that they are pregnant, they must pay attention to observe their physical condition. Once you find that you have a sign of pregnancy, do not take medicine casually, do not accept X -ray examinations easily, let alone do not need toParticipate in severe sports activities.

3. Pay attention to the balanced diet: take a variety of nutrients, and other essential trace elements.Try to choose fresh natural green foods, avoid eating or eating foods containing pigments, additives, preservatives, and drink less caffeine drinks.

Special attention this week: Pay attention to the signs of early pregnancy and be a careful prospective mother

Most of the expectant mothers who are pregnant at 1 month have no feeling, but some expectant mothers may have the following discomfort:

1. Tingle pain, frequent urination, incomplete urination

2. Breast increase, breast tenderness, waist and abdomen swelling

3. Emotional changes

4. Sometimes it may be like a cold, fever or cold, fatigue, drowsiness, etc.

5. In the early stages of pregnancy, various symptoms are easily ignored by expectant mothers.Therefore, many expectant mothers take X -rays, strenuous exercise, medication …After learning that I was pregnant, I regretted it.

Therefore, in order not to regret and regret yourself, and not to add concern and anxiety for your baby’s health, you should be a careful expectant mother to prevent problems before.


The first thing to be pregnant: nourishing folic acid

Reasonable supplementation of folic acid can ensure the health of expectant mothers and reduce the incidence of fetal nerve tube deformity.In my country, women of childbearing age generally lack folic acid. Therefore, the first thing after pregnancy is -tonic acid.

If you are planning to be pregnant, from 1 month before conception to 3 months of pregnancy, an additional 400ug (0.4 mg) folic acid is taken every day.If it is purely "accident", from the moment you confirm your pregnancy, you must add folic acid.However, the daily replenishment cannot exceed 1000ug (1mg) to avoid toxic side effects.

How to make up?In addition to folic acid sold on the market, liver, kidneys, eggs, beans, yeasts, green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, and enhanced valleys contain this element, which can be eaten appropriately.

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