The urine test is positive but no embryos are seen. Is it pregnant?

Question: Guest

Answer: Yu Kaiming (Professor of the Pre -Diagnostic Center of Shanghai First Maternal and Infant Health Hospital and Medical Expert of Medicine)

Guest: My menstruation on October 16th, I went to the hospital for examination yesterday (December 1).Positive urine tests; B -ultrasound results: 55mm in palace height, 18mm thick endometrial thickness, and embryo sacs are not seen.Is it tight?[14:04:24])

Yu Kaiming: If the rules of menstruation, the embryo sac and germ should be seen at present.[14:05:29]

Guest: I used ovulation test strips, and it was estimated to ovulate on November 3.Why did I go on December 1st, the embryo sac hasn’t been seen yet, is the question serious?The doctor asked me to review it in a week.Am I pregnant or not?[14:13:36]

Yu Kaiming: You can go to the hospital for a blood BHCG to determine whether he is pregnant.[14:15:26]

Guest: Do you need to do a B -ultrasound when you can’t see the embryo sac?[14:16:11]

Yu Kaiming: If there is no bleeding and obvious abdominal pain, you can review the B ultrasound after two weeks.[14:27:01]

Guest: If you check blood, will you be pregnant if you are pregnant?[14:28:44]

Yu Kaiming: If the blood BHCG is positive and not found in the palace pregnancy sac, it is necessary to consider: 1. Ectopic pregnancy; second, natural abortion.[14:42:42]

Guest: Will no bleeding and abdominal pain also abortion naturally?[14:44:39]

Yu Kaiming: If hematuria is determined to be pregnant, and no pregnancy sac is seen in the palace at present, it is necessary to consider a complete abortion.[15:01:43]

Guest: But from October 16th to the present, nothing came out![15:03:15]

Yu Kaiming: First of all, you should determine whether you are really pregnant. If there is no conscious abnormal symptoms, you can review the B -ultrasound after two weeks.[15:15:13]

Guest: Professor Yu, will there be a lot of B -ultrasound?[15:22:58]

Yu Kaiming: The regular B -ultrasound has no obvious adverse effect on the fetus.[15:37:51]

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