The time is most suitable for shrimp!Crayfish reduced the price, almost half cut

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The hot summer will officially come after several rain falls. The hot food in summer, crayfish, will be returned out of the rivers and lakes.The reporter learned that the crayfish has reached the peak season of consumption.

Recently, the price of crayfish circulated on the Internet has dived. On the 12th, after visiting a number of aquatic wholesale markets, Red Star reporters learned that when the first listing was listed, the price of the shrimp can be close to 20 yuan a pound.At about the yuan, the price of Chinese shrimp has decreased greater. From the first 20 or 30 yuan pound of the first time of listing, it is about 16 yuan a pound now, and some can be bought at 14 yuan.Boss Wang, a seafood and aquatic product store in Chengdu Haiji Star Market, told reporters: "Today is the cheapest, and it may rise by one or two yuan tomorrow, but the price is much cheaper than before."

Not only that, the reporter also found that the listing of crayfish this year has increased, and vendors selling crayfish are also increasing, but the consumption has not increased compared with last year, and to a certain extent, the supply is greater than the demand.Many crayfish wholesalers in Chengdu Haiji Market have said that they are selling everywhere. Customers who who wholesalers take goods are decreasing, and their wholesale and retail competition is even greater.

Crayfish retail site Source: Chengdu Haijixing Market

Price decline is large

Almost half cut

On May 12, the reporter came to Qingshiqiao Seafood Market in Jinjiang District, Chengdu to learn about the situation.At about 1 noon, there were a lot of people buying food near the market.On both sides of the entrance are the wholesale and retail seafood vendors. Both stores are selling crayfish. The fresh red hard shell creatures keep waving their own pliers in the iron basin.Consumers who came to consult the price of lobster called: "12 yuan in shrimp, 17 yuan in shrimp, and 25 yuan in shrimp."

Merchants use large iron pots to install lobsters of different specifications to place them on the most along the street.The reporter found that the number of shrimp is the largest, and the price of the Chinese shrimp floats according to different quality from 14 ~ 18 yuan.Ms. Fang, the clerk of the seafood and aquatic shop, told reporters: "The most medium -sized shrimp is the most, which is relatively selling a bit more, but in addition to the pursuit of cost -effectiveness, consumers are the most fundamental thing to choose the quality of the shrimp based on the thickness of their pockets."

Buying shrimp also provides initial processing services, which can help consumers cut shrimp head to remove shrimp lines.The reporter found that the price of crayfish in the past two days was the lowest and the most suitable for eating shrimp these two days.When the lobster was just listed in March and April, the shrimp could be sold nearly 20 yuan a pound. The Chinese shrimp was more than 20 or 30 yuan a pound, and the shrimp was more than 40 yuan per catty.

The staff is preparing to handle the shrimp head and shrimp tail

In addition, the reporter also learned in the Chengdu Haijixing Market that day that the price of wholesale small lobster is now low to 10 yuan a pound, the medium is about 14 yuan per catty, and the large is about 20 yuan per catty.

The crayfish on the Sichuan market are mainly local shrimp and Hubei shrimp. Boss Zheng and reporters who produced seafood water in the Chengdu Haijixing Market shared that the crayfish was mainly local shrimp when the crayfish first went public. At that time, the shrimp was comparedNen, if it is transported from Hubei to Sichuan, one is that the amount of transportation is high, and the transportation cost is higher.It is also high. "By mid -late April, Hubei shrimp is more mature and the output increased, and the entire market began to use Hubei shrimp.

Almost every family is selling crayfish

There are not many people who buy it

The reporter found that almost 300 vendors in the seafood and aquatic production area of Chengdu Haijixing Market were selling crayfish.In addition, the price of crayfish from foreign merchants in the front row will be one yuan lower than the merchants in the rear.The staff of the market manager told reporters: "Because they pay more attention to retail, they hope to seize the consumers in front."

"There are too many people who wholesale this year. The threshold for crayfish business is very low. As long as there are hundreds of yuan, you can engage in wholesale."He also does not need to invest in any cost if he has a good relationship with farmers.With the development of the Internet, you can find a lot of information on searching for crayfish farmers on the Internet, so many people who do not want to work, in the past few months, want to do a business of crayfish. "In the past, many B -end customers would be in the wholesale market.Come and order, now I skip our order directly with farmers, so we have less wholesale, and the competition between wholesalers are even greater. "The boss Wang also found that a clothing store was also selling crayfish,"There are two pots of pots at the door of the store. They must have thought that they can be sold when they can be sold.

Relevant staff of the wholesale market also told reporters that this year’s total amount of crayfish sales is quite a lot, and the average daily entrance volume is 400,000 kilograms, but it is less than last year, and the decline is about one -third.Such a downward trend has a more specific performance on the wholesale retail end of the crayfish.

Fei Ge, the owner of the aquatic shop owner who has always been a crayfish wholesale, said that the recent sales peak should be the "May 1st" festival. From 12 am, the goods should be moved to 7 o’clock in the morning.In the daytime, the retail business will be added. "Although there are more than 200 boxes of crayfish every day during this period, we were busy from the early morning to the afternoon last year, and the porters could not move."

It is understood that since the launch of the lobster this year, the average wholesale volume per day is about 200 cases, 50 catties per box, and the average shipment can reach about 300 boxes per day last year.At present, Feige’s cargo lines are all sold online and offline. The online purchase is mainly community group purchase. In addition to traditional retail, many old customers will also order on WeChat.We are buying here. "

Qingshiqiao Seafood Market

Sotalwood in the storage shrimp

More live shrimp enters the market

Why a large number of live shrimp enters the market?The owner of the seafood and aquatic shop told reporters that the Ku shrimp last year has not yet been sold, so this year does not have so many frozen inventory to live shrimp, so farmers and shrimp vendors also put more live shrimp into the market.EssenceBoss Wang said: "There was a World Cup last year. The start time was later than the launch period, so many live shrimp were frozen after initial processing."

Boss Qi, who is doing crayfish breeding business in Xinjin District, Chengdu, also revealed to reporters that there are two large frozen libraries in Hubei this year that this year does not collect shrimp, which means that more crayfish in Hubei needs to go to the market for fresh sales. "Generally, frozen libraryThe amount of shrimp collection is very large. There will be more shrimp that need to be sold after not collecting. "At present, the area of crayfish growing in the house is more than 200 acres, and the daily output of crayfish is more than 1,000 pounds." Now we are locally locally locally locally locally locally locally local.The price of shrimp is mainly based on the price of Hubei shrimp to the Sichuan wholesale market, because there is a large amount there. "

Boss Qi found that the floating price this year has changed a lot compared with previous years, showing wave types, and the price reduction time came earlier. In the past, the price of crayfish around May 1st was still very high.It began to fall vertically, and it has been fluctuating repeatedly after falling.Relevant staff of Chengdu Haijixing Market also observed that this year’s low prices have indeed come earlier.

Why did the price cut earlier?Keywords are supply and demand.When the crayfish first launched in March and April, the output was small and the price was high, but after entering mid -late April, a large number of Hubei shrimp entered the Sichuan market, the price of the entire crayfish came down.Boss Qi believes that the consumer demand is weaker than in previous years. When she communicated with her peers, she learned that consumer consumption was downgraded, resulting in the shrinking demand; secondlyDue to the poor operation, the wholesale of the wholesaler has also decreased.

The reporter learned that the crayfish on the market currently mainly comes from breeding bases such as Qianjiang, Jianli, Jingmen, Hubei.In Boss Qi’s view, the people of Chengdu are very spending in eating, so although this year’s crayfish business is facing greater market pressure, the overall consumption situation is not bad.

Red Star Journalist Du Yuquan Xing Ting

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