The toxicity of Chinese medicine is sometimes stronger than western medicine. Do pregnant mothers know?

There are many foods that need to be taboo during pregnancy during pregnancy, and the medicine is also no exception, but it is inevitable that there will be colds and illness during pregnancy.Therefore, we often think that some western medicines can cause abortion of pregnant women and fetal malformations, so Chinese medicine is loved by pregnant women.In fact, some proprietary Chinese medicines are also very toxic, which will also cause fetal malformation, abortion or fetal abdomen.As the saying goes, "the medicine is three -point poison". Both Chinese medicine and western medicine are toxic, which is not good for the baby.

Taboo taboos of prospective mothers: beef and yellow, safflower, Chuanqi, (blood circulation medicine) Achyranthes (blood circulation medicine), car anterior child (dehumidifying hydraulic medicine), padsida (Wenyang medicine), barley kernel (dehumidifying water medicine), Tongcao, grass grass, Tongcao(Demolstation and water medicine), Babou, cattle, euritism, spotted, Shanglu, musk, trilateral, 羲 术, water frog, snake worm and so on.These types of medicinal materials can cause premature birth, abortion or too little amniotic fluid, so it is absolutely prohibited.

The drugs used cautiously are: Drugs that pass from expectorant, stagnation of qi, and hot hot and hot, such as peach kernels, safflower, rhubarb, giolin, accumulation, aconite, dry ginger, cinnamon, etc.Try not to drink without drinking, use it with caution!

Some pregnant mothers also choose to use Chinese medicine to condition their bodies. If you are already pregnant and are still conditioning your body, it is recommended to go to the hospital to check whether the baby is healthy. If you are not pregnant, use Chinese medicine to condition your body.

Don’t think that traditional Chinese medicine has no side effects, it is very wrong and harmful.At present, there are many reports about traditional Chinese medicine poison and side effects, which should attract attention.

Just a cold cold can choose to drink plenty of water, which will often be cured.If there are other causes, you can ask the doctor that you must pass the doctor’s consent to take the drug.

Don’t always be in the good concept of traditional Chinese medicine. Actually, some Chinese medicine is more toxic than western medicine.Pregnant women must not be careless.

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