The third party was upset for a wedding, thinking that no one dared to move her during pregnancy, but the bride was even more ruthless.

Half of a person is an angel, and the other half is the devil. "If a person loses effective control over his soul, he is likely to be trapped in a" psychological commitment "state, so if a person wants to succeed, it is not towering that he needs to conquer.The mountains are not a dangerous canyon, but your own heart.

Similarly, a woman wants to get a man unscrupulous, not only loses the dignity of being a person, but also sneer by her surroundings. She caught herself into the wrong persistence, which is equivalent to doing a thing of "painting love and hunger".

Liu Mo’s appearance made Lao Tang’s eyes shine, as if this woman added a bright color to her life, they met each other on the company’s business contacts.

At first, they were all work communication. As the business increased, the number of meetings also had more times. In order to thank Liu Mo for the help of the company, Lao Tang often invited her to dinner.

Every time I mentioned the family, Lao Tang sighed and shook his head, and said that his wife had changed, and he was judged as two people when he was in love.Choosing a divorce can only be consumed.

Liu Mo is an old -fashioned woman. At the age of 29, she is still single. Looking at the middle -aged man in front of him, he is mature and stable, but his marriage is unhappy, and he has an inexplicable affection.

At the same time, Liu Mo in the eyes of Lao Tang was simply the wife of the year. With her, she had a sense of relaxation, but it was limited to this, and there was no distinction.

Liu Mo slowly fell in love with him, and once hinted that Lao Tang was that if divorce, she was willing to stay with him for a lifetime. Lao Tang was a man who was in a lot of practice and naturally understood what it meant.

Even if he contradicts his wife, he never thought of betraying his wife, and he had met with Liu Mo since then.

Liu Mo’s approach to Lao Tang was very sad. She racked her head and wanted to get the man. She asked Lao Tang to go to the bar together, drunk Lao Tang, and dragged back to her home. The two had a relationship.

Raw rice cooks mature rice. Lao Tang regretted it, and he was afraid that his wife would divorce after knowing it. He was afraid that Liu Mo would not be able to put it on. He could only go back and forth between the two women.

Half a year later, Liu Mo saw that Lao Tang didn’t want to marry him. He urged several times. Lao Tang was also perfunctory. In the end, she found his wife, which stirred his marriage.

It is not love with despicable means, but a man who is in Cao Yingxin in Han.

For a period of time when Lao Tang divorced, he often asked his ex -wife to apologize, hoping to save his marriage, but his wife was still in trouble with his betrayal. He also knew it.Essence

Liu Mo will entangle Lao Tang every day. He hopes that the two will be married as soon as possible, but the old Tang is still indifferent. He is considering whether he can give Liu Mo a real happiness. He told Liu Mo to give him time to consider and not want to hurt her feelings.

When Liu Mo saw Lao Tang, he was always hesitant, and he lost his patience. He started to make trouble with Lao Tang every day. At first, he was still in charge. Every time he made trouble, Lao Tang would coax her. In fact, he was thinking for his company.Mo is powerful. In case of derailment in the wedding, his own person’s setting collapse.

The ignorant woman thinks that she is carefully designed to succeed, and can control this man.Moreover, a successful man.

Liu Mo gave the ultimatum to Lao Tang. If you are still so perfunctory, then I will not let you be better. Just as Lao Tang is worried, the woman in front of Lao Tang is not a good stubble.How can a big man succumb to such a woman?

Liu Mo thinks that it is a matter of time to win this man, but her age is here. She pretends to break up with Lao Tang with anger and see what reaction of Lao Tang. As a result, Lao Tang told her that I did not want to delay you.You can be happy.

Men’s heart is not on you, even if you use your best to solve your body.

She was depressed and ran to the bar to drink and had a relationship with a strange man. She regretted it and hated Lao Tang. How could such a thing happen if it wasn’t for him?

When Lao Tang saw Liu Mo withdrawn, without worries, he began to mobilize all relatives and friends to say peace to his wife, and moved his wife with action. He also forgive him. The two solved the contradiction between marriage calmly.

How can a man’s heart move because of how many things you have done? In the end, he will still move towards the direction of his heart.

Liu Mo’s marriage dream has fallen. She did not realize the mistake in this relationship, and she never thought about letting go, but breeds a kind of unwillingness.

At this time, she suddenly discovered that she seemed to have not been to aunt for a long time. When she went to the hospital for examination, she was pregnant and wanted to threaten Lao Tang.

However, he learned that Lao Tang was going to have a grand marriage for his wife.Liu Mo, who was unable to extricate himself, took the test sheet and went straight to the wedding scene.

When Lao Tang saw Liu Mo, his face changed, but his wife patted his shoulder, and he did not have to worry.

Liu Mo was at the face of everyone and told the children in the belly that it was Lao Tang, and the people present were noisy.

Unexpectedly, Lao Tang’s wife said: "I am very honored to come to our wedding today. No matter what Lao Tang had done before, the wedding has explained everything. If you don’t want to hurt your body and bet your life, then you will be born.Go down to DNA. If the child in the belly is really old, I will let him be responsible for you and your child. "

Lao Tang also told her that she would no longer let go of her wife’s hand, even if the child was his own.

Liu Mo finally understood that the man had never loved her from the beginning to the end, but she practiced herself …

Sometimes you have to admit that when you encounter the wrong person at the right time, you meet the right person at the wrong time, no matter which one is, it means that you have no fate.

When you hold me as long as you work hard, you will be moved by that person, and you will definitely get the love of that person. In fact, in the end, you will not only get what you want, but you will lose more.

Liu Mo intervened in the other party’s family as a third party, and it was wrong, so finding the right answer in the wrong question was never found.

Isn’t it worth the relationship?At least two points must be satisfied: men are worthy, emotional can be seen.

The wishfulful love shows that the other person does not love himself, and then such a man is not worthy of your affection.

From the beginning, it was underground. Even if you were moved to the ground, you can never pick up a bustling hat, not to mention that most of such feelings, you have to die when you see light.

We are all eager to have a sincere love to accompany this life, provided that we first know the truth of self -love, to understand the truth of love first, and when you are confused by the love that you think in front of you, you have essentially entered a misunderstanding.

Going stubbornly in the wrong direction is equivalent to painting himself for the place, and the one who tasted the bitter fruit after all is himself.

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