The taste of pregnant mothers is "unique" after pregnancy. There are two kinds of changes that are more dangerous, which may affect fetal health.

After women’s pregnancy, many flavors will change "upside down". The food they love to eat before now ignore it, and even disgusting when they smell it.

Due to the physiological changes after pregnancy, the expectant mothers who were very casual diet have become picky at this moment.In the taste of various changes, there are two flavors that are more dangerous, which should attract enough attention.

The pregnant woman is difficult to cook after pregnancy. In fact, it may not be better to go for the people around them. The prospective dad also has her own "pregnant husband’s circle".

A prospective dad risked a circle of friends, saying that the pregnant wife wanted to eat strawberries in the middle of the night, and did not want to eat it. Instead, she wanted to eat oil and spicy ice cream.The husband helplessly used the old godmother to make ice cream, but the wife vomited and cried …

It turns out that this is the specialty of Xi’an. The prospective dad has a weak heart, and can only use his grievances with the help of a circle of friends.

In fact, after asking the people around me, the taste of the wife after pregnancy changes, and there are more extremes, such as the box lunch on the high -speed rail (fortunately it is not a meal, covering the face), and the free soup that I want to eat on the university campus (aunt handThe remaining soup is the same).

Why does the taste of pregnant women change greatly after pregnancy?It is even difficult to say?

1) Human fluffy gonad hormones work

After the embryo is in bed, the placenta will secrete the fluffy gonadotropin. From 3 weeks of pregnancy to 10 weeks of pregnancy, it will gradually decline. It will help the embryo stabilize the bed, but at the same time inhibit the intestinal peristalsis, making the quasi -mother motherLack of appetite.

This is also one of the reasons why many pregnant mothers have strong reactions during pregnancy and severe pregnancy.

2) The fetus also has "self -protection"

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers will naturally hate the flavor of oil fume, gasoline, tobacco, alcohol, food corruption, etc. These odors cause the fetus to be alert and reject it instinctively. This is actually the baby in the belly to protect themselves.Geographical avoidance risk.

3) Lack of some kind of nutrients in expectant mothers

Medical experts point out that if women prefer some kinds of food after a certain period of time, it is likely that some kind of nutrients are lacking in the body. In order to supplement the nutrition for the fetal baby, the taste will become very different from before.

Regardless of how picky and changing the taste of mothers, when these two changes occur, their family members and pregnant women themselves have to be vigilant.

First, the taste of pregnant women is "heavier".After some women are pregnant, they do not like to eat the standards of "heavy taste" for too salty and spicy food, but these are not good for fetuses and pregnant women.

It is easy to stimulate the stomach and stomach, which can cause constipation. It may also lead to premature birth and abortion. Those who usually have spicy habits, and should be restrained as much as possible after pregnancy, eat less or not.

The amount of salt eating by a person has a certain relationship with the incidence of hypertension. The amount of salt intake is too much. The higher the incidence of hypertension, the ordinary people are still, let alone a pregnant woman.

If you eat too much salt, you will drink too much water accordingly, which will cause the physical edema of expectant mothers, slowing blood circulation, and thus affecting the development of the fetus.

Second, pregnant women love sweets and eat a lot.Eating sweets can make people feel happy, and it is easy to eat without control, resulting in exceeding the standard weight and rising blood sugar, which is one of the causes of pregnancy complications, and it is difficult to recover after childbirth.

Sugar Mom’s heart:

Pregnant women’s diet should be controlled, follow the principles of balanced diet, avoid the singleization of food, stay away from irritating drinks, tobacco, alcohol, raw food, and pickling foods, and maintain proper exercise, help digestion and increase appetite, give yourself and baby your baby and babyA good body!

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